Everything You Want to Know about 3D Text After Effects

  1. When Is It Okay to Use 3D Text After Effects
  2. Ways to Create 3D Text in After Effects without Plugins
  3. How to Make 3D Texts with Plugins
  4. 3D Text After Effects You Want to Take a Look at
  5. Final Word

3d text After Effects. Due to the high competition in the web design world, every designer should master as many techniques as it is possible to produce decent projects. Thus, knowing how to correctly utilize 3D text after effects is one of the must-have techniques for pretty much every self-respecting designer. So today, we are going to improve our knowledge about this very fancy effect.

When Is It Okay to Use 3D Text After Effects

As I have already mentioned, 3D text in after effects is something you will definitely deal with as a web designer. At the same time, it’s surely not something you can use mindlessly in every single project. The thing is that nowadays the dominant trend in web design and not only web design is minimalism, which means that the usage of too many fancy effects and elements is not a good idea. In other words, you have to be super careful when it comes to implementing these effects into your projects. However, if you use these fancy effects following the basic minimalism rules, your project will only benefit from that.

3D Text After Effects picture.

Another thing about using 3D texts is they might not fit the style of the project you would like to use them in. For instance, if you are working on a blog website and you’ve chosen a feminine theme and some handwriting fonts for it, 3D text after effects would look kind of weird on such a website. When you have to decide whether to use these effects or not, consider the style of the project you work on.

Ways to Create 3D Text in After Effects without Plugins

Well, if you are convinced that the project you are currently working on will only benefit from using some fancy effects, here is how you can create 3D text in after effects without any additional plugins.

  1. Create your text using the Type tool.
  2. Head to the Composition > Composition Settings > 3D Renderer, choose Cinema 4D option in the dropdown menu. After that go to the Options and set the Quality at 1.
  3. Open the Composition Settings and click on the 3D Layer icon to make your text 3D.
  4. Adjust Depth effects.
  5. Head to the Layer > New > Light > Light Type > Spot after that set the Intensity to 100%, increase Shadow Darkness to 100%, and put a check in Cast Shadows.
  6. Open Layer > New > Camera > Two-Node Camera and set 30mm Focal Length.
  7. Add Bevel Depth to make the light reflect off the text.
  8. Press Ctrl+D to duplicate the light.
  9. Head to the Metrical Options to turn on the Cast Shadows option.
  10. Open the Settings and select the color you want on the color panel.
  11. Head to Layer > New > Light and choose Ambient light type. When you are done with that, open the Ambient light layer and decrease the intensity to 10%.
  12. Duplicate the font spotlight.
  13. Go to the Material Options and adjust Specular Intensity and Specular Shininess to your taste.
  14. Head to Layer > New > Solid and select the color you like to make the background for your text.
  15. Open your Camera layer and press P, select the time for your animation and add a position keyframe. After that, set the playhead to zero and add your first move then press C on your keyboard and rotate your text until you find the perfect position.

That is it. As you can see, you can make a 3D text in after effects even without any plugins.

How to Make 3D Texts with Plugins

If you would like to create a text with plugins, then you’ve chosen an easier way. All you have to do is to download a free plugin or purchase a premium one and you will be able to create 3D texts easily and pain-free. Let’s have a brief look at some of these tools.

Ray Traced 3D

Ray Traced 3D.

Price: free

This one is an excellent free option that is usually built in After Effects CS6 and above.

Element 3D

Element 3D.

Price: $199

Element 3D is considered to be one of the best tools for creating various 3D effects, which means that if your budget allows you, you definitely have to grab it.



Price: $425

Another premium option that will allow you to do so much more than just 3D texts, so if you are a 3D graphics enthusiast who is crazy about this with no exaggeration beautiful art, you must take a look at this very tool.

Shapeshifter AE

 Shapeshifter AE.

Price: $149

One more cool premium tool for those of you who would like to create something truly special.

As you can see, there is a vast choice of various tools that can make the process of making a 3D text so much easier and significantly faster. Moreover, most of these software are professional tools for 3D artists, so if you feel like you want to experiment with that and see whether you can work in this area, you can totally try it. Well, go ahead and create some lovely texts using one of these tools.

3D Text After Effects You Want to Take a Look at

Another cool thing that might significantly ease your life is pre-made 3D text after effects. These tools are rather easy in use, come in various designs, and in general are great. The only thing that may bother you is the price because some of them can be quite expensive. At the same time, the price is totally justified, and you can use these elements in various projects and multiple times. So if you are interested in premium after effects, here are some lovely ones you no doubt want to take a good hard look at.

1.  Flash FX Titles | Text Animation For After Effects Intro

Flash FX Titles | Text Animation For After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

A playful and colorful option that will surely back you up in any situation, so why don’t you give it a shot?

2.  Stars Cinematic Titles After Effects Intro

Stars Cinematic Titles After Effects Intro.

Price: $85

A truly magical and mesmerizing option that will make you fall in love with it at the very first sight.

3.  Lyric Titles | Text Animation Template After Effects Intro

Lyric Titles | Text Animation Template After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Another lovely text animation effect to win your heart.

4.  Clean And Stylish Liquid Logo Reveal After Effects Intro

Clean And Stylish Liquid Logo Reveal After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

This one is a colorful and bright choice that will be a great choice for any graphic designer.

5.  Awards Particles Titles After Effects Intro

Awards Particles Titles After Effects Intro.

Price: $85

One more sparkling solution for those of you who adore fancy things.

6.  Liquid Titles Collection | Text Animation After Effects Intro

Liquid Titles Collection | Text Animation After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Liquid Titles is a bright and eye-catching effect that will simply mesmerize you at the very first sight, so why don’t you look closer at it?

7.  Travel Postcard After Effects Intro

Travel Postcard After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Travel Postcard will give your project that exciting traveling vibe, so if that is what you are looking for, go ahead and get this baby.

8.  Web Developer Promo After Effects Intro

Web Developer Promo After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Web Developer is the right choice for those who need a minimalistic professional solution. Well, if you belong to that category of people, look at it—it’s worth your attention.

9.  Colorful Opener After Effects Intro

Colorful Opener After Effects Intro.

Price: $83

A truly fruitful and delicious option for those who are looking for bright colors and elaborate effects.

10.   Business & Services After Effects Intro

Business & Services After Effects Intro.

Price: $85

Final Word

3D text after effects is something every graphic designer or web developer has to master simply because it can benefit various projects. In fact, working with this type of text is not that difficult and if you haven’t done it before, you would easily learn how to do that now. Go ahead and start mastering your 3D graphics skills because you definitely will need those in your work.

Do you work with 3D texts? What are your tips and tricks for creating stunning inscriptions in 3D? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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3d text After Effects FAQ

Are 3D texts still relevant in 2020?

Well, yeah. Just be careful when you use those because you don’t want to overdo it and end up with a cluttered and ugly project.

Where can I find 3D after effects tutorials?

The best place to find any sort of tutorials is YouTube, so go ahead and look for some helpful video tutorials on YouTube.

Where can I find more info about working with 3D texts?

Check out YouTube and our other blog posts, there you will find pretty much anything from outlining texts in after effects to making elaborate 3D graphics.

What is the best software that allows to make text 3D in after effects?

Many people prefer Adobe Photoshop, yet there are various types of professional software that allow you to work with 3D graphics such as Element 3D or Zaxwerks.

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