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WordPress Autoresponder: Creation, Usefulness, Interesting Facts

  1. How to put an Autoresponder on WordPress
  2. Why autoresponders are useful
  3. WordPress autoresponder

How to put an Autoresponder on WordPress

WordPress autoresponder is a huge benefit that technology provides. It is designed for WordPress website owners who want to automate messages for subscribers. With an autoresponder, you can send updates to your customers to tell them what's new on the site. Or you can send messages to customers who are doing something specific on your site. In this part of the article, we will talk about how to create an autoresponder on your WordPress website. The moment when a person registers on your website is a great opportunity to send an email to them and inform them about what will be sent to their email. To do all this, you need to install the MailPoet plugin and then perform the following actions:

  • Open "Newsletters" (in the menu bar, pointing to MailPoet).
  • Click on the "Create a new email" button.
  • Then click on "Automatic newsletter."
  • In the line "Automatically sent" select "new WordPress user."
  • The next step is to add your subject. You create it yourself, so be guided by your own ideas.
  • Next step: you must set up your mail.
  • Then you add a post, and set it up.
  • Click Next Step when you are sure that everything is ready.

Once you have done all the previous steps, you can see what your work looks like. Review the work on the Final Step page. You can also enter a name and an email address to which subscribers can send their responses. At the end of the job, click Activate now. That's it, you have an automatic mailing list that sends the mail to subscribers when your WordPress website is updated.

We will now tell you how to send automatic updates about your WordPress website. You can set up automatic newsletters to keep your users up to date with news.

Because the MailPoet plugin is already on your device, it's easy to set up the mailing list. The first action that you must to do is to click “Newsletter” on the panel. Next, you need to click “Create a new email.” This is next to the “All Newsletter” header. The next step is to select the “Automatic” newsletter button. On the “Automatically sent” line you need to specify the date and time. It depends on when the email is to be sent. You can choose from:

  • once a day at...
  • monthly on the...
  • monthly every...
  • immediately..., etc.

Next, you need to select a subject for your emails. You also have an opportunity to add a dynamic subject creation. Configure the list of your subscribers who will receive automatic mailings. You can also manage your newsletter. To do this, you need to add your mail to the page. You can also set up Content, Images, Styles, and Themes. Next, you can view your work, and make any changes (if necessary), change the sender, or leave it unchanged. It all depends on your preferences. And don't forget to activate automatic operation at the end.

WordPress Autoresponder

Why autoresponders are useful

WordPress autoresponder is the main component of internet sales. This is the fastest and easiest way to establish automatic sales for your site. You have every chance to outperform your competitors by using autoresponders. As it has already been said, autoresponders are a series of letters which are automatically sent to the subscriber immediately after the subscription. An important feature is that you may set the intervals for receiving emails. Before you deal with the usefulness of WordPress autoresponders, we suggest you to understand which emails are best to send.

First of all, is, of course, a thank you letter. This letter, in most cases, comes to the subscriber right away after the subscription. In this kind of letter, you can thank the customer for subscribing to you.

Next, comes a welcome letter. In this type of letter, you can tell your subscriber about your company, which will be useful to your future client, and what services you offer.

The next letter is a letter with valuable content. This is an important part of the autoresponder. In this letter, you provide useful information on the use of your products and services.

The following is an instruction letter. In this part of the autoresponder, you can tell your subscriber how to use the site, or how to order goods. You can also specify here the peculiarities of your business, or provide feedback about it.

Next, comes a preliminary letter of sale. Here you can talk about a specific product. And remember one important thing: the product should be useful, inexpensive, and easy to use. These three simple items can attract regular customers.

The penultimate thing you can do is to provide a discounted sales letter. It is believed that such a letter is the goal of the entire autoresponder. In this kind of letter, you can provide a commercial offer in the best way possible.

Finally, is a letter in which you give a person the last chance to buy a discounted product. This set of letters allows you to sell the product very efficiently and quickly.

Let's understand the usefulness of the autoresponder and all the letters that can be sent with its help.

  1. Time-saving: all you need to do is set up the automatic sending of letters once and create the content. Emails are sent automatically farther away, and you don't need to keep track of their sending or make any special efforts.
  2. A large percentage of readings: yes, you read everything correctly! People read automatic letters several times more often than ordinary ones. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that the letter comes to the subscriber right after his or her activity. And the second, the content of the letter in most cases will interest the user and is quite relevant to him.
  3. The best interaction with the audience: autoresponder opens up great opportunities not only for you as the owner of the site, but also for your customers. With the help of autoresponders, the subscribers quickly get the correct important information. These can be letters about discounts, new products, bestsellers, or links to your groups in social networks.
  4. Trustworthy relationships between you and your users: Autoresponders are a great and easy way to gain the trust of your users. The offers about bonuses, gifts, discounts, and promotions will raise the reputation of any site.
  5. Small business development: using an autoresponder is an ideal way for those who have a small budget for content creation.

WordPress Templates

WordPress autoresponder

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful CMSs in the world. Hundreds of companies, whether small, large or mid-sized businesses, create their own sites with this global platform. You probably asked yourself why the majority of sites created with the help of WordPress are very popular, demanded, and have high ratings. It is difficult to believe it, but WordPress autoresponders play a very important role in this. WordPress autoresponder is a letter that is automatically sent to the subscriber from the website, created with the help of WordPress after certain actions. Statistics show that a small number of websites use autoresponders. But they differ in their popularity and relevance. WordPress autoresponders allow you to consistently build relationships with subscribers and sell them goods. To do this, with the help of the autoresponder you can tell people about your company, send useful materials, and eventually make a proposal to buy. WordPress autoresponders need to be thoroughly tested, as in general the first purchase of the client is made in the autoresponders. The main distinguishing feature of WordPress autoresponder is that it is set up once, and then works fully and automatically thereafter.

As we have already found out, with the help of any plugin you can create a certain number of mail sets. But besides this standard set, thanks to WordPress autoresponders you can create other types of letters.

This includes a celebration letter. It will generate provided that the client specified their birthday during registration on the site.

Certainly, there are such unpleasant situations as when clients unsubscribe. But this situation can also be corrected with the help of WordPress autoresponders. In this case, the subscriber who unsubscribed receives a letter. Many websites do not exclude the variant that the client could accidentally unsubscribe, so send him a letter confirming the decision to unsubscribe. Some companies send letters that offer to punish the seller and offer the client to give the seller a second chance.

Most sites have such a privilege as VIP-status. This status is given to subscribers if they place an order above a certain amount of money. But how can you tell your customers about it? Again, WordPress autoresponder may help with this.  With its help, you can create a letter to a VIP-client. The autoresponder allows you to deliver this information to your subscribers quickly.

Sometimes customers forget to finish their purchase, or they have technical problems. In this case, you can create a reminder letter about a forgotten shopping basket.

A transaction letter is a letter confirming the user's activity on the site. It can also be created on the WordPress website with the help of an autoresponder.

Another type of letter is a rehabilitation letter. Autoresponders are sent to people who have forgotten about the site, or ceased to be active, or stopped shopping for some reason. With the help of the letter, you can offer bonuses, ask some questions, and solve the problem.

This really works. Your WordPress sites will definitely have high ratings.

To create a WordPress autoresponder you need the appropriate plugins. There are a large number of plugins that you can view and then choose the best one. You can find them on the official WordPress website. The most popular of them are Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter, Newsletter, CF7 AutoResponder Addon, WordPress Email Marketing Plugin – WP Email Capture, MailPoet Newsletters (Previous), Simple Basic Contact Form, Newsletters, and WPNewsman Lite.

WordPress autoresponder is an automatic permanent sales channel. Of course, it needs to be constantly updated and expanded. For this purpose, there is a split-test. Almost all website owners on WordPress use this test. It consists of two variants of autoresponders being created: A and B. After the experiment is started, both variants create automatic mailings. By the end, you will be able to understand which autoresponder version, A or B, copes better with the task.

Since WordPress autoresponders provide you with round-the-clock sales, it makes sense to look for the most valuable content that you can provide in the autoresponders. To increase your interest it is better to try different types of content. In addition to text, you should add pictures, audio, video, quotes, useful lists, pdf files, etc. Surveys typically work very well.

There is one more very important thing about WordPress autoresponders. As it has already been said, the autoresponder has a very high percentage of openness. This means that sooner or later clients may get bored with it. Therefore, it is very important not to generate emails with too much information. Approximately eight letters in the autoresponder are quite enough. If everything is properly organized and configured, WordPress autoresponders will bring you a good profit. WordPress autoresponder is a fantastically effective tool that will help your sites to occupy high ratings. Do not forget that in order to achieve your goal and to get excellent results you need to constantly work on the autoresponders and perform the appropriate tests and checks. Good luck!


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