Crossed “Х” as a Trend. Websites with Hipster Logos

The previous years have set a lot of trends in design, and here is one of them – the crossed “X” logos that are in full force these days. It seems to be a ubiquitous trend as for today, a number of designers like it and use it in their sites. Still, to talk about a logo design only is not quite correct. It is better to talk about branding, branding system or brand identity. In fact, a logo and corporate identity should work perfectly together.

The type of logo, we are going to discuss today, is also called hipster (“hyper trendy” here) logo, X logo or just crossed logo and looks like a big X with objects and types arranged around it.

The design originally stems from New York hardcore, the sped-up, ideological hybrid of punk and metal that emerged in the early ’80s, has many factions and one overarching symbol of solidarity: the letter X with the initials N-Y and H-C written through it. That tribal mark not only brands the local scene but has also spawned countless copycats in cities and suburbs around the world.

hipster logo

From the psychological point of view, ”X" is the most paradoxical and powerful letter. It has been used in so many fields - from algebra to genetics, to aerospace, to sex and spirituality.

If you are one of those who can not decide on the design of your own logo, I would like to draw your attention to the ready-made logo templates, crafted by the best specialists in the industry.

Meanwhile, in this post, we have showcased the best examples of websites with hipster logos. Enjoy its simplicity and brevity.

Why Hipster?

Somehow, the term “hipster” has become a synonym to something artisanal or handmade. Such things have the basic formula at the core and look extremely trendy for today. The same goes for hipster logos that look simple and add a modern, rustic tone to the brand. What’s great about them, they don’t take away from the products or business ideas of the project, they just bring a trendy vibe into the whole design.

Crafting Hipster Logos

Designers like these logos because of effortless symmetry. Being incorporated in any type of design, it still looks great. Using such a logo (even with a lot of elements), the layout will never look over-saturated.

“X” logo looks like various graphic elements (icons, initials, dates, heraldic symbols) that are placed around the “X” sign. The crossed components can take different sizes, shapes, so as the symbols inside them. You could see a kind of guide, The Hipster Logo Design Guide, that shows in 6 simple steps how to create a cool logo. “No concept is necessary” is said in this step-by-step tutorial, and it’s a truth in the saying, ‘cause most great creations and quite simple.

Implementing hipster logos in your design, you bring a certain sophistication into it, and a modern look. If you want to be trendy, this is the way to go. How others do it? Check out the compilation of the most exciting websites with “X” logos.

Robot Dance Music

The blog offers label songs, singles, and albums on MP3. Their logo is one of the best examples of a crossed hipster branding. Crosses lines, three capital letters RDM and an image of a cat. Clean and minimal.

Robot Dance Music


It seems to be one of the best examples of creating a true hipster logo. This one is made of 5 letters one of which is "X". Consider this tip, if the title of your site contains “X”.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Buffalo Dandy

True fashionistas shouldn't miss this site. Simple trendy design pleases the eyes, neat hipster logo against the blurred background sets the modern tone, so as an effective background texture (imitates luxury fabric).

Websites with Hipster Logos

Playful 2013

This cool parallax site makes feel a bit dizzy. It looks hyper-modern due to the X logo, diagonal arrangement of texts and bright backgrounds with changeable texture above.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Sergeant Pepper

Two crossed arrows, borderlines and iconic font make this hipster logo look extremely stylish, so the whole minimal design does.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Residence Mixte

The simple aesthetics of this logo fits the whole design concept that strives for minimalism and style. Being put against the colored background, this logo looks distinctive.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Anders Wants to Be Great

The next logo decorates the header of an effective black & white design portfolio. It is made to fit the overall simple style of this design. Crossed lines, three letters, and the date below. Ears of rye on opposite sides adorn this logo.

Websites with Hipster Logos


Crossed lines, three letters (abbreviation) and tiny image put in a circle is enough to create a stylish hipster logo.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Division of Labor

Browse the subpages of a site to see this clean hipster logo (with images inside) changing its color.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Made by Vadim

The logo you see is a stylish solution for creative projects. This single-page site of a Russian designer makes use of the cool logo that encircles the site title, some date, heraldic lions on each side. Custom shapes decorate this logo.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Mamie Boude

The logo of the following site features a lot of elements with an X sign placed in the middle. The presence of a ribbon, colored background, nice images in this logo, doesn’t make it noisy.

Websites with Hipster Logos

Murial Labro

The next design features a truly hipster look. Notice this striking minimalism, perfectly chosen fonts, crossed logo and unbelievable mustaches pointing out scroll down option.

Websites with Hipster Logos

The Kings of Summer

Ribbon, stitches, sword, arrow, and abbreviation. This hipster logo makes use of cool trendy elements to create really cool vision.

Websites with Hipster Logos


Simply executed X logo with a crown and a ball put inside it sets the tone of this design. Notice that even socks this shop offers are crossed.

Websites with Hipster Logos

And what other examples of hipster logos have you seen? Tell about them in the comment section.

10 Logo Templates for Your Hipster Brand (X Logos Included)

Designers loved the hipster style for its simplicity in the way it looks or being created. And as we know, minimalism defines the modern logo design trends. At the same time, a hipster-like graphic design is characterized by unique attributes and decorative elements, including x logos as one of the freshest design solutions.

Creating a winning logo for your business/website/project is a whole art. You can use a free logo generator to craft one in 5 minutes, but don’t expect an outstanding result. A better alternative will be spending 5 minutes crafting a logo from a pre-made template. For instance, all 5,381+ logo templates from TemplateMonster have been created by professional designers in accordance with the latest web trends.

Just let me show you these 10 hipster logo templates and you will certainly agree:

30 Premade Logos - Feminine Edition Logo Template

Feminine Edition Logo Template

If you are looking for THAT perfect X logo design from the examples above, you choose the JetBlocks logo feminine edition. One thing to remember: you don’t have to have a women-related business or be a wedding photographer to use such a template. It’s a universal solution with 30 logo
designs supplemented with the logo wide and compact versions, wordmark, and an icon. In total, you’re getting 120 great designs that will be a good fit for creative modern brands.

I was not joking when I said you only need 5 minutes to create your own logo. You just open a logo file, choose the loved design and font (fonts are free), download and install it, add a text, and… that’s it! Use it everywhere you can: business cards, brochures, websites, a personal blog, etc.

30 Premade Logos - Minimal Edition Logo Template

Minimal Edition Logo Template

The minimal edition logo template also includes the desirable X logo design among the other 29 minimalistic logo designs, and I am in love with each one! These logos will work for all kinds of niches, from creative inspirational brands (web design studios, personal blogs, portfolios,
or cafes/restaurants) to serious business industries (construction, consulting, banking, etc.). The template was developed by the same vendor, as the previous one, so count on the same features. In particular:

  • 30 individual logo designs + 4 styles of each logo design (logo compact + logo wide + wordmark + icon = 120 designs);
  • free fonts;
  • 5-minute creation and installation.

Mountain and Adventure Explore Logo Template

Mountain and Adventure Explore Logo Template

Your brand doesn’t need to be related to hipster culture to use the following style. Plenty of businesses use black-and-white logo solutions with minimalistic icons and text - we kind of ensured that when looking through the examples of websites. 

Mountain and Adventure Explore logo template is a high-quality logo and manually drawn by hand in vector software for your travel business. It looks especially cool on websites with stunning background images from expeditions and trips. You may even use such logos for an online store selling mountain equipment. Among the important features are:

  • Vector-based logo Included (RGB & CMYK color mode scalable);
  • Scaling your logo to unlimited height and width;
  • Highly-editable (from changing color to re-typing the text).

30 Premade Logos - Geometric Edition Logo Template

Geometric Edition Logo Template

For lovers of sophisticated geometric figures, this logo design template will be a precise fit. Just like minimalistic designs, geometric logos will be a good representation of almost all niches. The icon looks aesthetic and sort of meaningful.

For only $20 for a standard license, you’ll get 30 individual logo designs, each of them supplemented with 4 styles (logo compact
+ logo wide + wordmark + icon = 120 designs) in AI, EPS & PSD files. All the logo designs are fully layered, and editable in all senses.

Camping Collection Logo Template

Camping Collection Logo Template

How about an alternative hipster logo design for alternative ways of traveling? Businesses, blogs, and brands related to hiking, camping and other kinds of outdoor activities can get a recognizable modern logo in a
matter of minutes. Two of the offered designs are X logos, and they look truly stunning. No extra details - just a plain monochrome vector image that comes in Ai, Eps10, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats with an editable text. What else is needed?

200 Typography Logos Bundle

200 Typography Logos Bundle

To all logo designers - don’t miss a chance to get 200 trendy logo designs for such an affordable price. Combining different elements with each other allows you to come up with 10k+ logo variations! You will enjoy both the process and the result! The final logos look gorgeous on plain minimalistic backgrounds, yet making your brand recognizable. Customization is possible via Adobe Cloud, Typekit or Photoshop. 

Unique Food Logos - Bundle Logo Template

Unique Food Logos

Food logos are my favorite! They are fun and create room for creativity. For example, Unique Food Logos offer a cool bundle with overall 12 logos, all of them look cool with food blogs, cafes/restaurants, healthy food shops, etc. In fact, there are only 6 logo designs - they are just duplicated in a dark grey version. 

Each logo has a different kind of food type: avocado, carrot, cupcake, kiwi, happy vegetables, and a wheat circle. All of them come in AI & EPS Vector files, PSD files, JPEG files, and some free fonts.

DELICIOUS Premade Logo Set Logo Template

Premade Logo Set Logo Template

Moving on to a food topic (always a great topic), here is one more logo set to please your eye. The DELICIOUS Premade Logo Set not only looks so sweet and yummy but recognizable. Modern hipster-like youth will definitely pay attention to such logos and save it in their minds. Not for vain, each logo has been drawn by hand with a deep focus on details that create an overall lovely picture.

What’s also important, the logo elements are vectors (AI, EPS or PSD files), they are fully editable and scalable. 

Modern Badge Pack Logo Template

Modern Badge Pack Logo Template

I bet this collection misses some brutal male logos for brands usually associated with men and their activities. That’s why I offer you to view this Modern Badge Pack logo template. Such logos will look cool relevant for businesses like a barbershop, exclusive men clothing & accessories store, alcohol stores, brewery houses, bard, etc. At the same time, it’s universal for serious companies in real estate or financial industries.

All vector (Eps, AI, PSD, PDF, and PNG) files to support a CMYK color mode 100%, can be fully edited and include 15-Monogram badge designs.

So Female Branding Kit + Watercolours Logo Template

Watercolours Logo Template

Now that you know where to find “mannish” logos for “men’s business”, it’s time to explore some elegant feminine logos. So Female Branding Kit is a trouvaille for ladies’ brands. After purchasing the template, you’ll have 18 logo designs, 16 icons, and 9 watercolor elements at your disposal. Most importantly, all logos can be altered to your taste. You can remove or add
elements in one click to create an entirely unique logo for your own store,
personal blog, or other business. 

All the offered icons add meaningful value to each logo, which is vital for your future brand recognition. All files are well organized and fully editable. Even in Photoshop, all elements are smart objects with the remained high quality. 

You will also have: 

  • 9 hand-drawn watercolor elements;
  • Transparent backgrounds;
  • Watercolor layer (optional).

Create a Logo!

Need an attractive logotype for your website, but have no way out? Professional web designers from MotoCMS will help you.
Our team will come up with the best solution for your brand according to your personal requirements. If the logo doesn't sit with your requests, we will redesign it up to 3 times.

Hipster Logos FAQ

Can I teach myself graphic design?

Self-education is always a good idea. And yes, you can learn graphic design on your own if you dedicate some time to it. You may also use free graphic design templates.

Why is logo design important?

The harmony of color, mood, and frame layout is just as important as your content’s quality. Your website is a virtual art gallery for which you need to develop your concept. And this requires much more time and attention than it might seem at first glance. Many of the techniques for creating graphics are capricious and time-consuming, so it’s better to prepare a template in advance so you won’t have any trouble in the future.

Where can I get unlimited downloads of logo designs?

MonsterONE subscription features an ever-growing collection of logo templates suited for all purposes and topics.

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