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Zombie Fonts – Free and Premium Fonts to Download

  1. Premium Halloween Fonts
  2. Free Halloween Fonts

When working on a website, corporate page, CV, online promo, business card, or any other project, it is critical to pay attention to any detail. The long list of recent requirements contains responsive design, eye-friendly color palettes, and many other visuals, including typography. Many researchers show the effect web fonts have on user experience and conversions. Experienced site owners follow the newest trends and attentively pick up typefaces for their projects. To help you with it, we created a bright Zombie fonts selection. Here is everything you need to know this autumn.

Stats show that most visitors take a look at such content like pictures or videos but read only half of the text or even less. People prefer to skip reading long posts when looking for new products or services, and that is what makes your task harder. How to showcase all the needed details when a prospect does not read your posts? Well, you can do it in a laconic way. Take a look at the selection of free and premium Halloween fonts to make your content as readable as possible. It contains many tips, essentials, and stats to help you with a groundbreaking promo-creation.

Premium Halloween Fonts

Sangkury - Haunted Display Font

Sangkury - Haunted Display Font

Here is a trendy item for those who like old-fashioned horror designs. There are uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation that remind the titles of old-time movies. But unlike those titles, every element of Sangkuru is 100% eye-friendly. You can open the product page and enter your text to see how it would look with Sangkuru. The spooky feel and mysterious shades the font perfect for horror-related topics, Halloween parties, hand-made things, etc.

When looking for a new font, mind it should look fantastic on any device. It is essential to let people enter your page(s) once they have time. That is why, same to other visuals, your font should be responsive. Sangkuru comes with this feature in the pack. It would look professionally on desktop, as well as on Mac and other small-screened devices.

Dead Night - Horror Font

Dead Night - Horror Font

The next essential feature you need is a handy, customer-oriented design. No matter what product you choose, it should be simple in everything, including installation. Modern technologies allow building websites without coding, so things should be elementary with fonts. As a user, you should be able to work with typefaces quickly and do it the way you wish, not the way the font creators want you to. That is why you can access Dead Night via any popular tool, including the next:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Adobe InDesign;
  • Microsoft Word, etc.

Also, Dead Night is easy in installation and meets all the current requirements. It has deep color schemes and creates beautiful contrasts to get the prospect’s attention. All of these make Dead Night a perfect choice for projects related to sales, special offers, and any other things you want to highlight before Halloween.

Bacar - Halloween Theme Font

Bacar - Halloween Theme Font

Here is another high-quality retro font to use this fall. It comes in a calligraphy style that would be a ready-made solution for a gift card, greeting card, business card and materials, posters, quotes, flyers, etc. What should you know about Bacar? The set is fully accessible without any additional software. You can install Bacar quickly without having previous experience and work with the font in any modern tool you have, including Microsoft Word. As you can see from the product page, all the Bacar elements are readable and easy to notice. You can use them to highlight important information or create attention-grabbing CTAs.

Bregudul Font

Bregudul Font

So, now you know that prospects can’t stay focused past the 50% mark. Following the data, the more text you write, the more users stop reading it. That is why we recommend you to forget about longreads. Let’s live them for your blog posts. But what should you do to introduce your company or services to the audience? You can present information in a laconic way instead. Today’s design has numerous elements to choose from, like the following:

  • Graphics;
  • Infographics;
  • Progress bars;
  • Counters;
  • Banners;
  • Accordions, etc.

You won’t need all of these for a single page, but a colorful banner with your promo details is just what the doctor ordered. Just make sure you don’t overuse visuals, as it can interrupt a would-be-customer. An adequately created banner should contain all the needed details so that customers don’t have to read long texts. We recommend you to add a countdown timer in case of a sale, new arrivals, or any other occasion. It shows how much time is left until the end or the beginning of your event.

Resquro Halloween | Decorative Font

Resquro Halloween | Decorative Font

At the outset, Resquro Halloween is a creepy decorative font that suits any design, no matter if you prefer a light or dark look. The font’s elements are wast and massive, which makes them super-readable with any background. When it comes to design and readability, keep in mind that there are more important things then choosing typefaces. Your checklist should contain:

  • Size of the font;
  • Space between lines;
  • Customer information.

The first two points influence readability. E.g., tiny fonts and typefaces that create low contrast make #1 complaint among Internet users, according to Nielsen research. It also shows that all website visitors (and especially low-vision people) have better reading experience with a 2.5 line-spacing. And what about the last one - customer data? You need to know the age of your potential clients to create customer-oriented content.

Jacmax - Horror Font

Jacmax - Horror Font

The next thing to take care of is your contact information. You should understand that, in the 21st Century, it is not enough to add your address or phone number. There should be more links, including your social media profiles, gallery, portfolio, finished projects, and so on. We told you previously that customers don’t like longreads. However, this rule matters only when it comes to a homepage or promo pages creation. Back to significant texts, you need them for a blog, and not without reason. The studies found that longer content gets more links, and you can easily check it. Google somethings to see that all top results are actually long posts. That is because they contain all the essential keywords. You can add some longreas to your blog to get more traffic so that there will be more customers to see your services. Just don’t forget to:

  • Use interlinking for your products, services, promos, etc.;
  • Use only relevant keywords and use them appropriately;
  • Make sure you did not overload the article with keywords;
  • Make sure you did no overload it with related terms (otherwise, they may consider your post as spam);
  • Keep an eye on line-spacing, contrasts, and font sizes.

Finally, mind that even the most severe blog post requires catchy visual elements. So, once your longread is ready, it is time to highlight what you want to highlight. And Jacmax is a perfect way to do it. Apart from online projects, you can use the font for:

  • Movie posters;
  • Party invitations;
  • Lettering on cover books;
  • Logo brands;
  • Album covers, etc.

Halloweb Font

Halloweb Font

Here is a neat Halloween font set that would be an excellent addition to your invitations, gift cards, movie or party posters, and other creepy projects. On the other hand, the elements of Hallowed suit branding and promotion-related projects. You can use them for social media posts, upcoming campaigns, etc. Halloweb comes in 2 styles: regular (that suits almost any business niche) and display with spider web ornament. You can combine Halloweb with other fonts to get a unique typeface.

We do not recommend using Hallowed for posts, but it is a great thing to create a heading, promo section, banner you add to the site header, etc. You can even use Halloweb to make your website menu look creepy this Halloween.

The baleak - Decorative Horror Font

The baleak - Decorative Horror Font

Back to long posts, here is another vital fact to know. Data shows that longer posts would get more shares on social media. So, the longer your content is, the higher chances you have to get shares. And the more shares you have, the more prospects can see your resource. It brings more traffic (and we know that social traffic is the best traffic) and guides your website prospects. Still, it does not mean all your content should consist of long texts. You can combine it with small visuals, like CTAs or coupons, and the big components, like banners and sliders. If you are working on the last ones, don’t miss the Baleak. This decorative font comes in a trendy calligraphy style. You can use it both for online promos and printable projects, like cards, posters, t-shirts, etc. 

Witch girls | Script Halloween Font

Witch girls | Script Halloween Font

When working on a new project or campaign, you, unquestionably, want it to be as creative as possible. However, it is very easy to overuse your creativity, especially when doing it for the first time. Most beginners are so excited to get access to ready-made tools and content elements and try to use them simultaneously. The result can be sad for 3 reasons.

  1. It would overload the design, so prospects can just get lost.
  2. It makes the design non-eye-friendly, which means people would stop viewing your site or presentation.
  3. It can make the promo look ridiculous so that viewers won’t take you seriously at all.

Still, it is nice to have a few decorative fonts for special occasions, like Halloween. This day all places, from small cafes to the huge shopping malls, become spooky. The same thing happens to online shops and other types of websites. That is why we recommend you to add Witch Girls to your design to keep it up-to-date this Halloween. The best thing about the font is that there are no additional decorative typefaces needed. You can (and should!) mix Witch Girls with simple, more standardized fonts. And you don’t need to buy them. Just open these free Google fonts and download as many as you want. There are separate items and even font families to pick up types that look excellent together.

Joanna Combs Font

Joanna Combs Font

Joanna Combs is a handcrafted font with a grunge rough, dry brush style. There is a stunning character set that is Retina-ready and well-spaced, so you won’t need to lose time looking for proper spaces. The best thing about Joanna Combs that the font is multifunctional. On the first hand, you can use it for different horror and mystery-related promos, including Halloween sales, online and offline cards, and flyers, invitations, etc. On the other hand, you can use the font for branding or logo creation. It suits multiple business niches, including websites related to photographers, designers, gamers, artists, architects, musicians, and much more.

Free Halloween Fonts

To make your Halloween days unforgettable, we have also selected some free web fonts from the skilled authors. Most of them come as a part of a free template that usually includes other visuals. Although these templates are not horror-related, they are multifunctional so that you can use these fonts for any occasion. To craft a stunning autumn design, we recommend you to choose one of the spooky typefaces and simply combine it with some of the free fonts below.

Would you like to become spooky without running out of the budget? Don’t miss this list of free web fonts resources.

  1. Google fonts. You already know about this resource, but it is rich enough to be in the first place. Currently, there are 1003 font families that include from 2 to 20 styles in the pack. Thanks to comfortable navigation, you can quickly find the needed font. Select the category you like (Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, or Monospace) to see available items. You can also search by the font feature, like its size, thickness, slant, and width. In case you have no idea what font you need, just sort the products by trending, and choose from the most popular fonts.
  2. Behance also offers an attractive selection of free fonts and has numerous categories to make the searching progress easier. There are some fonts for business, architecture, art, photography, UI/UX design, motion graphics, branding, animation, etc. You can also search by tools for font editing, which is pretty comfortable. Plus, there are many attractive styles, including vintage, modern, handwritten, type design, calligraphy, retro, bold, brush, serif, headline, and more.
  3. FontSpace. This website has more than 71.000 fonts that are free to download. The products come with a license that allows using them for multiple designs and business projects. The recourse also has styles, collections, and even a handy font generator. There are numerous creative fonts so that you have many free options for Halloween.
  4. NeoGrey is an online portfolio of a graphic and web designer who creates many stunning fonts. Unline other resources, the gallery contains some multi-colored vector fonts. This style is the result of the designer’s experiments with graphics. And we should admit these are quite eye-catching fonts. Besides, they are free, so take a look at the NeoGrey gallery if you are looking for something unusual for your project.
  5. FontM may not be the biggest typography resource, but it has everything and anything a beginner may need. The available fonts are quality and have thousands of downloads. You can search for your would-be-choice right from the main page. There you would see such popular font categories as the top fonts, basic, fancy, holiday, gothic, foreign, techno, script, etc.
  6. DaFont is a massive wen fonts collection. You can choose from popular font categories, like Techno, Holiday, Script, Basic, Gothic, Bitmap, Fancy, etc.
  7. Abstract Fonts. Now the resource has over 1.000 new fonts that incudes all well-liked categories and styles.
  8. 1001FreeFonts - the name of the recourse already speaks for itself. The gallery has almost 3.000 pages of various fonts, including Dingbats, Curly, Blurred, Animal, Blackletter, Halloween, Famous, Rounded, Russian, Square, Tattoo, Western, etc.
  9. Fontasy is another online archive featuring 1100+ free fonts that have a versatile design and look good both on desktop and Mac. There are 72 font styles on the website. You can use the filters to find your perfect choice by style or designer. Digital, Pixel, Pattern, Arabic, 3D, Rounded, Geometry, Barcode, Black, Gothic, Graffiti, Latin, and Shadow - are just to name a few!
  10. FontStruct is not just a free font recourse, but a free font-building tool and community anyone can join. Visit their page to see all the visuals available to download. You can view new products, top downloads, sets, and tools. The variety is complete, so don’t miss the website. And the most exciting part of the project is FontStructor. You should try the tool, even if you have never created a font before. It is easy-to-use and has all the needed instructions.

In Closing

As you can see, modern web design provides us with numerous tools, templates, and visual elements. All the modern digital products are ready-made so that people of all ages and skill levels can craft their designs. To end with, view our web font checklist for beginners. Before purchasing a typeface, keep in mind you need the next:

  • 100% versatile design that works incredible on any screen;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Compatibility with all popular tools;
  • Readability and space between lines;
  • Official license if you want to use fonts for commercial reasons.

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