9 Essential Things to Know About Free Website Templates + TOP Free Templates

Every website owner dreams of having a unique and attractive website to make their business stand out, attract more customers, and generate lots of business opportunities every day. To create unique and professional websites, one has to select a good-quality template. In simple words, a template is a set of files and folders that make up the visual part of the site, which is viewed by clicking on the domain name of the website.

Numerous WordPress themes are available in free and premium versions. Most people choose free templates to save the website building and operational costs. But, what are the parameters to choose a good-quality template for your website? Let's study and find out.

1. Determine the Website Nature at First

Each website has its own characteristics. A common mistake in web design is that web designers and developers often ignore the specifications of websites and make a huge mistake of choosing unfit templates.

One must always note that a template which doesn't reflect the central message of the site to users, is useless for website owners. Therefore, before selecting a good-quality template, you should determine the type of website you want to have, such as an e-commerce website, a personal/professional blog, a website, etc. Once you have a clear picture of your future website in mind, you can easily choose a good template for your website accordingly.

2. The Presence of Hidden Links

Many template creators put hidden links in templates to increase its features and functionalities. All features of a template are not useful for most website operators. So, when you search for a template, take the help of a theme specialist to know its internal structure. Ask the company to explain its integral coding and structure in detail. Try to choose a template which is built with light code and is free from malicious links.

3. Adaptive Design

Many people use mobile devices for surfing the Internet. So, your website should to responsive to all mobile devices and offer an optimal view to visitors. If your website is not responsive to mobile devices, mobile visitors will face lots of difficulties while using it. They will leave your website immediately after accessing it. It will increase the bounce rate of the site, and you will have limited business opportunities. Therefore, choose a template which is responsive to all mobile devices.

4. Consider Template Rating

Generally, useful templates have good ratings given by users. Templates with poor rating show that they are poor quality products. You should consider the rating of different templates and read customer reviews in detail. If possible, try to contact a customer who has previously used a template you are mulling to use. Seek his/her feedback and take a solid decision accordingly. Choose templates whose rating is either 4 or 5.

5. Cross-browser compatibility

Different people browser website using different browsers. Some like to use Google Chrome; some others prefer Opera or Mozilla Firefox. Website owners have to ensure that their site is easily accessible through all web browsers. If you end up choosing a template that doesn't support a particular browser, then people using that browser will not be able to access your website. In such cases, you start to face losses in your web-based business. So, choose a template which is compatible with all modern web-browsers.

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6. Customization Options

In the web-based business, entrepreneurs have to customize their sites from time-to-time to revitalize their look and feel, catch the attention of existing and new customers, and gain more business opportunities. Website customization becomes mandatory for old-fashioned websites that are no longer relevant for the targeted audience.

If you choose a template with limited customization options, website customization will be a tough task for you. In this case, you will have to hire web designers or developers that charge a hefty amount as their fees to customize your website. Therefore, you should select a template that has lots of customization options.

7. Technical Support

Every template has its pros and cons. When you use a template to create a brand-new website or update the existing site, it is possible that you may face technical problems in the template on some occasions. Some technical problems of templates are easier. You can solve them easily with a little bit of tech knowledge. Some template problems are of complex nature, which can't be solved through non-tech persons. So, choose a template whose developer provides lifetime technical support either free of cost or at reasonable fees.

8. Support for Multiple Languages

Due to globalization, the demand for multilingual websites is increasing with each passing day. Generally, people living in different parts of the world like to read the content in their native languages. So, make sure that the template you choose offers support to prominent languages of the world. This will help you to make your website multilingual and get international audience easily and effortlessly. It paves the way for success in the web-based game as you get more opportunities to generate leads and sales.

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9. Updates

You must always keep in mind that developers create free templates to market their brand and create a huge customer base in the initial stage of their business so that they can sell premium templates later on. So, many template developers don't update their templates at regular intervals. If you end up choosing a template which has not been updated for an extended period, it is possible that your website is vulnerable to different types of online security threats. So, select a template which is frequently updated.

Final Remarks

Most people use free themes to create new websites. Just follow the tips mentioned above to choose a good-quality free template and make an excellent website with it.

Best Free Templates

Jen + Ben - Wedding Planner

Jen + Ben

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Grafique. - Architect Lite Free


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Spellolite - Language School


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

PetInn - Responsive Animals & Pets Charity


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Travelop lite - Travel photo blog

Travelop lite

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Iridescent - Wedding Album Lite Free


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Adveland Amusement Park

Adveland Amusement Park

Demo | Download | Get Hosting

MalcolmY - Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Calio - Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

Catwalk - Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Get Hosting

TOP 10 Free Templates

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Jen + Ben - Wedding Planner ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Grafique. - Architect Lite Free ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Spellolite - Language School ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
PetInn - Responsive Animals & Pets Charity ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Travelop lite - Travel photo blog ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Iridescent - Wedding Album Lite Free ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Adveland Amusement Park ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
MalcolmY - Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Calio - Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE
Catwalk - Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates FREE

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