3 Problems You Will Meet When Decide to Create a Beauty Blog and How to Solve Them

Blogging is a hard work. Reading a post about choosing a lipstick or watching a video about cute and convenient hairdos for office – have you ever thought: “This doesn’t look hard, I could do the same and be a beauty blogger”? If yes – stop right there and let me repeat. Blogging is a hard work. That’s it, you are now warned, so let’s go further. For most people, such thoughts don’t change anything or lead anywhere.

They continue thinking beauty bloggers are just lazy people who get money for luxury life and complain about their own life. But there are few who decides to change their lives and start a beauty blog for themselves. This article is just for you my dear beauty industry beginner. I would like to show you some issues every one of your kind meets and describe how to deal with those issues.

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Problem 1. A beauty blog website: to do, or not to do

to blog or not to blog

There's a lot of platforms where you can write articles without having to worry about your own website. Medium, Facebook, even YouTube – you just create an account and start generating content. In fact, it's not such a bad idea, after all, you have to start somewhere. However, if it's not just another hobby and you plan to monetize it – it won’t be enough. To be able to make a living blogging you will need a platform. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to create a Facebook, Instagram or YouTube accounts. The more channels you manage to maintain – the better, but a beauty blog website could connect all these channels becoming a base for your content.

Solution: definitely, to do. There's a lot of CMS that could help you build a website without coding skills. The most popular of them perfectly fit blogging need like WordPress - it's easy to install and maintain, so, go and get it.

Problem 2. How to create a beauty blog?

create beauty blog

You sit in front of your computer and stare into the monitor. Yeah, you want to create your own website, but how? Previously I said that you don’t need coding skills to create a beauty blog and that’s true. However, it is obviously not enough to say “you need a WordPress” to give at least a direction where to start. In fact, this problem consists of two smaller issues: how to create a website and how to transform it into a beauty blog. The solutions to those problems are separate.

With WordPress, creating a website becomes easy as constructing a house with LEGO bricks. But before you start, you need a WordPress engine first. The installation is fairly simple, to find some details about installation – check out “Easy as LEGO” WordPress tutorial.

And now it’s time to talk about how to create a beauty blog. It's obvious, that when you have installed the WordPress you need an appropriate beauty blog theme. My favorite one is Chantalle, multipurpose fashion WordPress theme. I think you may like it too because it has a few different skins that fit any beauty blog. No matter what do you want to write about, healthy food, make-up tips or fashion tutorials – this template has a skin designed for that.

chantalle demos

This theme is a convenient tool that has all the functionality you may need. Several blog layouts and post types to choose the best homepage that suits you, a nice mega menu that allows you to show the visitor all they can find on your website. The theme is completely responsive, so your subscribers will be able to read you from their smartphones and enjoy the fancy looks. The template pack includes Elementor Page Builder and several Jet plugins for it. If you have no idea what a page builder is – check out this article about Elementor. It makes the website creator’s life a lot easier.

The designs of all the skins are fancy and created with all the trends taken into consideration. Sharp and eye-catching stock photos are included in the template pack, so you will be free to use them for your own blog or anywhere else. You can also add any animation effects you like, from parallax to animated boxes making your blog more dynamic and interesting. Wrapping up, take a look for yourself – it's definitely one of the best options you can find.

Chantalle - Multipurpose Woman Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme

Problem 3. How to make your beauty blog popular?

You've created a beauty blog website and it is totally awesome: the content is breathtaking, the photos are razor sharp and attractive, the videos could be shown at the Manhattan Shorts Festival. But no one sees it and the traffic is as low as on the highway somewhere in the Texas countryside. The purpose of it is that you didn’t pay attention to the SEO and haven’t built your loyal audience. Those are separate problems and solutions differ.


SEO means search engine optimization. If you want your website to be shown on the first of Google search results page – you will need to spend some time organizing information on your website according to the certain rules. If you want to start from the beginning – you should read our SEO for Beginners guide. And it will also be very useful to go through the list of most common SEO mistakes website owners do and avoid them.

To create a vast loyal audience, you need to socialize. Do you have accounts on social media? The Facebook page, Instagram account or YouTube channel are perfect tools to increase your reach. Connect them to each other and to your website, make posts, encouraging people to come to your beauty blog and communicate with them. The more engagement you get – the more people will see and love you. We wrote a whole eBook about social media branding (it is completely free) – check it out to understand the basics.

website themes


As I said previously – blogging is a hard work. However, if you are really confident you want to do it, if writing is your passion, if you really like the subject – all the problems could be solved. Lots of guides and tutorials are at your service; a big community of website creators will be ready to help. In fact, there’s nothing a willing heart can’t do – so, just do it!

Do you have a blog? Have you met any of these described problems? How did you overcome it? Please, share your experience in the comment section below. Your thoughts will help me to make the article even more useful!

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