6 HUGE New Font Trends Every Designer Should Follow in 2020 [Free Webinar]

Hey everyone!

Alexandra Payne is about to host another great webinar. This time around, we're going to talk about the HOTTEST typography trends 2020.

Following questions will be answered.

  • What are the top fonts 2020?
  • Which are the best 2020 business fonts?

It's just about time to discuss all of that in our livestream!

What's more, Alexandra will reveal 6 HUGE font trends every designer should follow in 2020 and will share the best typography practices of the upcoming year!

Tune in for our free webinar on Thursday, November 14, 2019!

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Here are typography trends 2020 to keep track of:

  1. Bold typefaces in Hero images;
  2. Polished Sans Serif Fonts;
  3. Retro / Vintage Typography;
  4. Handwritten Fonts / Hand Lettering;
  5. Pictograms, icons and emojis;
  6. Unconventional typography solutions:
    1. Image over text;
    2. Text over images;
    3. Catchy font combinations;
    4. Resizable fonts.

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