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Waiting in a long queue that moves slowly makes me impatient way too soon, just like any other shopper. Sometimes, I get so enraged that I even yell at the cashier to hurry up or even skip to a shorter queue when there’s one. What’s the point in waiting too long when you can speed things up?

The same happens when visitors wait for your site to load, except for the fact that they can’t yell at the slowpoke at the checkout to get a move on. All they can do is go to another site, and that’s exactly what most of them choose. I hate sounding radical, but besides a few of your most devoted fans, no one is going to wait for your pages to load when they can find the same content in half a second somewhere else.

To speed up your site, order our service called Speed Booster. Not only will it give web users instant access to your content, but also boost SEO ranking of your site. The speed, at which your pages load, is one of the main factors that Google takes into account when ranking sites. What I’m trying to say is that this service is a SEO booster as well. Learn more about this professional SEO service, how to order it, and how much it will cost you.

Order Speed Booster

What You’ll Get with Speed Booster

Here’s what our SEO expert will do to minimise the loading time of your web pages:

  • optimize your content, e.g. compress pictures, delete the plugins you don’t use, etc.;
  • minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • enable GZIP compression so that files sent from your server can get transferred to the browser faster due to a decrease in size;
  • leverage browser caching to store your resource files (logo, CSS, etc) in a browser and show them next time at once, without loading;
  • optimize your site database.

How to Order Speed Booster

When adding one of our WordPress themes of any other templates to the cart, you will see a list of recommended customization services. Scroll down a little until you see Speed Booster, add this SEO service to the cart, and click on the checkout button. That’s all.

speed booster

How Much Does Speed Booster Cost

Speed Booster is one of the best SEO services that costs only $99. And you know what? It’s totally worth it.

Just think how much time it would take you to handle all these things yourself, i.e. file compression, minification, database optimization, etc. Do you even know how to do that? If you don’t, add the time you’ll need to find free tutorials and study them. I bet your business to-do list entails more important things than messing with technical issues. Make use of our search engine optimization services, and your site will literally fly after our work is completed.

Order Speed Booster

TemplateMonster works hard to optimize your site performance in different areas, and the loading speed is just one of them. If you want to know what else our Service Center can do for you, check out more of our hot offers below.

P.S. While you are reading this, you friend’s site may be losing the target audience because it is loading too slowly. Let 'em know about Speed Booster by sharing this post on social media.

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