90+ Coolest WordPress & Gutenberg Shortcuts to Accelerate Blogging

  1. Main Reasons to Use Shortcuts Today
  2. The Types of Shortcuts for WordPress
  3. Shortcuts that Work both In Gutenberg and TinyMCE
  4. Shortcut That Shows Shortcuts
  5. Shortcuts that Work with Gutenberg
  6. Working with Blocks
  7. Navigate Gutenberg
  8. Styling Your Text
  9. Inserting Elements and Other Gutenberg Shortcuts
  10. Gutenberg Shortcuts for Distraction-Free Writing
  11. TinyMCE Shortcuts for Advanced Editing
  12. Controlling Comments with the Help of Shortcuts
  13. Using Shortcuts for Navigating and Managing Comments
  14. Create Custom Shortcuts
  15. Over to You Now

At present, handy key combinations that speed up your workflow are nothing new. Perhaps, nearly all Windows users are familiar with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for copying and pasting selected text. Fortunately, you can use similar shortcuts for WordPress and create your content even more efficiently. Want to accelerate your workflow with handy key combinations? In this post, you’ll find shortcuts for managing text and its formatting, controlling headings, managing Gutenberg blocks, interesting images, quotes, and links, quickly working with comments, etc. If you really start using these shortcuts, they will speed up next to every aspect of website management for you. Fortunately, these shortcuts are compatible with all WordPress themes. So, no matter what WordPress theme you use, these shortcuts are universal and should work for you the way it’s intended. It may not seem easy to commit all these shortcuts to memory. However, practice makes perfect and before long you’ll see that a section of them can get embedded into your memory within a couple of hours of practice. So, bookmarking this post is a nice thing to do. Come back later on for new portions of shortcuts and see how your WordPress workflow truly turns into a convenient and distraction-free process.


Main Reasons to Use Shortcuts Today

If you’re serious about blogging with WordPress, you know how much time it takes to create and edit different blog posts. Within a single session of blogging, you’ll accomplish hundreds of text adjustments. No doubt, you can accomplish each adjustment with your mouse. Look for the corresponding icons within your current post editor and apply the changes after you’ve found the necessary option. But what if I tell you that you can rest your hands on a keyboard and enjoy editing with shortcuts? This doesn’t only sound nice but actually can save you hours of work in the long run. So, take some time to memorize and practice these shortcuts and they’ll become your companions on the way to an impactful web presence.

The Types of Shortcuts for WordPress

It will be easier for you to get a grip of WordPress shortcuts if you clearly understand when to apply the given class of shortcuts. In this post we present you with the following classes of key combinations:

  • Shortcuts that Work Both In Gutenberg and TinyMCE
  • Shortcuts that Work with Gutenberg
  • Combinations that Work Within TinyMCE
  • Gutenberg Shortcuts For Distraction-Free Writing
  • Combinations that Let You Manage Comments
  • Keys for Bulk Actions

In this post, these types of shortcuts are covered one by one for your convenience. You can easily jump to the section that interests you most, and start your journey from there before moving on to other sections.

Shortcuts that Work both In Gutenberg and TinyMCE

Below, you’ll find the basic WordPress keys that work both with TinyMCE, i.e. the standard editor, and the new Gutenberg. These must-have shortcuts greatly accelerate your workflow and find numerous applications.
Action Windows Mac
Copy Ctrl + c Command + c
Paste Ctrl + v Command + v
Bold Ctrl + b Command + b
Italic Ctrl + i Command + i
Cut Ctrl + x Command + x
Undo Ctrl + z Command + z
Select All Items Ctrl + a Command + a
Save Draft Ctrl + s Command + s
Print Ctrl + p Command + p
Underline Ctrl + u Command + u
Add a Link to Selected Text Ctrl + k Command + k
Apply Monospace to Selected Text Alt + Shift + x Option + Control + x
It’s not hard to guess that these commands are inspired by the standard commands of your computer and Microsoft Word. Likely, you’re already using more than half of these commands. And it shouldn’t be an issue to add the remaining commands to your memory bank.

Shortcut That Shows Shortcuts

There’s one shortcut that works both with Gutenberg and TinyMCE that I’d like to cover in more detail. In fact, this shortcut is the only one you have to know to learn all the other shortcuts. It is: Alt + Shift + h for Windows or Option + Control + h for Mac Use this shortcut to display the pop-up window with the list of editor shortcuts. Here’s what you’ll see:
WordPress Gutenberg Shortcuts.png

Shortcuts that Work with Gutenberg

Enjoy working with Gutenberg? Get even more value from it by taking advantage of additional key combinations for this editor. With the extended palette of Gutenberg shortcuts, you can work not only with text but also with blocks. Use the shortcuts to insert, duplicate, or remove blocks in one click. Moreover, take advantage of shortcodes that enhance Gutenberg navigation. These shortcuts will make your experience of working with Gutenberg even more pleasing. Do not hesitate to use them the next time you’re using this popular editor:

Working with Blocks

Action Windows Mac
Add new block Enter Enter
Duplicate the block(s) Ctrl + Shift + d Command + Shift + d
Remove blocks(s) Alt + Shift + z Control + Option + z
Add a block before the selected block Ctrl + Alt + t Command + Option + t
Add a clock after the selected block Ctrl + Alt + y Command + Option + y
Change block type after adding a paragraph / /
Clear block Esc Esc

Navigate Gutenberg

Action Windows Mac
Show/hide settings bar Ctrl + Shift + , Command + Shift + ,
Open block navigation menu Alt + Shift + o Option + Control + o
Navigate to next editor’s part Alt + Shift + n Option + Control + n
Navigate to previous editor’s part Alt + Shift + p Option + Control + p
Open the nearest toolbar Alt + F10 fn + Option + F10
Switch between visual and code modes Ctrl + Shift + Alt + m Command + Option + Shift + m

Styling Your Text

  Gutenberg also offers you an array of key combinations that let you work with the text more efficiently. You get a chance to quickly change text type to a certain heading, align text the way you want and change the style of lists. Here are the keys you can use:
Action Windows Mac
Heading 1 Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Heading 2 Ctrl + 2 Command + 2
Heading 3 Ctrl + 3 Command + 3
Heading 4 Ctrl + 4 Command + 4
Heading 5 Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
Heading 6 Ctrl + 6 Command + 6
Address Ctrl + 9 Command + 9
Justify Text Layout Ctrl + Shift + j Command + Shift + j
Align Text Center Ctrl + Shift + c Command + Shift + c
Align Text Right Ctrl + Shift + l Command + Shift + l
Align Text Left Ctrl + Shift + r Command + Shift + r
Number Style List Ctrl + Shift + o Command + Shift + o
Bullet Style List Ctrl + Shift + u Command + Shift + u

Inserting Elements and Other Gutenberg Shortcuts

Want to get the most from your Gutenberg experience? This is literally impossible until you master the handiest shortcuts for inserting links, quotes, imagery, etc. These cool combinations let you add different elements to your blocks, as well as complete some other frequented actions.
Action Windows Mac
Post spelling check Ctrl + Shift + n Command + Shift + n
Add/remove code tag Ctrl + Shift + x Command + Shift + x
Add page break tag Ctrl + Shift + p Command + Shift + p
Add read more text Ctrl + Shift + t Command + Shift + t
Remove link Ctrl + Shift + s Command + Shift + s
Insert Link Ctrl + Shift + a Command + Shift + a
Insert Image Ctrl + Shift + m Command + Shift + m
Insert Quote Ctrl + Shift + q Command + Shift + q
Help Ctrl + Shift + h Command + Shift + h

Gutenberg Shortcuts for Distraction-Free Writing

Are you into the new and more creative flow of work that Gutenberg offers? Then, you’ll love these three simple key combinations that help you set up your blogging interface. These commands are the following:
Action Windows Mac
To widen the screen Ctrl and + Command and +
To narrow the screen Ctrl and - Command and -
To bring screen back to default size Ctrl and 0 Command and 0

TinyMCE Shortcuts for Advanced Editing

As we’re done with Gutenberg, let’s now take a look at the best shortcuts for TinyMCE. They let you accomplish text customizations similar to the ones you can accomplish with Gutenberg. See the shortcuts you can use below:
Action Windows Mac
Redo Ctrl + y Command + y
Heading 1 - 6 Alt + Shift + [number] Command + Option + [number]
Align left Alt + Shift + l Command + Option + l
Align center Alt + Shift + c Command + Option + c
Align right Alt + Shift + r Command + Option + r
Justify Alt + Shift + j Command + Option + j
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + d Command + Option + d
Unordered list Alt + Shift + u Command + Option + u
Numeric list Alt + Shift + o Command + Option + o
Insert link Alt + Shift + a Command + Option + a
Remove link Alt + Shift + s Command + Option + s
Quote Alt + Shift + q Command + Option + q
Add image Alt + Shift + m Command + Option + m
Insert More tag Alt + Shift + t Command + Option + t
Add page break Alt + Shift + p Command + Option + p
Full-screen Visual Editor mode Alt + Shift + w Command + Option + w
Full Screen Plain Text mode Alt + Shift + f Command + Option + f

Controlling Comments with the Help of Shortcuts

Have you heard of special shortcuts that let you work with user comments like a pro? These key combinations may not seem as simple to get used to. However, once you learn to manage comments with them, this will save you a lot of time and turn working with comments into a pleasing process. To take advantage of these shortcuts, you’ve got to first enable them within your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Users > Your Profile. Find the Keyboard Shortcuts item and check the box next to it. Don’t forget to ‘Save Profile’ after you’re done with the changes.
WordPress Gutenberg Shortcuts.png
Congrats! You’ve enabled shortcuts. Use them when moderating comments next time!

Using Shortcuts for Navigating and Managing Comments

To many, it seems that the biggest issue when working with comments is navigating within them in the WordPress dashboard. After a while, filtering through comments becomes a monotonous and time-consuming task. Why don’t you employ shortcuts to assist comment management? Then, you’ll accomplish the following actions with ease:
Action Key
Next comment J
Previous comment K
Approve comment A
Unapprove comment U
Delete comment D
Quick Edit of a comment Q
Undo action, comment deletion Z
Check selected comment X
Edit current comment E
Reply to a comment (admin only) R
Move to Spam folder S
As you can see X, K and J are the buttons that allow for convenient navigation among comments. Use these buttons to work with comments in bulk. To select a number of comments, you should first select one comment and press X to check it. Then, use either J or K to check previous/next comments. Once you’ve chosen all the comments you want to affect, press the Shift + action shortcut and see the chosen action applied to a number of comments. You can use the following shortcuts to affect comments in bulk: shift + x - checks all boxes shift + a - bulk approve shift + d - bulk delete shift + s - bulk spam shift + t - bulk trash shift + u - bulk unapprove comments shift + z - bulk undo
WordPress Gutenberg Shortcuts.png
This way you can approve or delete comments in bulk. Hopefully, you’ll find these shortcuts for working with comments helpful.

Create Custom Shortcuts

Is it the case that you’re still not happy with the whole collection of shortcuts we’ve mentioned today? In fact, you can create your own custom shortcuts for WordPress. However, for this, you’ll need a third-party plugin. Try such popular solutions as AutoHotKey or Shortkeeper to create your custom collection of key combinations.

Gutenberry - Clean Blog WordPress Theme for Gutenberg editor

Gutenberry - Clean Blog WordPress Theme for Gutenberg editor

Here's a new minimal, clean WordPress template, Gutenberry. It is created for Gutenberg editor and has all the potential to become the best blog theme. Representing to the user its five designed home pages and six blog layouts, Gutenberry allows you to modify and structure the website according to your demands. If you need a clear white-blue theme with beautiful listing and sidebar, then Aqua home page is your choice. In case you want some pink colors for your web page along with the stylish grid layout – Mauve is your perfect female blog. Lavender will meet your requirements for the sophisticated field and mild lavender colors, while Crystal will provide three neat layouts, with lots of negative space. Finally, Nude will allow placing your posts in a boxed chess layout. No matter what pre-designed home page you choose, each is stylish and classy, with a light-weighted and airy look. Any time you want, you will be able to edit the page.

Gutenberry is responsive and shows high-performance levels on Google Page Speed and Gtmetrix. It has a convenient admin panel, many-functional visual editor, optimized source code, and sample data installer. The template is Ecwid ready, WPML and Retina ready, search engine friendly. Also, be ready to use additional content blocks with the installed ZeGuten plugin. The blocks allow you to include Posts, Pricing Table, Banner, Section, Circe Progress, Animated Box, Countdown Timer, Map, Inline SVG, Image Comparison, and Progress Bar.

With Gutenberry, you achieve simple settings. You can choose a category and show its posts, reverse columns, decide which post meta to exhibit, showcase posts from a selected category. With all Gutenberry's benefits, minimalistic design, powerful functionality, and simple operation, your website has all the chances to get the highest success on the Internet.

Over to You Now

I won’t trick you – it will be a little rocky at first while you struggle to commit these shortcuts to your memory. However, your effort will save you a lot of time that just wanes while you’re blogging ‘with your mouse’. If you learn shortcuts and start using them, a productivity jump is round the corner. Can you recollect any other handy WordPress or Gutenberg shortcuts? Share them and your questions in the Comments. Stay tuned for more!

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