How Can A YouTube Video Blogger Earn with TemplateMonster Affiliate Program?

If you are looking for a way to express yourself or just some interesting activity to kill time, YouTube can satisfy both these needs. YouTube is currently the fastest growing video sharing website and there is hardly any other resource that can match its popularity. Everyone has watched at least one video there or, if nothing else, has at least heard of it. It is a source not only of entertaining funny videos (these tend to prevail though), but also serious scientific programs, documentary videos, various tutorials, etc. Everyone can find something in which he or she is interested.

However, you can use YouTube, not only as a passive onlooker, but as a participant in its growth and development yourself. You don't need any special skills or professional equipment. There are lots of cases where a simple mobile video has received millions of views. But if you are skillful in some area, even if it is the weirdest occupation ever, you have a perfect opportunity to get others interested in it and, in the meantime, gain popularity for yourself. Don't be afraid to try. You don't have to be Steven Spielberg to make an impact on the audience.


However YouTube is not only a place for gaining personal popularity, but for making money as well. Video bloggers all over the world went on board with it long ago. But the ways of earning money with YouTube channel are also varied. You can choose a passive way, where YouTube will show ads during your videos and you will be paid for that. In this case your only concern is to produce high-quality content to attract more views. Everything else will be done for you. This method is easy and doesn't require much time and effort on your part. The only drawback is that you don't have much control over your earnings.

When you choose another, active, approach you acquire full control over your earnings, and the amount of money you can earn depends entirely on the time and effort you are prepared to invest in it. If the words "affiliate marketing" ring a bell for you, then this is the point at which you should start. TemplateMonster affiliate program is really flexible and we encourage every enterprise. For example, you can contact the manager and ask for your personal 10% promocode. Then on your channel you can conduct a review of one of TemplateMonster's themes and provide your viewers with the promocode. Thus you will gain the trust of your audience by posting an honest review. At the same time you are able to increase the number of your subscribers, give them some goodies and, what is even more important to you, receive your commission from each affiliate sale. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Another variation is to provide a review of the TemplateMonster affiliate program and recruit new affiliates. Everyone registering with the affiliate program through your link becomes your sub-affiliate, bringing you an additional life-long supervisor’s 5% cut. If you need a piece of advice, a template for review or just want to talk, you can always contact our manager Jim Harding.

Contact Jim!

To encourage you, we asked a successful YouTube video blogger, - our affiliate and friend - Alessandro Castellani to give us an interview. Alessandro was one of those lucky ones who obtained a copy of Monstroid before its official release and produced a stunning review. This became his first step to success.

TemplateMonster: Alessandro, you are now a successful blogger, but what is the background of your current occupation?
Alessandro Castellani: I fell in love with computers when I was 7, now I’m 29 and I still love Pokemon…but that is another story! I’m a passionate Designer, an unimpeachable Developer and an unstoppable Dreamer (now you know why my site has three d’s at the end). I’m always looking for the good side of life, I love to learn new things and if you want to make me happy, create a challenge for me.
TemplateMonster: What are you dealing with right now?
Alessandro Castellani: I'm focused mostly on Tutorials and guides for Web Developers and Designers that want to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JQUERY, SASS, WORDPRESS, CORDOVA, ONSENUI, and how to bake a potato.
TemplateMonster: When did you start your YouTube channel?
Alessandro Castellani: I started it back in 2015. It was focused on education and I was creating tutorials for beginner developers and designers.
TemplateMonster: How did you get to know TemplateMonster?
Alessandro Castellani: At the very beginning it was really hard to find my place in the YouTube community and trying to accrue some revenues through advertising was basically impossible. That's where TemplateMonster came in. I had roughly 200 subscribers when they contacted me and offered me an opportunity to join their affiliate program.
TemplateMonster: Did it influence the development of your channel?
Alessandro Castellani: Without any doubt! Thanks to TemplateMonster and their affiliate program I was able, during the past year, to offer unique content to my audience. By reviewing some really cool products in advance like Monstroid or Social Stock I kept my audience informed about the latest events. Without it I probably wouldn't have managed to develop my channel as I have in the past year. I'm so grateful that they contacted me and believed in me!

So, as you can see, YouTube is one of the fastest developing networks. It might seem that all the niches are already occupied and that the competition is so tough you won't manage to earn anything. But that is not so. In the affiliate niche there are not as many competitors as there might seem. When taking this fact into account the conversion rate here is much higher. A great advantage is that you can express yourself and enjoy the process of creation. If you have your own channel or are just planning to launch one, don't hesitate. Join our affiliate program and start earning money with us!


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