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7 Tips to Promote a Brand on YouTube

7 YouTube Promotion Tips

According to the Rendrfx resource, every 1 in 4 buyers uses YouTube to watch product-related videos that help them make purchasing decisions. Thus, with the growing popularity of YouTube as primarily a video marketing channel, the need to promote on this platform becomes unquestionable for e-commerce brands.

Keep it Short

The first thing one should remember when preparing a YouTube promotional video is that the video’s average length should not exceed 3 minutes.

Not so long ago, the Wistia marketing agency conducted a study on the relation between the average user engagement rate and video length. The results of the study showed that these two aspects are interdependent. This means that for videos with the length between 1 and 3 minutes, the average engagement rate is 70%, but with the higher length value, the number of engaged users diminishes notably. As a result, for 5 minutes long videos, the average engagement rate is below 60%.

This way, if you are planning to post advertising videos on YouTube, try to make them as short and informative as possible. Explainer videos may work well here, as they suggest providing a few seconds’ introduction, then offering a solution to a particular problem, and finally introducing a brand.

Still, such video formats as, say, short FAQ videos or educational videos may also act as powerful marketing tools. That’s why it is recommended to experiment with different video types to find out which ones serve best your advertising goal.

Display Your Products

Now that you know how long your video should be, let’s consider several tips related to its content. Many companies think about YouTube as just a complementary advertising channel, which is not correct. In fact, this platform allows one to uniquely present products.

For example, the Rokenbok Toy Company managed to expand their audience by reaching the internet users segment through the creative product demonstration. In its promotional videos, the company used the stop-motion animation effect to show the key features of its toys.

The other case is the Blendtec company that presents its blenders with humor. This way, the company introduced a series of videos with the aim to find out whether its products were able to blend popular gadgets. As a result, these videos brought tremendous positive feedback from viewers.

As you can see, the video format allows you to advertise products in many ways to retain customer loyalty and attract the attention of prospects. Still, not only brand products but the brand itself should be properly introduced to shoppers.

Present Your Brand Wisely

Your marketing campaign will be unsuccessful if people do not recognize your brand. For example, GoPro handles this issue by adding the brand name to all fan-related content. By this way, the company enforces its brand recognition as well as the presence in search results.

However, not only brand credentials but also brand positioning must be considered when promoting on YouTube. For example, the LSTN Sound Co. headphones producer positions itself as the company that helps people with hearing disabilities, which notably distinguishes it from competitors.

So, consider the above-described aspects to create a proper image of your brand on YouTube.

Call to Action

Undoubtedly, video themes have specific purposes that encourage consumers to make purchases in a store. The point is that usually, they are not inclined to do this until they are appropriately asked. Thus, think about including calls-to-action to your videos.

YouTube provides several types of CTAs, and one of the most effective ones is end screens. Such screens take a few last seconds of a video and usually have an advertisement depending on the company’s goals. By using them, you will encourage viewers to step further with the engagement with your brand.

Besides, think about including calls-to-action right in your video descriptions that go after headlines since they can also act as a powerful incentive to perform the required action.

Now, let’s take care of search engine optimization of your YouTube videos by checking several related tips below.


Compose Effective Headlines

Titles describe the main idea of a video. They may also work well for SEO. For this purpose, the optimal length of a single title should be 55 characters; it should be clear and contain relevant keywords.

To determine the most searched keywords in your niche, use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. This way, you will know the words to be included in the related headlines to rank high in search engines.

Also, remember that your video titles should be relevant. Do not opt for the widespread “click-bait” tactic that implies using big headlines not describing the video itself but only prompting visitors to watch it. This practice eventually brings marketers high bounce rates instead of desired conversions.

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Create Engaging Thumbnails

In fact, thumbnails are among the first elements that viewers pay attention to when browsing YouTube and deciding what to watch. So, they should be designed the same way as headlines.

Keep in mind that some standard practices for engaging thumbnails include text overlays, face close-ups, vivid backgrounds, visible branding (the brand’s logo should be put in the corner of the thumbnail image), contrasts to highlight people or objects.

By default, YouTube automatically generates previews that act as thumbnails for videos. Still, they may not produce the required effect on your promotion, so try generating the custom ones while considering the above recommendations.

Harness Playlists

For viewers, playlists are a convenient way to browse related YouTube videos. For e-commerce businesses, this primarily means more opportunities to go up in search rankings by organizing playlists with relevant keywords.

Moreover, providing playlists contributes to the overall user browsing convenience, since the next video autoplay feature saves viewers from the need to make additional clicks to play related videos.

Also, try incorporating some popular videos in the playlist that are not related to your brand. This way, you will attract the additional attention to your content, which may eventually result in increased conversion rates.


YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that allows one to promote a brand through visual content. By using the above tips, you can cover all significant aspects of YouTube promotion, thus ensuring the strong presence of your brand on this platform.


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