7 Reasons WordPress Users Will Love ONE by TemplateMonster

According to the W3Techs statistics, WordPress is the most frequently used CMS on the internet. Approximately 33% of all websites in the world are made using it and its CMS market share is 60%. All these statistics mean that WordPress users are more numerous than fans of any other content management system. TemplateMonster team wants to satisfy as many users as possible, so we would like to proudly present ONE – a unique subscription service based on our marketplace. We’re more than sure that it will be useful for every WordPress fan, and here are seven good reasons for it.

1. A wide range of WordPress themes

Describing ONE as a “unique” subscription service is not some mere words – the membership gives you a few advantages that no other subscription does. And the first of them is an enormous amount of available WordPress themes. ONE by TemplateMonster is the only service that focuses on templates and other website creation tools. Besides that, ONE is the only subscription to a marketplace – it opens you to direct access to the most frequently downloaded WordPress themes of TemplateMonster: Monstroid2, WooStroid2, BuildWall, Storicle24, JohnnyGo, BeClinic, Imperion, and Chantal. And of course, there are hundreds of templates for narrower niches if the versatile solutions don’t fit you.

If, by some chance, you are also an Elementor lover – ONE subscription is definitely for you. Not only does the membership give you an opportunity to download 100% Elementor compatible WordPress themes, but also you can get the whole set of Jet plugins. They were built to sufficiently expand the number of Elementor widgets and give users lots of convenient tools for website customization.

2. Limitless downloads

one by templatemonster

Wouldn’t it be great to download WordPress themes without any limitations? Yeah, TemplateMonster team also thinks so, and that`s why the ONE subscription allows that. Get as many templates as you need and use them as many times as you want. I bet both professional web developers and beginners will love this part. Just think of it - you don’t need to choose from several variants, you can take all of them. And there will be no need to pay for a WordPress theme every time you start to create a new website – download it once and use it for all projects it will fit.

3. Save money

unlimited websites

Of course, there are ways to create a website without spending a single dollar. But if you want a really high-quality result you will need to spend some money. And it won’t be only the theme that you will need to buy. Pictures, fonts, icons, and plugins will also demand some investment. Things become even worse when you are a web developer and build websites for a living – you have to buy the necessary elements every time you start work on a new project. ONE by TemplateMonster will help you avoid those losses. ONE subscription offers you all the instruments for website creation. You only pay once – and don’t need to seek for additional items. Really profitable, isn’t it?

4. Convenient services

everything for building websites

Full access to the huge number of WordPress themes and other goodies is great in itself, but it will be even better if supported with different useful services. Have problems with template installation? Want your website to become faster or more secure? Don’t want to waste time dealing with website customization or hosting search? ONE by TemplateMonster has a list of great services that will help you with any issues you face while creating your website. By the way, this is also a very unique offer. No other subscription gives clients access to their products and services at the same time.

5. Save time

thousands of products

If you need to choose only one from a dozen variants it could take a lot of time. People are very careful when it comes to making a decision that could demand money loss, so to be sure the template will fit the website you will have to spend some time comparing the different items before deciding what to purchase. Imagine how much less time it would take if you could just download all the WordPress themes you liked and then try them one by one? With ONE subscription you won’t have to waste time searching the tools, reading the reviews, and then choosing the best of them. You just take them all and then decide what’s better in practice.

6. High-quality support

support for all items

Did you know that the TemplateMonster support team is the best one on the market? Well, you do now. Every developer, both beginner and experienced, sometimes needs help and support. Issues are not always caused by user mistakes, so to solve the problem you need tech support. TM Tech Support team is in contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without days-off and holidays. You will be able to report the problem via ticket or have a text chat with a support specialist. Although there are lots of vendors on TemplateMonster marketplace, all the items you download on the ONE website are supported by the same highly professional team.

7. Constant daily updates

The product inventory of ONE is updated daily. This means that new WordPress themes, other CMS templates, graphic elements, and plugins are added every day and the spectrum of items available for subscribers grow constantly. ONE`s membership guarantees you access to the freshest products of the marketplace and helps you to keep up with all the updates.

Wrapping up

ONE by TemplateMonster is a great opportunity for everyone who is somehow connected with the website creation sphere. It will be launched very soon and for some time will be available at a special price. If you don’t want to miss it – subscribe for the updates on the ONE by TemplateMonster website and when it is launched, you will get a notification email. Keep in touch and become one of the first to benefit from the best subscription for WordPress users!

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