Premiere vs. After Effects: The Ultimate Battle

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Premiere vs After Effects?

Today, video bloggers are among the most popular social media influencers. YouTubers provide us with millions of videos on different topics every day, which makes YouTube one of the most popular platforms all over the world. As a matter of fact, modern technologies that make it easier to create videos for those people who have no experience in filming and editing allow more people to become video bloggers. In other words, you can start shooting for YouTube or any other similar platform even if you do not have expensive equipment or any special skills.

In fact, many bloggers, especially beginners, use their cellphones and free editing apps to create videos. Yet if you want to create quality content, you have to learn how to work with professional filmmaking software simply because such programs will allow you to do so much more. Luckily, today most pro software such as Adobe Premiere or After Effects has user-friendly interfaces and, as a rule, is very simple to use.

Well, today we are going to figure out the difference between After Effects and Premiere as well as which software is better and easier to use. Here comes the ultimate battle between Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Well, let us start with Adobe Premiere Pro. What is Premiere Pro and what is it used for? Basically, it is professional software used in filmmaking. Fun fact about Adobe Premiere Pro is that it is utilized by such huge media companies as BBC. In addition to that, this program is used in the editing of The Tonight Show and has been used in the production of such movies as The Social Network and Deadpool. So if you had any doubts about this very software, now you see that it is actually used not only by YouTubers but also by professional filmmakers and media companies.

As a matter of fact, the software allows the editing of videos with 4K x 4K definition and higher, which is why it is used in filmmaking. It supports a vast variety of video and audio formats. Despite the fact that Premiere Pro is aimed for professional use, its interface is user-friendly, which makes it easier to figure out how everything works for inexperienced users. In other words, you don’t have to be a Hollywood professional video engineer or CGI expert in order to start making videos using this software.

Adobe Premiere Pro.
premiere vs after effects

As a rule, the company releases major updates for Premiere Pro twice a year, yet the software is being constantly updated in order to improve user experience and fix some minor bugs.

In terms of pricing, it will cost you $239.88 per year, which is actually quite a lot of money for a simple blogger. At the same time, the company offers a free trial, so you can try it for free and in case you don’t like it, avoid spending so much money on it and get something more affordable for you.

As you can see, Premiere Pro is a rather decent video editing solution so there is no reason against at least giving it a shot. Besides, there is a free trial, so it will not hurt to try it out.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is another video editing software by Adobe Systems, so it is pretty much clear what After Effects is used for. At the same time, there is a rather huge difference between Premiere and After Effects, which basically consists of the features that After Effects has and those that Premier doesn’t. In particular, After Effects is used for video and graphic imagery editing, compositing, animation, CGI graphics, color correction, post-production, credits, etc. To put it simply, all the visual effects and computer-generated imagery shown in the popular sci-fi movies were probably made with this very software.

If fact, this very program is widely used in commercials, so next time you are watching a beautiful car or perfume commercial, keep in mind that it was probably created in Adobe After Effects. At the same time, in spite of the fact that it is a professional program, it’s still rather simple to use, which makes it a better choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

Adobe After Effects
premiere vs after effects

Just like Premier, this software will cost you $22.99 per month, so you might want to think about getting a Creative Cloud subscription, which is a more expedient option since it will open access to other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and many more. Certainly, you can get a free trial in order to figure out whether you actually need it or not, so do not hesitate and download a demo version now.

In general, After Effects is a cool tool for those who would like to work with fancy visual effects and want to try to create some CGI’s. So if you are an experienced video blogger or filmmaking enthusiast (or maybe both), you definitely want to try it out because it’s surely worth a shot.

After Effects vs. Premiere Pro: What’s the Difference?

Well, now is the time to get to the point of our article, which is the difference between After Effects and Premiere. So what do these two software programs have in common and what exactly differs them from one another? Here comes the Premiere vs. After Effects battle.

Premiere vs After Effects Comparison Table

Criteria Premier Pro After Effects
Purpose Video editing Creation of visual effects and motion graphics
Other Functions Transitions, adding text, and audio editing 2D animations, shapes, titles, and visual effects
Working with colors, composition, and effects Challenging and time-consuming Easy

As you can see, the main difference between Premiere and After Effects is the fact that Premier Pro is basically used for editing videos, which means actually putting several clips together and adding audio to them. After Effects is used for creating fancy effects, animations, visual effects, etc.

In terms of convenience, it is difficult to say which program is better. Is Adobe Premiere easy to use? Yes, it is. Is After Effects simple to use? Sure! In general, it’s kind of impossible to say which program is better because they have different functions (Adobe simply would not release two identical programs), so why don’t you try both of them in order to decide whether you need them or not.

Premium After Effects You Must See

If you are determined to learn how to work with special effects and use them in your projects, here are some fabulous premium after effects that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Cartoon Fire Elements After Effects Intro

Cartoon Fire Elements After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Add some cool fire elements to the project you are currently working on and you’ll see that it will be on fire.

Cartoon Titles Pack After Effects Intro

Cartoon Titles Pack After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

A set of lovely cartoon titles is no doubt a must in your library.

Flash FX Titles | Text Animation For After Effects Intro

Flash FX Titles | Text Animation For After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Fancy titles have the power to magically make any project breathtaking.

Dynamic Reel After Effects Intro

Dynamic Reel After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

One more elaborate effect for true aesthetes.

Fresh Sale After Effects Intro

Fresh Sale After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

A collection of fancy animated effects for your online store is something you surely don’t want to miss.

Devil Roy Barman Minimal Resume After Effects Intro

Devil Roy Barman Minimal Resume After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Another set of fabulous effects for all occasions.

Dynamic Website Presentation After Effects Intro

Dynamic Website Presentation After Effects Intro.

Price: $75

Add some dynamic elements to your website with this very lovely collection.

Business & Services After Effects Intro

Business & Services After Effects Intro.

Price: $85

This one is a perfect choice for your corporate projects, so go ahead and take a closer look at it.

Business & Services After Effects Intro

Business & Services After Effects Intro.

Price: $85

Another cool option for your business website or other corporate needs.

Liquid Transitions Pack For After Effects Intro

Liquid Transitions Pack For After Effects Intro.

Price: $64

Last, but not least, a truly elegant and mesmerizing option that will immediately make you fall in love with it.

Premiere vs After Effects FAQ

❓ Adobe Premiere vs. After Effects: which one to choose?

These two programs are rather different and have different purposes, so get both of them on terms of a free trial and decide whether you need both of them or maybe neither of them.

❓ Which software is useful for video bloggers?

Certainly, Premier Pro is rather useful for YouTubers.

❓ Where can I find tutorials on video editing and filmmaking?

Check out YouTube; you might like such channels as Indy Mogul, Tom Antos, and Film Riot.

Final Thoughts: premiere vs after effects

Video editing skills are something you definitely want to have in 2020 because no matter who you are, a web developer or a ballerina, one day you might want to share your knowledge and experience with the entire world and there is no better way to do that except by means of video blogging. So master your skills using either After Effects or Premiere Pro and get ready to conquer the blogging world.

What software do you use for editing videos? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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