10 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools

Do you know that 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing tools as part of their marketing campaign? While 32% of them create a documented content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is important for any business owner who wants to improve conversions, build trust, and cultivate customer loyalty. Content marketing is a complex process that includes not only planning, creating and distributing content, but also testing and optimizing for rankings, shares, and conversions.

According to Maria Monroy from LawRank, no marketing tool can replace gifted humans and a robust strategy, but having the right tools in your arsenal can help you get the job done better and easier, and achieve success.

The good news is there are a lot of content marketing tools to choose from and make things easier and more successful for you. Some of them are free, and some are paid. All of them serve different purposes, from content creation to content optimization.

Here’s our list of 10 content marketing tools to help you get the most engagement out of your content, save your time and grow your business

10 Must-Have Tools For #Content Marketers | #marketing

Content Marketing Tools

1. Grammarly

content marketing content marketing tools

We can’t be perfect writers, and no one expects us to be. To push your writing closer to sound more natural and smarter, having a little help can weigh heavily. You can’t establish trust with your audience until you have spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly will help you catch every writing error that you could make and proofread it before you publish.

Beyond grammar and spelling, it detects punctuation mistakes, shows how to fix them, and find the right words to improve the quality of your content. The tool also checks your writing for plagiarism by comparing it to millions of pages via the web. You can install Grammarly for Chrome to easily edit your work from whatever tab you open without going to the Grammarly website to check your copy.

Grammarly gives insight into your sentence-length, readability score and other things in order you can improve your writing style for a particular audience. Many writers can benefit from this feature, including professional writers and those who want mistake-free writing on forums, in their emails or social media posts.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking content marketing tools

Whether you’re doing keyword research, optimizing content for search, researching competitors’ sites to find new content topics or detecting any roadblocks in content, SE Ranking will work for that. When it comes to content planning, SE Ranking’s tools such as keyword suggestions and keyword grouper give the ability to find all the keywords around the main subject and segment these keywords for further distribution across your content.

SE Ranking helps you check the performance of your content and your competitors, analyze the content uniqueness and get a detailed analysis of whether your content is SEO friendly and keyword optimized.

The report builder generates customized white-label reports, including data from Google Console and Google Analytics. The page changes monitoring feature enables to keep track of all changes about the content made to your website pages. It also monitors changes in metadata, content, links, and others.

3. MyBlogU

MyBlogU content marketing tools

MyBlogU is a free community-driven platform to collect direct collaborations via quotes and citing sources from other bloggers or industry experts and build awesome content for your website. The tool is a win-win solution for both marketers and content creators who want to improve their blog post writing, expand their reach and become credible online.

MyBlogu helps them connect with each other through shared projects that involve brainstorming, interviews, and forums, build stable relationships and solidify your content strategy at the end of it. You can also create awesome visual content and graphics to speed up your growth and add value to your readers.

The overall idea of MyBlogU is to find creative and collaborative ways among bloggers and website owners to make their sites better, increase their online visibility and popularity. Fortunately, the community keeps growing and becomes a valuable resource for getting quality links, content distribution and building your authority online.

4. Piktochart

Piktochart content marketing tools

When it comes to creating visual content, Piktochart is a great solution to design stunning infographics, reports, and presentations worth sharing in a few minutes. The tool has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with a tight focus on infographics. You can choose from more than 100 categorized themes, icons, graphics and color schemes that you can customize to bring data to life.

The free version is great, and you can find a wide range of fonts, colors, and icons, but it offers a limited number of features and templates, and your visuals may look too repetitive. The Pro plan is available for you to create your own infographics from scratch or choose one of their pre-set templates. With a drag and drop module, you can add any visual elements, text to your canvas and upload your own images.

5. ClearVoice

ClearVoice content marketing tools

ClearVoice is a powerful marketing and content creation platform that helps you plan, create, produce and measure your content effectiveness. The tool is well suited for both small and large businesses. Thanks to its potential and capabilities, many clients work with ClearVoice to find new content ideas and recruit talented writers through its influencer search tool to create great blog posts for them.

With its talented network and flexible workflow tools, you can automate your content marketing processes and brings the content creation, branding and publishing communities together in one place. Moreover, you can easily monitor competitors and adopt their best practices to know for sure that the content you publish is engaging and informative.

6. CoSchedule

CoSchedule content marketing tools

CoSchedule is one of my favorite content marketing tools that allows you to keep track of all your content on a schedule and make sure that all your projects meet the deadlines. CoSchedule helps you simplify the most important marketing activities like content creation, project management, editorial planning, publishing, social media management, and integration with your teams - everything under one roof.

The Headline Analyzer is another great CoSchedule’s tool that enables to easily analyze your headlines. It gives you an overall score, word use, structure, readability, and shows how it will look in Google search results in case you need to fix it up.

The tool has a great social media coordinator to help you monitor all of your tasks, the workflow of your emails, blog posts, social posts, and newsletter. Since it has in-app messaging and drag-and-drop functionality, you can save much time by creating workflow templates for multiple content types, scheduling your social media posts, and get notified when your tasks are due.

7. Outbrain

Outbrain content marketing tools

It’s not enough to just create awesome content to catch people’s attention. Without an effective content distribution and promotion strategy, all your content marketing efforts will come to naught. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools for content distribution on the market you can choose from. Some of them, like Outbrain, helps marketers easily connect and promote the right content to the right audience at the right time. They give personalized recommendations using pointers from analyzing location, demographics, behavior, lookalikes, and interests to their audience.

The platform brings publishers and marketers together in one place. It carefully monitors the quality of the content and reduces the likelihood of using deceptive tactics. Outbrain allows you to promote different types of content through the platform, including blog posts, infographics, presentations or videos. You will be able to catch more eyes to your content and promote your brand.

8. BuzzStream

BuzzStream content marketing tools

In a word of constant content creation, BuzzStream helps you reach out to blogs and writers to guest post, build stable relationships with influencers and track the overall performance of your content marketing campaign. The tool has a large database of guest posting sites and influencers that you can filter by keywords, niche, and a number of Twitter followers. It’s a great solution to manage your outreach efforts and execute viral campaigns.

“The beauty of BuzzStream lies in the fact that you can easily analyze open and response rates and see the specific times and frequency your email has been opened or has been passed around,” said Ambrosio E. Rodriguez. “With BuzzSteam, you can monitor the performance of all your pitches, optimize every piece of content in your emails, and increase clicks, opens, and engagement.”

9. Finteza

Finteza content marketing tools

You can't improve the content effectiveness until you get easy-to-understand data analytics for a successful content marketing campaign. Finteza is an advanced web analytics tool that provides real-time data on user behavior and bot detection and optimizes your website conversion rates. You can get all the data in one place without dashing in and out of endless dashboards.

One of the best features inside the tool is the ability to measure traffic quality that enables you to show click fraud session and send notifications of any suspicious action. All data are presented in an interactive and visually appealing way. Once you get web traffic information, you can optimize your future content based on user interests.

10. Cyfe

Cyfe content marketing tools

Cyfe is a multi-faceted freemium business dashboard that can handle anything you need: team management, email marketing, financing, event scheduling, web analytics and so much more. It’s like a little Swiss Army knife tool that allows you to connect different tools you use to manage your content marketing activities like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and many other things.

Cyfe has a lot of benefits as it can handle every aspect of your content marketing campaign: content creation, editing, organizing, monitoring social media mentions, and scheduling capabilities. You can monitor almost anything under one roof, including sales, expenses, support, and infrastructure.

With the multi-user feature, you can add your team members to manage and track your projects for you, and let your editors work with your content within the Cyfe dashboard


Content marketing tools won’t help you save a bad content strategy, but they will help you get your work done better, faster, and more successful. While these 10 tools sound like a lot, there are a bunch of different content marketing tools out there. I’ve collected only those that I like the most for daily use.

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