Free Kinetic Typography Templates: Master The Art Of Motion

Free typography templates. Words have great power, and you can increase their impact by means of unusual presentation. Visual appeal adds expressiveness to any content and makes it emotive. There are various ways of making the content significant, improving its overall reading performance, and kinetic typography is one of the most efficient among those ways. It's a technique of expressing ideas with animated text. To amplify your projects, add dynamics into them, make use of free kinetic typography templates presented below.

Definition of free kinetic typography templates

Kinetic typography is an animated text. It turns static text into more expressive by means of animated fonts. The latter come to life into kinetic typography and turn the content into a feast for the eyes. It’s a great advantage for web design, ‘cause all fonts that are used in it have one important mission – tell your story and welcome the visitors. That's why choosing types that harmoniously behave in web environment is essential for engaging design. Their style, color and size are critical for making an impression on viewers. Kinetic typography is a powerful tool for emphasizing the messages you send to the site viewers.

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Flying, floating, emerging, rotating fonts – this is how kinetic typography looks like. It’s a moving type that can be accompanied with words or music. It can come in a variety of shapes, forms and is widely used in films, TV and web commercials where its ability to capture and manipulate people’s attention come in handy. The power of kinetic typography as a medium for expression that can’t be overestimated. Using it in communicating your business ideas, you make the viewers hang on every word.


How to create kinetic typography? Using After Effects you can easily add dynamics to your text. The process includes following steps: timing text with audio or dialogue, creating custom text layouts, setting scale and position keyframes and finally applying motion to the text. If you are not familiar with Adobe After Effects, you can look through professional tutorials that are a great starting point for creating kinetic typography. Yet another option is kinetic typography templates that you can use as a basis for whatever motion projects you need. All of them are free, so you can be sure that your successful endeavors will be wallet-friendly.

Free typography templates

Short Kinetic Typography Free download


Typography World: Free After Effects Template


Kinetic Typo Generator


“Creative Services” Free After Effects Kinetic Typography Template


"Bold Bulletin" Free Kinetic Typography After Effects Template


"Kinetic Business" Free After Effects Typography Template


“Commercial Dynamic” Free After Effects Typography Template


Particular Sphere


Kinetic Typography


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