12 Habits of Successful Small Business Owners [Infographiс]

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Happy people look similar...”? the second part of this saying is “... and unhappy people always unhappy in their own way”.

But let’s think about the first part - what are the common traits and habits of successful people?

Chicken or Egg: Success or Habits?

I think - habits are primary and you, probably, will agree. So let’s find out what brings success to people. Where should one start and can one get successful in a small business, by using simple user recommendations?

Having successful small business is always a result of harmonious work of mind, body, and soul. Developing a personality in all these directions always brings positive results, even if one is afraid of getting successful. But let’s make it easy. There are only 12 simple steps one needs to make every day if he or she wants to achieve success in their small business, and of course to become a better version of themselves.


To make it clear, let’s talk about each step.

№1. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours and get up early.

Yes, there are stories about geniuses who sleep 4 hours a day, but these stories aren’t about long effective work. For complete recovery, our body requires a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. If you sleep less, it’s like you take a credit from your body. It’s possible while it has resources. But what then? I doubt that a businessman can afford some malady, so it’s much better to take of your body, and recover fully.

№2. Set daily business goals and write them down.

This activity has two benefits:

  • writing is a skill that stimulates the brain. So it is easy to structurize all plans and have a to-do list not only on paper but also in your head.
  • you will never forget some of your ideas or secondary things to do.

№3. Create and follow your schedule.

It will organize your activities. And it’s the only way to find free time even in the busiest schedule. It may help to add those things you are putting aside “until tomorrow”. For example the gym, educational courses, etc.

№4. Add value to your product every day.

When developing yourself and your business, day after day add value to your product or service. It is the best strategy to beat competitors and make the business successful for a very long time. Maybe even for your heirs.

№5. Don’t dream only, but put your dreams and ideas into practice.

There’s a lot of people who dream big and generate great ideas. But there’s a lesser number of people who can put it into practice. Do you have an idea? Start working on it!

№6. Thank people even for the smallest things.

It will develop your soul and will deliver you results to the heights you couldn’t even imagine. Just try it! Say thanks to a waitress, to a driver, to your secretary even for the smallest favor, to a trainer, to a friend, to God, to mom, wife, a cashier at the shop, or a courier. You will be surprised to realize how many people do something good for you every day.

№7. Motivate your team.

Each successful business is always about people who stand behind. Make every person in your team respect you and love your business, remember to praise and encourage, motivate each of them every day. Observe how it works in companies, where the staff is motivated and loves what they do.

№8. Listen to your customers and staff.

Be a good listener. And you will find a wisdom in the seemingly ordinary initiatives. Agree that your staff looks at your business from their own point of view. So they can see things you cannot. Discover it!

№9. Ask for help every time you need it.

Don’t be arrogant. Things will go much easier and quicker with a help of other people. It is a good practice to have a business mentor or guru, who helps to look at things more globally or locally, handle things in the best of possible ways.

№10. Spend time out of office.

It’s often really hard for business people. But take it as an investment - observe people and nature, breathe fresh air, take ideas and inspiration, listen to what sudden people are talking around or just meditate in silence. But change your ambiance sometimes. It really helps to find unexpected solutions.

№11. Take care of your body.

Your body is also your resource and investment. The more healthy and fresh you are, the more clear and effective your brain is, the more energy you have for development. There is a theory that muscles development opens new perspectives. Renewal of normal blood circulation in some parts of the body can influence the way of thinking and attitude to life. So go to massage, do some exercises, or a morning workout. It may change a lot.

№12. Learn something new every day.

Never stop learning. There is really a lot of useful information in modern webinars or classy literature. Whatever you like, just never stop learning. Find something new every day and you'll never be overboard.

Being determines consciousness.

Your lifestyle influences your business. Develop yourself and your business will develop. Try these pieces of advice and you will find out how human qualities, good health, and curiosity can influence success.

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