Google – It’s Not Just for Searches!

Need to know how to cook a duck? Want to know how to solve a tough math problem? Just “Google” it and have your information in seconds! And Google has other features with which we are all familiar – there’s Google Chrome, Gmail, Google docs, maps, and even aerial features! Daily, millions and millions of people use Google at least once for something.

Because we are so satisfied with these features, we just don’t think about anything else that Google might do – and we are missing a lot by not knowing. Here are 16 features of Google that most are not aware of.

  1. Google Forms: Entrepreneurs and other content marketers go to Survey Monkey when they want to create a survey that will appeal to current and potential customers. They do not realize that Google has a survey tool that is cool too. It has all the features of survey monkey, can be embedded in a web page, shared on social media, or sent out in an email!
  2. Google Scholar: This little “beauty” is for those with academic research needs. If you want to keep up-to-date in your field, to see the latest research studies, to know in which journals field-related articles have been published, to find case studies or relevant court cases, you go to Scholar, type in your search category and voila! You will have a full listing of current academic content. You can even designate date and year fields in case you want to look at prior research. You will get abstract, but there will be a link to where the full piece is housed and where they may be hard copies available as well. When available, there are also links to the authors’ profile pages. With a library of almost 200 million documents, this tool is great for academics.
  3. Google Inbox: Instead of scrolling down through your emails, one by one, why not set up specific parameters with Google, according to what senders are – family and friends, boss, colleagues, airlines, etc. Google Inbox will categorize your inbox, and you can have a quick view of those that may be important, without having to slug through the meaningless.


  4. Google Trendalyzer: Here’s a business app that is also fun. Are you a teacher or professor who must present all sorts of data in a class? Are you a business pro who has to make a presentation showing sales data over the past ten years? Traditional charts and graphs are dull and boring, and viewers tend to “zone out.” This great app allows a presenter to create graphs and charts with fun, colorful bubbles that will give animation to your boring data.
  5. Google Goggles: Are you traveling? Have you come across a building, bridge, cool vegetarian cafe or statue that intrigues you? Take a picture of it with your phone or tablet, and send it on over to “Goggles.” If Google has it in its database, it will send you back all the information it has on the item.
  6. Google Sites: Need to build a website quickly and easily? There are lots of possibilities for doing so all over the web, but you should try Google’s app for this. You can build one from scratch, add media, color, animation, banners, etc., or you can use one of its great existing templates.
  7. Google Fusion Tables: Are you a student, a career professional, or someone in a situation in which working with a lot of data is required? Do you need to merge data from various sources? Do you need to manipulate your data to put it into a different format, perhaps change a pie chart to a graph or design your own custom layout? Then, you need to try Fusion Tables before you pay someone else to do these things!
  8. Google Art Project: Have you always wanted to see Michelangelo’s David close in real time? How about the Mona Lisa or the Pieta? Maybe the Museum of Modern Art in New York City? Here is an app that will take you on a virtual visit to art museums all over the world.

  9. Google Crisis Response: A tornado has struck your town. You are okay, but many others are not. With this Google app, you can use your phone to access information on when response teams/groups are on their way and when they are scheduled to arrive. Google has coordinated with local/state/national government agencies so that the information will be readily available to those in need.
  10. Google Field Tripper: You are vacationing and visiting places unknown. You can access the Field Tripper app to get all sorts of information about the locale – its history, it attractions and just exciting tidbits of information.
  11. Google Material Design: Are you still unaware what it is but are looking for a simple design for applications and websites? Stop, all you need is here. It’s a mix of web design essentials for non-designers or for creating the most intuitive and straightforward designs. You can find all you might need - sliders, buttons, toggles, menus, pre-loaders or badges and even animations.
  12. Google Classroom: While many public-school districts and all universities have a student portal to access their course information, retrieve assignments, take tests, and monitor their grades, private schools, and public schools in smaller and more rural districts will not have such availability. With Classroom, the teacher can set up their own “classroom sites.” Teachers can use it to organize assignments, upload readings and videos they want their students to access, provide quick feedback to students on assignments, make announcements, and answer questions that either students or parents may have.
  13. Google Shopper: This tool has some excellent features. Do you know how to read a barcode? You can learn that here. Are you searching for good deals on items close by? Shopper can find them for you. You can even search for an item by voice.
  14. Google People Finder: This is another app that can be critical in times of disaster. You have been separated from friends or family. Type in the name of the person you are looking for, and Google will throw it out there and gather any information it can. If the person whom you are looking for also has access to People Finder - all the better!
  15. Google Business View: Do you have a great new office or just a great office? You can now provide a full panoramic view of your workspace to prospective customers or clients, business associates, or even just friends who you want to be envious!
  16. Google Flight Simulator: This is thrown in just for fun. Nearly everyone knows that Google has some very cool games (including Pac Man for the classic game enthusiast), but Flight Simulator is just a cool app that allows you to fly around the globe in a virtual way. Try this one out – you may get “hooked.”

So, as said previously, aware means armed. There are more opportunities than you can imagine - the main thing is to know that they exist.

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