Essential WordPress Maintenance Tasks for Optimal Website Performance

  1. Regular Backing-Up
  2. Discarding Junk
  3. Security Protection
  4. Fixing Up the Broken Links
  5. Updating the Media Folder
  6. Never Ignoring Users Comments
  7. SEO Consultancy and Basic Setup
  8. Proactive WordPress Engine & Plugin Update
  9. Special WooCommerce Support
  10. Site Improvement Suggestions
  11. Site Transfer
  12. Emergency Care
  13. Maintenance Pricing Plans
  14. Summing Up

Once you have set up your own ‘personal space’ on the world wide web in the form of a blog, an online portfolio, a retail store or a website using WordPress, you must ensure that the functionalities of that personal space are always performing to the best of their capacity. This can be done by regularly carrying out the various maintenance tasks for the application.

Maintenance of WordPress based applications is needed because neglecting it will slow your website with less-than-optimal performance. You don’t have to be a technical whiz-kid in order to maintain your WordPress site. With the following simple maintenance tasks, you can ensure maximum performance of your website, which will indirectly help in increasing the traffic.

You can handle them on your own spending some time or rely on our experts. They know what WordPress emergency means and always ready to serve you. The only thing you need is to subscribe to Maintenance!

Maintenance is a WordPress support service by TemplateMonster. Just click on “Choose the plan” and we’ll fix everything!

Regular Backing-Up

This is the most crucial task that should be done on a regular basis. Backing-up will ensure that all your data, files, themes and functionalities are safe in case of an unfortunate crashing down of the website, cyber-attack or technical problems. Most of the trusted hosting services include database back-up in their purchase plans, but it is a good idea to do this task yourself anyway.

Dedicated back-up plugins like BackupBuddy, MyWPBackup, VaultPress, etc ensure a regular backing-up of your database and their safekeeping. It’s advisable to take a back-up of all components of your application like database, themes, plugins, etc. Making multiple copies of the back-up folder is also recommended.

Discarding Junk

Regular usage may result in accumulation of files, content or data that is no longer needed. It’s vital to carry out a regular cleaning up of the WordPress databases in order to keep it running optimally. Spam contributes to a major chunk of unwanted material. It is advisable to keep deleting spam folders.

Over a period of time, new comments data will also accumulate and slow down the system. All the unwanted or irrelevant themes and plugins will add to the storage space without any use. Therefore, one should schedule cleaning tasks to discard all unwanted or outdated stuff and keep only the relevant content. All these and even weekly debugging are included into Maintenance subscription.

Security Protection

A very important maintenance task that saves you from a lot of trouble is reviewing the security features of your website. Being aware of the content being posted and shared on your blogs and websites is a basic requirement. In addition, one must be very careful when it comes to making our websites secure and safe.

The first step in this regard is to keep a strong password. One must never keep the same username and password because such combinations are like inviting a hacker. Also, it is a great habit to frequently change your passwords and never share them with anyone.

Another great way to ensure website security is to install security and firewall plugins from trusted sources. This simple practice will take care of securing your website. You might also limit login attempts as an added security measure.

As for the maintenance, we monitor your website for security and malware issues 24/7. For sure, we get notified if your website has problems and rectify them.

We maintain the following security features:

  • custom admin panel URL
  • Captcha for login forms (incl. admin panel login form) & Contact Form 7
  • .htaccess password protection, custom database prefix
  • advanced protection configuration of WordFence & Akismet Anti-Spam

Fixing Up the Broken Links

As the content and traffic on your website grow, some of the earlier content will be modified, moved and replaced. This is absolutely normal. But when someone clicks on the link to a content that is no longer at its previous location, we end up with a broken link, and this is certainly not desirable. Clicking on broken links displays the ‘Error 404’ message.

Installing link checking plugins will avoid this situation to a great extent, but this approach can delete some hosting resources. Another option to deal with broken links is by using external tools for scanning the files and finding broken links. Once identified, these broken links can be updated or removed.

Updating the Media Folder

Pictures and videos take up a lot of storage space and continuous accumulation of these files tends to slow down the website’s performance. One very easy way to eliminate this factor is to regularly check and update the media library. If you see duplicate photos, old and unused graphics files, or videos, delete them promptly.

Using an image optimization plugin is also recommended, especially for websites that use a lot of graphics. Alternatively, media cleaning plugins are also available for making this task easier. One caution: Never delete unattached files without double checking if they are being used on the website.

Never Ignoring Users Comments

The purpose of having a website is to reach out to the readers and the target audience. Communicating with site visitors is a great way to engage more people and increase the traffic on your website. One should be prompt to acknowledge and reply to user comments because this creates an image of trust. This also increases the user experience and the popularity of your website.

Leaving the comments unattended not only creates a bad image, but it also discourages new users from posting and commenting. This is something that you do not want. Thus, one should make it a habit to regularly respond to messages and comments of the users. This will go a long way in the success of the website.

SEO Consultancy and Basic Setup

A routine check-up of the website components will highlight the components that need updating, removal, modification, and optimization. Outdated content should be updated from time to time so that it maintains relevance. Audit results will also inform you whether your website content is SEO optimized or not. Additionally, you will also come to know if some features of the website need new links, linking to other posts and a need for sharing it again. Scheduling such audits at fixed time intervals will not only increase the performance of your WordPress website but will also increase its popularity, engage more users and improve user experience.

Proactive WordPress Engine & Plugin Update

Yes, we’ll guarantee you the latest updates of WordPress, themes, and plugins. It’s the right way to avoid complications and give you the full experience of WordPress innovations.

Plus, WordPress team always works on enhancements not just for fun. They underline the importance of WordPress updates referring to the quality of the next positions:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • New options
  • Bug fixing
  • Compatibility

Special WooCommerce Support

If you have an online WooCommerce store, Maintenance covers all purposed questions. We can also help you to scale your business.

Site Improvement Suggestions

As your website will be monitored, we’ll provide you with the full info about its performance. There are always some things that can be enhanced. And, we’ll show you them and propose some actions on the way to improvement.

Site Transfer

Take a bonus! With Maintenance, you get a great opportunity of transferring a current website to another domain or hosting. We’ll handle it for your comfort!

Emergency Care

Just imagine that your site is down and so you’re. Creepy, isn’t it? What’s next? Fortunately, it’s not a big deal for Maintenance subscribers. They can be assured that our best specialists will provide them with solutions directly in chat, email or ticket system. You won’t lose a minute with us!

Maintenance Pricing Plans

How does it work? Just decide if you need an annual or monthly WordPress support. Both are available in Essential and more extended Premium pricing plans. For those who are ready to subscribe for a year, there is a surprise - 2 months of free maintenance by TemplateMonster up to the chosen package (Essential or Premium)!

Activity Essential Premium
Price $29 / mo $69 / mo
Proactive WordPress Engine & Plugin Updates <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Weekly Debugging <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Monthly Activity Reports <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Database Optimization <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Site Improvement Suggestions <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Content Update & Minor Changes 3 hours 5 hours
24/7 Uptime Monotoring <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
24/7 Live Chat & Ticket Support <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Emergency Care <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Discount for Customization Services 10% 20%
Hosting with InMotion <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Theme Installation <u+2714></u+2714>
WooCommerce Support <u+2714></u+2714>
Google Analytics Integration <u+2714></u+2714>
Weekly Speed Optimization <u+2714></u+2714>
All-important Plugins Bundle <u+2714></u+2714>
SEO Consultancy and Basic Setup <u+2714></u+2714>
Phone / Remote Technical Support <u+2714></u+2714>
Site Transfer <u+2714></u+2714>
Security Protection <u+2714></u+2714>
Choose the Plan Choose the Plan

Summing Up

Maintaining your WordPress website is as important as creating it. Your website will continue performing well and you will benefit from it. Regular maintenance ensures that there are no major breakdowns. So, hurry to last the flawless workflow of your page subscribing for maintenance services!

Maintenance is more than WordPress support. It’s live 24/7 backing by real enthusiastic specialists, no matter what can happen to your website. Ask any related questions, they have lots to share with you.

There are also plenty of perks for newbies, like theme installation and hosting choice. Moreover, we guarantee you 10% or 20% discounts for the best customization services and additionally provide with a plan of your website enhancements.

Feel free to ask any question in the live chat or in the comments! To make a conclusion, I would like to add that Maintenance by TemplateMonster is a support service for all WordPress websites owners!!! That means that we’re ready to assist you even though you’ve never worked with us before!

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