4 Elements You Have to Add to Your Business Blog to Spice It Up a Little

Reading one blog for a long time is like a marriage. At first, you love her very much and think she is an ideal person you can only adore. After a few years of living with her you know all her weaknesses, but still, love and respect her. However, it could be that after some time you get tired of her. It is sad but also true for websites – sometimes people get tired of you and your business blog. If you haven’t changed anything for a long time – there’s no surprise that your audience constantly diminishes.

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Every woman knows what to do in such cases. When your partner is not so very interested in you as at the beginning of the relationship – change something. Make a new haircut, change the hair color, buy a new dress or sexy underwear. Changes rejuvenate interest. If you noticed your audience is leaving you and want to do something to breathe new life into your business blog – it is time to make some changes. In the case of a website, it means some new elements or even a new template. So, let’s start with the minor but noticeable innovations.

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1. Cool post layout

Do you have a “Most Interesting” section with your best posts? How are those post displayer? Just in a boring list? Come on, it won’t attract any attention! Place a cool post tiles block on the top of the page. Post tiles could become an excellent business blog decoration. If you choose an interesting layout and customize it to fit the rest of the website’s style – it will sufficiently refresh the general look of the page. Post tiles are quite a popular element, so it will also be a change towards modern trends. Of course, it will work only if you place sharp and eye-catching photos as featured images. If you don’t pay enough attention to the pictures – shame on you and start seeking really astonishing images for posts because people like them. Here’s an example of how post tiles are used on TemplateMonster blog.

TemplateMonster blog

2. Video playlist

Sometimes it is much more interesting to watch a video than to read a text. On Facebook videos get 25% more engagement then posts with text. If you have no idea what video could fit your business blog – don’t worry. It doesn’t matter what are you writing about – you can always find some interesting videos on that subject on YouTube. And of course, you can shoot video by yourself. If you have a company – share some presentation videos or inner company life insider information. If you are a solo business blogger – show yourself to the audience and I’m sure people will love it. Who doesn’t like to know who is he dealing with? This video list I saw on GE Reports business blog, but I’m sure you will be able to create a more attractive video block.

video block

3. Instagram feed

Have you connected your blog to any of your social media accounts? If you haven't – do it immediately! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to boost your reach and increase the scale of your audience. If you have a company, you should have some business accounts on social media that fit your audience. And if you have an Instagram – connect it to your website and put the Instagram feed right to the homepage. Beautiful photos (and I’m more than sure they really are beautiful) will attract attention and make visitors who have Instagram to subscribe for your updates. This cool Instagram feed I found on the Puma website. They have great pictures there and are not afraid to show it.

Instagram feed

4. Newsticker, or the crippling line

It is a really good idea to add animation to your business blog. Some moving tiles and changing fonts when you hover on them drag attention. And accurately designed news ticker (it is a narrow block that shows visitor latest news titles) is a great and entertaining decoration. Don’t you think it adds a little drama? When looking at news ticker I always expect some “Breaking News” text. On your blog, a news ticker could show the latest posts and attract readers to them. Here’s how a news ticker looks at CNN and just imagine how cool it will look on your business blog.

News ticker

New template

As I said previously, in some cases it would be better to completely change the template. It is like changing your style in clothes – if the choice was right, the effect will be fantastic. So, I suggest you take a professionally built template like Imperion. It is a multipurpose corporate WordPress theme, that has all the elements I mentioned before. Gorgeous post tiles layout with astonishing demo stock pictures is placed in the top of the page. The news ticker is also there, styled according to the rest of the design. There’s a nice accurate video playlist that not only shows the visitor some videos but also could play them right on the page and user doesn’t have to go to YouTube to watch it. Instagram feed is placed on the footer. It doesn’t distract the visitor from posts and decorates the bottom part of the page.

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Besides that, Imperion is compatible with Elementor Page Builder. A few super-useful Jet plugins are included in the template pack and sufficiently widen the options, available to users in the Elementor customization menu. This theme is like a little bundle – paid plugins and stock photos are included for free and that allows you to save about $680!


If you don’t really like Page Builders, the theme pack contains Cherry plugins that make customization through WP administrative dashboard much easier. The template is very well documented and supported 24/7, so if you meet any kind of issue – there will be no problem to solve it in the blink of an eye.

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting


Interested and happy visitors will not only come back for more information from you but also will bring friends with them, so it is important to stay up to date. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and step out of the main blog's topic. Try to surprise your visitors, they love surprises but do not overdo. And, of course, good luck getting back your audience!

Maybe you have some other ideas about what to add to the business blog to make it interesting? Let’s make business blogs great again together! Please, share your feedback and opinion in the comment section below.

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