Fresh Ideas for Creative Thanksgiving Day Scenario in 2020

  1. Find Thanksgiving Day Scenario Inspiration at Holiday Gatherings
  2. Plan a Small Holiday Travel
  3. Virtual Activities For Celebrating
  4. Some Nice Traditions for Thanksgiving
  5. Thanksgiving Day Scenario Example
  6. Conclusion

Traditions and holidays are part of us and our culture. It doesn't matter what situation we have - a long distance, Covid-19 self-isolation, or just loneliness. Any problem is not an excuse to give up your favorite holidays. On the contrary, it can be an unforgettable day for you. There are many ways to make this day memorable for you! Simply use the Thanksgiving day scenario.


If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in an unusual and fun way, I have put together a selection of cool ideas in this article that you can implement without a lot of money. I also provided my version of the Thanksgiving day scenario. So, keep your head up and get inspired! In the digital age, everything is now possible.

Thanksgiving means mostly as the time of the holiday table with family and friends. People usually are watching parades, American football,  and of course, eating turkey. For many, it is also an opportunity to finally meet loved ones and have a good time without any stress and any business to do. That was the traditional Thanksgiving day scenario.

So, how can we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a new way in 2020?

Find Thanksgiving Day Scenario Inspiration at Holiday Gatherings

Outdoor Gathering

You can pick any suitable event on Facebook or create your own. I am a fan of two possibilities to celebrate Thanksgiving. There are:

  • Picnic in the park
  • Barbeque in your garden

I would recommend making your flyer for that using ready-made templates. You can print out and give it personally or share it via social media. The Thanksgiving Flyer Set template will be perfect for that. It is easy-peasy to use and customize. Just edit a text using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CS4+. 

Thanksgiving Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template.

Indoor Gathering

At Your Favorite Place

Celebrate in a good cafe or club where you like to spend time. If you have been in business and have not seen dear people over the past years, gather for Thanksgiving. A great occasion to meet those who have played an important role in your life. Send an invitation via email. Ready-made Thanksgiving templates will help you to make it more creative.

Private Party

The best way to celebrate any event is to host a private party with familiar faces around. Dance until you drop and have fun as you can. Thanksgiving can also be fun. You can make it at home or rent a house.

Bus Party 

party bus

This idea is a unique way to celebrate this day with your best friends. We are used to celebrating at home, in a restaurant, in a hotel. Admit it — you haven't thought of a roofless bus party!

What are you waiting for? Rent a suitable vehicle with a driver, load food and drinks, collect guests, and go on a holiday tour. The main thing is that the weather does not disappoint.

Go To The Concert

Let's move on to elegant ways to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. If your family and friends are in love with classical or contemporary music, grab a bunch of tickets for the best seats and spend the evening with your favorite performers. Such a simple and unpretentious way to celebrate any event.

Plan a Small Holiday Travel

Have you dreamed of celebrating Thanksgiving surrounded by picturesque forests, on the shore of a lake, or in the mountains? Or name your favorite city, country, a resort where you have always wanted to go. This is a great experience that is worth trying. Rent a cabin away from civilization, or buy tents altogether, pack your backpacks, and go camping with friends to celebrate your birthday around a campfire.

For example, I have a favorite lake near my home. To avoid wasting time planning, grab whatever you need, and head to that place.

Small travel ideas:

  1. Rent a country house
  2. Trip to a cozy small town
  3. Journey  to a lake with camping
  4. Trip with hiking in the mountains

For more ideas for a short trip, read here.

Thanksgiving Poster With Pilgrim Hat Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Poster With Pilgrim Hat Corporate Identity Template.

Send flyer invitations to your friends or colleagues to celebrate in a big company. This template is print-ready. Change what you need in Photoshop from pictures to text. It costs only a few bucks for such a bright presentation.

Virtual Activities For Celebrating

Order or Send Somebody Food

Order or Send Somebody Food.

It is okay if you can't cook something or not at all. Thanksgiving day isn't a cooking competition. Order from your favorite restaurant and celebrate with friends or send something delicious for your parents and grandparents. It will be a nice gesture, especially if you are far away. A nice pumpkin cake can make someone smile.

Party Online ? ?

First of all, you need to choose a virtual platform for your online celebration. It can be Skype, ZOOM, or another similar resource that allows everyone to join a video conference. Once your platform is chosen, follow the next steps:

  1. Decide how your virtual party will look like;
  2. Make a cocktail hour;
  3. Set a dress code;
  4. Pick games;
  5. Send out an invitation flyer like the Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer below↓ with detailed instructions to all future participants of your holiday. 

You can also post it on Social media. Maybe some of your friends are not very tech-savvy. The simpler the instruction, the better.

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Corporate Identity Template.

Gamer's Dream

Contrary to popular misconception, teenagers aren't the only ones who love good video games. Take a look at the respectable guys who drive paid virtual tanks, and you will understand this.

Why not have a real gaming holiday with games of different genres, including mobile ones (rent a couple of consoles). Arrange a fun championship with prizes and turkey, pamper the child inside you! 

Gamers dream.

Send Thanksgiving Card

Just be thankful and send a creative postcard. I recommend using a print-ready Happy Thanksgiving template. It is hand-drawn and multipurpose. So, if you want to use it for creating a flyer or brochure, feel free to edit. There are 12 files in EPS, SVG, PNG, and JPG formats to work with.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Banners Set Illustration

Happy Thanksgiving Day scenario Banners Set Illustration.

Or you can also create a Thanksgiving presentation for colleges. Add some pictures, important information, and photos. This presentation template suits great for charity events due to Thanksgiving or any other occasion. It comes with 150+ slides and in 5 colors.

“Thank You” Wall

Thanksgiving day scenario illustration pack Vector.

Another awesome idea is a “Thank You” wall. Create a page on Facebook where everyone can say some thankful things. Use Thanksgiving pack illustrations with 35 cute elements as decor for this webpage, posts, and invitations. 

Virtual Exchange of Recipes

Get everyone ready to trade places and talk about their favorite family recipe for Thanksgiving. It can be a flash mob on Instagram or a part of preparing for a Thanksgiving party.

Virtual Secret Gift Exchange

Another flash mob idea to make a secret gift exchange. No matter if people know each other or not. A small nice thing will cheer up and make everybody thankful.

Use Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Template to inform everyone. I would love even to do this like a big event all over your city. post your flyers on the poles or social networks and, as an organizer, tell who secretly gives a gift to whom.

Some Nice Traditions for Thanksgiving

Replace Turkey

Create your own special dish. It can be carbonara or pork neck. It is up to you.  Creating your own Thanksgiving day scenario should be based only on a tradition with your family and closest friends.

Here some recipes for you “24 Thanksgiving alternatives for turkey haters”.

Donate to Those Who In Need

In developed countries, it is customary to help orphanages and charitable organizations on holidays. Helping a disadvantaged child or buying food and warm clothes for homeless people will make you much happier.

Consider making a small charity gesture or the whole charity event alone or with your friends. Here are the 30 best Ideas for charity in 2020.

Also, you can take time off to do a volunteer project on this day, and grateful people will give you their “Thank you.” Use ready to use flyer templates as Thanksgiving Food Drive Flyer. Or you can also create a charity website with a donation. A simple charity landing page template starts from $14 and you can build it without anybody's help. Use it for the yearly Thanksgiving Day campaign or any other business ideas. 

Thanksgiving Food Drive Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Food Drive Flyer Corporate Identity Template.

Start a New Tradition With a Holiday Video

Ask each family member to shoot a family holiday video before they arrive or during the day. Watch all the videos after the meal and give a prize, or an extra piece of the pie, for the most creative, thankful, and humorous offerings.

Thanksgiving Day Scenario Example

Thanksgiving Day Scenario Example.

There are plenty of Thanksgiving day scenarios. I want to show you my version of it. The main difference is that it will be online.

Step 1. Guestlist. Depending on it you can understand what kind of party you may have. Would it be only friends or only family, or maybe both? The number of guests also allows you to decide which video platform to use and which games to play.

Step 2. Select a video chat platform. I can recommend these options:

Step 3. Plan your party. For example, greetings, => cocktail hour, => some competition (costumes for ex.), => a small game => and at the end sharing what we are thankful for.

Step 4. Send virtual invitations (email or social media) and collect RSVPs. Include a detailed plan for a party. Like, it will be 1 hour, such as activities and topics. When filling out these holiday invitations, be sure to include a link to your video chat (Make sure that everyone knows how to use it). 

A good example of an invitation is the Thanksgiving Dinner template. Step 5. Prepare your outfit and encourage everyone to do the same.

Step 6. Pick the games and topics to discuss.

Step 7. Send reminders on the day before the event. People can forget. Also, send it one more time a few hours before the party. Make life easier for your guests and have fun!=)


Thanksgiving is a holiday where you are grateful for your family and all the other things you have in life. Some people call this day - "Friendsgiving." For other people, this day is more important than Christmas. 

Well, I think Thanksgiving is the most important holiday, but the most important thing is to spend time with loved ones on all holidays. So not all Americans celebrate the way we see in movies and shows. Everyone spends this day as it is best for him. Most importantly, it is in the company with the closest ones. This is what makes Thanksgiving special.

I recommend using some graphics and flyer templates for visual and memorable presentation to make it more special. Editing templates is easy. There are no pitfalls here. It is enough to edit the text, and you're done. Here are tutorials to help you work with them.

Hopefully, I gave you a couple of fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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