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Magento CMS is a flexible and versatile open-source platform. It’s hard to name a more suitable one for eCommerce. Its biggest pros are the abundance of built-in functions and rapidly born new modules. Keeping in mind all this, our specialists have backed up their own experience. That’s why today we’re glad to jazz up the current state of affairs offering you brand-new Magento 2 extensions by TemplateMonster!

10+ Superior Magento 2 Extensions

10+ modules were crafted to provide users with a vast scope for eCommerce website creation. They come under the notion of effortless online store scalability. Without wasting your time but using our products you’ll easily expand any Magento-based website.

As for the questions you may have:

  • Stand-Alone?

Yes, all Magento 2 extensions are compliant with any template from any provider. They are also going to grow in number.

  • Original?

The extensions were created by certified Magento 2 developers by TM to smooth your workflow. This proves that these products are based on the best Magento 2 practices and are compatible with its latest updates. They also brag about clean bug-free codes you’ll like.

  • Easy-to-Manage?

The new Magento 2 extensions are ready-to-use. We’ve tried not only to enhance the well-known options but also to simplify them. Now, it’s possible to manage online stores of any complexity really automagically. Plus, all the Magento 2 extensions are supplied with detailed documentation and our 24/7 lifetime support. 

  • Highly Functional?

Unlimited functionality and user comfort always give the sense to grow up our products and their quality. To provide yourself an illuminating answer to this question, please, read about every Magento 2 module below! We’ve made sure to power them with the most demanded features for modern online store building.

Magento 2 Extensions Overview

Let’s make a brief overview of Magento 2 Extensions!

GTM Extension for Magento

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension by Mageplaza is the properly mixed solution with the site-tagging function and the supplement of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel. The module with the full functionalities definitely will support e-commerce stores to collect huge data, analyze customers' insight deeply, improve store performance and increase conversion rate.

GTM Magento 2 extension

Ajax Search

magento 2 extensions

A built-in search line is much-needed to allow visitors finding a product they need faster. Ajax Search is our approach to this question. It helps to add search to an online store not losing a minute. How does it work? As soon as clients have entered at least 3 characters in the search field, the matching products will be displayed in an attractive drop-down box instantly. They will be also complemented with images and prices.

Ajax Wishlist

Due to this Magento 2 extension, it’s possible to add any product to the “Wishlist” without reloading a page. With Ajax Wishlist, you can customize pop-up windows that confirm that products were successfully added to the “Wishlist”. Or, turn them off in one click.

Ajax Catalog (Coming soon)

Ajax Catalog is known as the most popular of its kind. It’s often included in stores based on different platforms. Wondering why? This module speeds up the search and selection of products up to the set parameters without reloading a page.

Blog (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

Sometimes to create a full-fledge Magento 2 based blog you need only one extension, like this one. It allows to add and edit new posts, comments, and more. Using it you’ll build a social integrated blog for an online store with a possibility to display posts as widgets on any page.

Countdown Timer (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

If you’re still trying to figure out how to make a countdown timer to show hot offers or sales start, here is a solution for you! The Countdown Timer Extension is very smooth in customization. With it, you’ll easily embed the aforementioned feature to all possible types of products.

Features Product (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

This extension enables to add labels and tabs to the selected products on any page. Plus, each tab can be accustomed to a separate category of goods.

Film Slider (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

Rely on this Magento 2 extension the worries about a store slider to display any content (text, icons, images, video, etc). Create an unlimited number of slides and customize animation effects not losing your time.

GoogleMap (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

This extension makes easier the creation of Google Maps. It helps to add multiple maps displaying them on a store website. It’s also possible to embed points, set labels and buttons for them in a few simple clicks.

MegaMenu (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

One of the most required modules for the time-saving website customization is MegaMenu. It’s based on the handy Drag&Drop technology and gives a choice between horizontal or vertical navigation. You also can add any purposed widget working with MegaMenu. Just drag the one you need, like a product widget and drop it where you want.

NewsletterPopup (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

Make and add any pop-up window with this module. The process of their customization is very flexible. Change colors, buttons, background, and more.

ProductLabels (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

This Magento 2 extension maximizes labels usage. Create them in the forms of text or images. Insert your labels on a product or listing page. Classify them up to prices, categories, colors, etc.

ShopByBrand (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

Dedicate pages of your store to specific brands. Denote them adding logos and description. Or, even create purpose widgets. Now, there are more alternatives for you.

SiteMaintenance (Coming soon)

magento 2 extensions

SiteMaintenance is helpful to make attractive pages to inform visitors that a website is under reconstruction at the current time. Every online store should have such pages at its disposal to let clients know when they can be back to new purchases. This extension is already packed with our templates. Edit them to your view or just fill with your content and save.

Wrapping It Up

So, empower your online store with diverse options and raise its usability! Relying on these extensions, you’ll get the expanded Magento 2 potential and a few more hours to chillax!

Superior Magento 2 Extensions

Wait for a little when all Magento 2 extensions become available for purchase. Their number is promised to increase! And, we guarantee you to find out more about Superior Magento 2 Extensions Launch on our social accounts:

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