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  1. What's New About Elati Multipurpose Magento2 Template.
    1. One Step Checkout Module Key Features
    2. Multi-Skin Template Advantages
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Recently ТemplateMonster, Zemez and Aheadworks launched a collaboration to introduce a new product to a market – Elati Multipurpose Magento2 template.

Aheadworks heads the Magento2 solution production. Its new template is a multi-theme product with an embedded One Step Checkout module. Customers get four themes and an extra module while paying just for one template.

Elati - Magento Theme.

What's New About Elati Multipurpose Magento2 Template.

A collaboration of TM Zemez and Aheadworks brought the web-design and functionality of the template to a new level.

The template's extensions are suitable for any device. Moreover, it makes the process of customer's interaction with the checkout page more efficient as it enables shoppers to modify items and insert promotional codes directly from the cart. Besides, customers can select a preferable delivery date and time via the embedded calendar.

One Step Checkout Module Key Features

This smart unit is among the best in its category. The segment deals with money and customers' revenue as a result. Users can benefit from its improvements that speed up the whole checkout process.

The shop owners can enjoy the following functions of the template:

  1. Two checkout steps instead of the usual six. The procedures have been reduced to Shipping and Payment (includes purchase review). The customer will visit only one page to go through all the checkout steps.
  2. Ability to change it according to their individual requests. They can join and delete sections, change their order, identify the customers' location, and suggest the address.
  3. Pre-set elements. Shop owners can autocomplete the purchase form, identify customers according to their account or e-mail, suggest additional options to pay.
  4. Performance analysis. Embedded reports help to figure out fields that are unclear for customers and slow down the checkout process via estimation of conversion and completion rates.

Multi-Skin Template Advantages

The template's web-design was initially created for fashion online stores. However, the collaboration has extended it from apparel e-commerce to themes for handbags, sunglasses (2 release) and jewelry (3 release) online shops.

At the moment template suggests three completed layouts for the shops' home page. The template is compilable with over ten Magento plugin which increases its efficiency and enlarges the set of its functions. These extensions include MegaMenu, Ajax Catalog and Search, Featured Products and Shop by Brand, Theme options and Sample Data Installer.

Template Basic Elements

Main features include admin panel and theme color switcher, contact and search forms, user registration and newsletter subscription options.

Additionally, it offers a dropdown menu and commenting system, ajax shopping cart and back to top button, as well as live search, SEO and performance optimization.

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Elati Multipurpose Magento 2 Template Requirements

To fully benefit from the advantages and functionality of the new template the shop owner needs to check its technical requirements.

  1. Apply Magento Engine 2.3.3.
  2. Use WinZip 9+ for Windows or Stuffit Expander 10+ for Mac to uncompress the template ZIP file.
  3. Combine the template with Apache 2.2 or 2.4, MySQL 5.6 or 5.7, PHP 7.1.3+ or 7.2.x, and nginx 1.8.
  4. Apply CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, LESS for coding, and HTML plus JS for Animation.

Now you learned what's new appeared about Elati Multipurpose Magento2 Template. Explore one step checkout module key features and multi-skin advantages to make effective use of basic elements of the site and consider Elati Multipurpose Magento 2 requirements.

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