5+ Must-Have Marketing Tools for Small Business

About 3.5 billion people “earn money” over the internet.

I am sure you want to be one of these trailblazers.

Well, there’s a blend of tricks and tools which the influencers follow in order to generate their high revenue.

And that’s the reason why they are called INFLUENCERS!

With minimal to no investment, you can start a business that will help you earn like crazy.

But, what steps should be followed to make a successful business?

Starting from scratch:

  1. First, create forms to generate leads for your business.
  2. Then, know your leads in depth.
  3. Have good & bad leads mixed? Clean them up!
  4. Start interacting with your leads by sending emails.
  5. Converting leads into customers? Now, manage all those customers and dollars with a smart subscription tool.

marketing tools

Now, when you are all ready to get started and take a ride on a roller coaster, you will need to have knowledge about these must-have marketing tools for small business. It will be challenging but it will also be rewarding when you succeed.

Oh, wait! I just forgot to tell you about the most important thing you need.

A website of course!

So yeah, you need to a have an online space. For this, you must create an attractive website for which you will need a really good theme and some helpful software to get you the results you are looking for.

The first software to hit the list is:

1. Create Forms to Generate Leads with FormGet

Once you commence your business via a website, you need something that will help you get to know your target audience. Above that, you can’t risk your site’s security.
Forms help you connect with your audience. You need leads. Simply create a form and embed it on your website, other websites, and share it on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many people will see your forms and the interested users will definitely signup/fill them out. This will help you in collecting the leads that will eventually help in the growth of your business.

A price that suits your pocket. This form creator software is available at a very nominal rate of $5 per month. However, you can also opt for other plans.


Have a look at the cool features of FormGet to create forms in no time:

  1. Create logical forms
  2. Drag-and-drop email builder
  3. Customize your forms for brand logos, images, color, etc.
  4. Add a redirect link to the form
  5. Add your own brand logos, images, and colors
  6. Integrate with Stripe & PayPal to collect payments
  7. Reply automatically with Autoresponder

And the list continues...

Okay! So now you’ve got a good amount of leads in your store. That’s cool! But what's the use if you don't know who you are actually targeting?

For this reason, you need to have really good knowledge about the leads you’ve generated. Now, this is an issue which defines your next move.

2. Get to Know Your Leads with MailGet Email Enricher

If you start to find out the details behind the emails, you may end up smashing your head into the wall. To ease this task, you can opt for MailGet Email Enricher. With the help of this software, you can easily find out all the details behind the email account such as name, social profile, company details, gender, age and a lot more.

The basic plan will cost you $9 per month. If you want to know about more pricing plans, you can visit their website.

mailget email enrichment

Have a look at the cool features of Email Enricher to create forms in no time:

  • Provides accurate and precise data
  • Updates the fresh details automatically
  • Segments your list according to the categories
  • Get all the personal as well as professional details of the person such as social profiles, age, gender, company details, and a lot more

Let me ask you a simple question. Are you sure that the emails provided are not fake and deceptive?

You must know that there are ample users that provide the wrong info on purpose.

Well, that’s a true fact. As far as I know, most of the users just fill the form with any email id that comes to their mind.

Don't worry–our next software is going to help you out with this.

3. Scrub Out Unwanted Leads with MailGet List Cleaning

We are all aware of the term ‘Spamming’. If you constantly send emails to users that don’t want them, you might get blacklisted by the server.

However, to avoid this situation, you must be sure that you are sending emails to real people who actually want them.

With the help of list cleaning, you can effortlessly improve your list. MailGet List Cleaning services will make your list free of any invalid, duplicate, and role-based emails.

Moreover, it uses MX server connection verification for email validation and filters out the greylisted emails.

Clean your list for just $4/month. There are several other plans as well.

mailget list cleaning

Have a look at the cool features of MailGet List Cleaning:

  • Email syntax verification for removing invalid emails & syntax
  • MX record verification to cross-check the emails in MX record
  • Suppression verification to confiscate the bad emails
  • Duplicate email verification for pulling out all the duplicate emails
  • Remove all the role-based emails with the help of role email verification
  • Eliminate hard bounce
  • MX Server Connection Verification
  • Greylisting verification to remove greylisted emails

You’ve got all the email ids clean and ready to go. All you need is to send them emails. Have a look at this email marketing service.

4. Get In Touch With Your Leads Via MailGet Bolt

Email marketing is the most integral part of the business. It is crucial to understand the importance of selecting reliable software that ensures inbox delivery.
MailGet Bolt helps in designing beautiful emails by simply selecting from the swarm of templates or with the help of efficient drag-and-drop editor and view the preview immediately with the WYSIWYG editor.

When you want to send emails, be sure that the emails are sent via a trusted server. MailGet Bolt makes sure that your emails reach the inbox through a secured environment with DKIM signatures and SPF validation for authentication.

You can transfer emails for as low as $9 per month and get assured inbox delivery. There are other higher paid plans as well.

mailget bolt

Take a look at the cool features of MailGet Bolt for hassle-free transmission of emails:

  • Drip automation sending automated emails at predefined intervals
  • List management in order to arrange the emails and their details at the same place
  • List cleaning to get rid of spam, suspended, and bounced email contacts
  • Delivering emails as a knee-jerk with Autoresponders
  • Easy email scheduling at a specific date and time
  • Custom tags for better personalization
  • Add subscription forms
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • An array of email templates to choose from
  • Import emails in CSV format

Great! Now your business is flourishing and you are generating a good income. It is practically not possible for you to calculate the revenue collected every month.
You definitely need this tool to help you calculate the MR.

5. Manage Your Sales with Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions is your saviour. Whenever you want to manage your sales, you can simply enter the data and create an invoice right then and there. You can collect one-time as well as recurring payments without much effort.

It provides you with crucial details like sales, monthly revenue, average revenue per customer, churn rate, and much more. Also, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the plans conveniently and adjust the amount in the next billing cycle. Easy enough!

Pabbly Subscriptions will cost you $5 per month. Visit their website to view more plans.


Have a look at the cool features of Pabbly Subscriptions to manage your sales:

  • Collect recurring & one-time payments
  • Send reminder emails to recover failed payments
  • Create/customize the checkout page as per your brand
  • Analyze the crucial details like average revenues sales, best sellers, etc.
  • Easily upgrade and downgrade the plans
  • You can add a custom domain to your checkout page
  • Provide your customers with a separate portal displaying their purchase details
  • Offer flat/percentage discounts & coupons to customers with proper management
  • Create unlimited invoices
  • Integrate Pabbly Subscriptions in your current software using an API

Wrapping Up!

So, these were the must-have marketing tools for small business. All you need is these services and rest is easily managed; be it creating forms, collecting leads, enriching the details, sending emails, or collecting revenue.

Moreover, this software is very efficient and you can avail them at nominal prices. You don’t have to go around searching for the best ones as they are already mentioned here.
I hope you found what you were looking for.

Wish you luck!

Get in touch with us for more details or if you have any questions.


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