30 Best Royalty-Free Stock Music Tracks 2020

Music, like perhaps no other form of art, can affect the mood dramatically. We can be moved into a state of euphoria with vibrant music in a rock club, and experience a deep longing for unrequited love when listening to a romantic ballad. When you need to launch an advertising campaign or any other project, music can play a huge role. Your soundtrack can help make the right impression on your target audience and get people to buy your products. That is when awesome royalty-free stock music comes in to help you.

Large companies will hire a composer and an experienced sound engineer to work on a custom soundtrack for expensive promotional videos. However, if your budget does not allow you to request audio content with a seven-figure price tag, you can save a lot of money on music by purchasing royalty-free tracks.

The TemplateMonster selection includes only royalty-free music. This means that you only pay once to purchase a license. Even if the video with the selected tracks will bring you millions of dollars, you do not owe any royalties to the artist. Each track, presented on the site, is manually selected so you can find the perfect music for your project faster than ever. High quality, constant updating of the music library, a wide variety of genres, moods, and styles guarantees you will definitely find the best track for your project.

Below are 30 royalty-free stock music solutions for your vlogs, documentaries, or films.

Review of 30 Best Royalty-Free Stock Music Tracks 2020

Epic Stock Music

Epic Stock Music.

Pick up this epic soundtrack to motivate and inspire. This is a great choice for videos, cinema, openers, landscapes, and promotions.

Danger Battle Trailer Stock Music

Danger Battle Trailer Stock Music.

Danger Battle Trailer Stock Music is a modern orchestral and hybrid sound for openers, trailers, or any other moments related to a danger sequence.

Fashion Disco Pop Stock Music

Fashion Disco Pop Stock Music.

Pop drums, vintage synthesizers, funky bass, and the stylish Blues-rock guitars used in this stock music will set the proper dancing mood. This soundtrack is ideal for fashion and beauty themes, stylish promos, and any other commercial use.

Limitless Stock Music

Limitless Stock Music.

Are you a fan of piano, strings, bass guitar, and upbeat rock drums? Make sure to choose this royalty-free stock music to inspire people when watching your travel, success, and nature-related videos.

Inspire The World Stock Music

Inspire The World Stock Music.

Inspire the world with this super motivating pop music track. Are you curious about what you will hear? How about piano, synthesizer, strings, glockenspiel, bass guitar, and drums with handclaps. Your advertising, presentations, and product videos will definitely stand out from the crowds of competitors.

Sweet Seduction Stock Music

Sweet Seduction Stock Music.

Are you looking for seductive and sexy vibes? Choose this sensual lounge music track. The track features piano, emotional guitar licks and solos, piano, bass guitar, and a laid back drum beat. It is great for any intimate videos.

Time to Change Stock Music

Time To Change Stock Music.

Create, improve, or keep the mood upbeat for your audience with this inspirational cinematic music track for films, TV shows, and documentaries. You will enjoy listening to the piano, pads, electric guitar, bass guitar, and powerful drums.

Inspired Life Stock Music

Inspired Life Stock Music.

Enjoy this inspirational smooth jazz track to add a romantic, inspiring, and emotional feel. Rhodes piano, guitar solos, beautiful strings, bass guitar, and drums will be great for commercials, films, and TV shows with a motivating tone.

Christmas Inspiration Stock Music

Christmas Inspiration Stock Music.

The magical sounds of Christmas music will help create a festive atmosphere. The track features bells, chimes, strings, children's choir, glockenspiel, handclaps, bass, and upbeat drums. This is your ideal choice for any Christmas project.

Be Inspired By the Dawn Stock Music

Be Inspired By The Dawn Stock Music.

Dive into the beautiful, warm sounds of a piano with timid songs of birds. Turn this soundtrack into an enthusiastic hymn of life, light, and inspiration for your audience.

Dream Bigger Stock Music

Dream Bigger Stock Music.

Dream Bigger Stock Music is an uplifting cinematic composition featuring piano, strings, glockenspiel, harp, choir, and orchestral percussion. This is a good choice for films, slideshows, presentations, TV series, and videos about personal growth, romance, life achievements, and more.

Start a Fire Stock Music

Start A Fire Stock Music.

Fill your parties, birthday videos, presentations, and commercials with an excited and fun vibe. Guitars, piano, glockenspiel, trumpets, saxophone, walking bass line, and energetic drums will make your projects unforgettable.

Let Me Chill Tonight Stock Music

Let Me Chill Tonight Stock Music.

The function of music is not only to entertain, but also to provide relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. Let Me Chill Tonight royalty-free stock music is perfect for romance, sensual moments, meditation, relaxation, and more. Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, fretless bass guitar, and hip-hop drumbeat will definitely set the proper mood.

Mystical Night Stock Music

Mystical Night Stock Music.

The atmosphere during such a creepy holiday as Halloween should be special, and what is a better way to set the right atmosphere than having the right music? Pick up the Mystical Night soundtrack to listen to strings, glockenspiel, church organ, synthesizer, bass deep drums, and scary sounds. The main, 60-sec, and 30-sec versions are available.

Just Smile! Stock Music

Just Smile! Stock Music.

This soundtrack features piano, bells, acoustic guitar, strings, bass, and upbeat drums. Cheerful music inspires the soul with joy and optimism. The track is a great solution for parties, children’s videos, TV shows, and more.

Dominance (Epic Trailer) Stock Music

Dominance (Epic Trailer) Stock Music.

This royalty-free stock music piece with airy piano, strings, intense hits, and drums is a good choice for trailers, fantasy films, or games.

Summer Dreams Stock Music

Summer Dreams Stock Music.

What sounds come to mind when we think about summer? Upbeat music, energetic vibes, and inspiring tones make us happy and excited. Summer Dreams Stock Music is great for commercials, vlogs, sports, and summer videos.

Chilled Stock Music

Chilled Stock Music.

Calm and relaxing music is the first most familiar tool that a person intuitively resorts to in order to relieve tension or distract himself. Choose this royalty-free stock music piece for lounge backgrounds, fashion visuals, promos, or vlogs. The soundtrack features hip-hop beats, beautiful synths, and deep bass with vocal cuts.

Push It to the Limit Stock Music

Push It To The Limit Stock Music.

Many experts unanimously claim that melodic, rhythmic music helps to maintain the necessary pace in workouts and exercise routines, as it inspires and motivates. If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for your fitness, sports, or martial arts project, this cool, modern Sports & Fitness background music track will be your best choice.

Acoustic Sunset Stock Music

Acoustic Sunset Stock Music.

This inspiring and relaxing acoustic music track features guitars, bass, and percussion. Whether you are working on films, TV shows, vlogs, and numerous other projects, grab this soundtrack to succeed. The main, 60-sec, 30-sec, loop 1, and loop 2 versions are included.

Urban Hip-Hop Stock Music

Urban Hip-Hop Stock Music.

This soundtrack will be great for those who are searching for something cool and old school. You will hear hip-hop tracks with a hypnotic piano, guitars, analog synths, bass, and cool beats.

Epic Drums Intro Stock Music

Epic Drums Intro Stock Music.

Epic Drums Intro Stock Music is great for commercials, YouTube intros, and more. If you are still in search of an epic, energetic, and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, and powerful cinematic drums, this is the one.

Spacetime Continuum Stock Music

Spacetime Continuum Stock Music.

Great for trailers, sci-fi movies, and videos, this dramatic and emotional cinematic composition with a science fiction theme will offer epic strings, choir, orchestral percussion, and stunning female vocals.

Meaning of Life Stock Music

Meaning Of Life Stock Music.

Do not hesitate to add some atmospheric and uplifting vibes for your motivational videos, documentaries, films, and TV. The soundtrack features cello melodies accompanied by a full orchestra, piano, harp, and emotional female vocals. Main, underscore, 60-sec, short, and loop versions are available.

Edge of Reality Stock Music

Edge Of Reality Stock Music.

Synthesizers, deep drums, and massive brass chords blended together in this soundtrack will create an emotional and epic atmosphere. This is a perfect choice for movie trailers and documentaries.

Synthwave Stock Music

Synthwave Stock Music.

The soundtrack is available in five versions - main, underscore, 60-sec, 30-sec, and loop. This is all about Retro electronic synthpop background music in the style of 16-bit games from the 80s and 90s.

Digital Frontier Stock Music

Digital Frontier Stock Music.

No need to surf the web in search of the best solution for your futuristic videos, technology commercials, or sci-fi movies. Dramatic vibes featuring instruments such as acid synths and dubstep beats will get your project to the next level.

Happiest Moments Stock Music

Happiest Moments Stock Music.

What type of music comes to mind when you think of happy moments? Catchy guitars, hand claps, playful bass, and whistling will create a wonderful feel for your children's videos, TV shows, or commercials.

Epic Moments Stock Music

Epic Moments Stock Music.

Add some epic cinematic action tracks to your film trailers, movies, and documentaries. This solution features a full orchestra and cinematic percussion, epic drums, emotional choir, and modern synthesizer sounds.

Rise Stock Music

Rise Stock Music.

Electric guitars, piano, strings, bass guitar, and drums will add an uplifting and positive mood to any project.


Corporate presentations, video blogs, films, TV shows, documentaries, and much more — this royalty-free stock music is an excellent solution for any of your projects. Whatever you are working on, the soundtracks collected will help you get your message across more effectively. Dive into this sea of music and find the perfect track.


?Can I use royalty-free stock music for commercial use?

Royalty-free music is not a specific type of music. It can be music in any genre from classical to heavy metal to country music. Instead, it is a type of “Music Licensing” for commercial use. Commercial use here means using the music for more than your private usage (your home, your car, your iPod). The TemplateMonster selection of royalty-free stock music can be used for any personal or commercial project.

?Are the stock music soundtracks available in one version only?

It depends on the specific soundtrack. Some stock music solutions are available in three versions - the main, 60-sec, and 30-sec versions, while others may have up to five versions to use - main, underscore, 60-sec, 30-sec, and loop.

?What formats of stock music audio files are available for downloading?

The soundtracks are available in MP3 and WAV formats. Use .WAV files for TV, radio, DVD, or any other media requiring top uncompromised audio quality. Use MP3 files for web pages and web videos–in fact, for anything on the internet.

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