Free WordPress Certification by TemplateMonster

If you want to know how web developers can approve their professional skills and power their CVs, read ahead! We’ll tell you how to pass free WordPress certification, due to Certification Center by TemplateMonster.

Free WordPress Certification

  1. What Is Free WordPress Certification?
  2. WordPress Courses Websites
  3. Certification Center by TemplateMonster

What Is Free WordPress Certification?

The sphere of web development is rich for specialists. To stand out in this competition must be a bit easier when you can confirm your knowledge with facts. So, WordPress developer certification is what your resume can benefit from.

However, you may say that doesn’t provide courses or tests on this purpose. That is true. Still, for example, you’re a Master in Computer Science. Does it mean you have no permission to provide professional services in the WordPress or Joomla field because of no concretization of your specialization? - sounds like nonsense, doesn’t it?

There’s mostly the same situation when it comes to official WordPress certification. A qualitative WordPress certification is held by so-called opinion leaders of the web products market. Usually, they are companies with years of experience and multiple loyal audiences. Their practice is legal and some of them hold it for free. It’s not recommended to buy certificates on any web resource just to print them. Such pieces of paper are useless.

Selecting a WordPress certification provider, it’s crucial to check if people value its products and services. In this way, when some, especially young, specialist attaches a certificate from a well-known digital marketplace to their CV, their chances to be hired rise rapidly.

So, why do you need a certification?

  1. To power your CV and portfolio (especially, if you’re a frequent flyer of freelance websites)
  2. To suit formal requirements for a job application, etc
  3. To test yourself!

WordPress Courses Websites

Discover what services offer WordPress courses and WordPress certification.

#1. The Complete WordPress Website Business Course (Udemy)

Udemy offers a WP course for $9,99 that lasts more than 20 hours. They promise to teach you how to build various kinds of commercial sites, how to scale and maintain them, set up hosting, and more.

#2. WordPress Training & Tutorial Online (Skillshare)

Skillshare is a series of diverse classes on WordPress. Each of them last within 50 minutes. Here you can watch free tutorials moving from basic to advanced concepts of the work with WP.

#3. WPacademy

Collaborating with this service, you can get certified in the field of WordPress. There are tutorials on WordPress base, SEO, Google Analytics, etc. To get access to all this you can for $147.

#4. WordPress Certification (CanCanIt)

You can also prove your knowledge and skills in WordPress development here. There are two parts of the test. The first one consists of 20 questions. You’ll get 1,5 minutes for each. The second part continues for 150 minutes. There are more difficult tasks. This WordPress certification can be passed for $120.

#5. WordPress Training (IntelliPaat)

Here you’ll find lots of classes to learn WordPress installation, configuration, setup, content creation, and peculiarities of plugins. The course is not free. The price starts at $207.

Each of these courses is worthy of your attention but… As you’ve noticed all these examples of WordPress certification consider their participants to get training and only after they become certificated. If that’s what you’re looking for - great! Nope? Then it’s time to tell about the Certification Center by TemplateMonster!

Certification Center by TemplateMonster

And now, here is what you’ve been waiting for! Monsters invite you to test your knowledge of WordPress for free. Everyone can do it by visiting our Certification Center. Also, for those who pass tests successfully, it's an opportunity to become certified TemplateMonster partners.

Who can pass our tests? Everyone! So, check the level of your WordPress knowledge. You’ll face 20 basic questions: 15 are open (a detailed answer is demanded) and 5 closed (just tests).

Also, you’ll be given for 2 hours to pass the test but it can take longer. Your final result is the priority.

For a successful “mark”, give at least 16 correct answers out of 20.

To start our free WordPress certification, apply for registration. Plus, WordPress is not the only test you can opt. The TM Certification Center offers 11 different alternatives to try out your skills.

Free WordPress Certification

WordPress Pro, Joomla Pro, and Elementor Pro topics are provided with tasks of a higher level of complexity. The number of test questions is very low (only 1 or none). The most questions suppose examinees to give detailed answers.

After your test is successfully passed, you’ll get a congratulations letter on your email.

Free WordPress Certification

There will be also a link to the Certification Center website where you can download your certificate for free. So, hurry to state your qualification!

Look at examples of the certificates by TemplateMonster!

Free WordPress Certification

Free WordPress Certification

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