Official Guide to Google Webmaster Tools SEO tricks

  1. What is “Google Webmaster tools” (GWT)?
  2. Use GWT for better online visibility
  3. Thoughts about using Google Webmaster Account

Google Webmaster Tools

What is “Google Webmaster tools”?

Each SEO expert’s task is to help Google with the process of crawling your site. And what is the best way for the search engine to do that? Various methods might be helpful if you want to tell Google about your website presence. The most practical techniques that can improve your SEO rankings are:

  • Implementing an entire SEO audit;
  • Using “webmaster tools” account;
  • Smart link building is a must;
  • Mobile-friendly site;
  • Texts should be at least 1890 words;
  • onstant monitoring of Google search console data;
  • Regular updating of your old posts and other methods.

Among them, we can highlight “webmaster tools” that is offered by Google. It’s a complimentary web service that helps search engines with crawling your website. Google “webmaster tools” provide every website owner with the core information. Using this data brings incredible search results to the web admins.

Using the Google webmaster service brings lots of advantages to all site owners. And here, one logical question might spring to your mind. How can an Internet user start working with all its benefits? What are the advantages of Google “Webmaster Tools” (GWT)? In this particular case, we have an article that is written especially for you. You are welcome to take a closer look at using GWT account.

Google Webmaster Tools

Use GWT for better online visibility

The procedure of setting up the account for this web service is quite simple. All you have to do is to verify the website. It will help you to tell search engines that you are the site owner. And what advantages will the foregoing process bring to every business website?

Our specialists highlighted all tips and tricks that are connected to using Google services.

  • Sitemaps. There are a variety of SEO tools that might be helpful to your website. From our point of view, a Sitemap is the primary one. You have to submit at least one sitemap.xml if you want to receive some love from the search engines. Upload more sitemaps in order to receive more attention from the search engines.
  • Settings.This can also help with boosting the popularity of your site online. You can set up a geographic target, crawl rate, and preferred domain while using GWT settings tab.
    • Web admins need to tell the search engines what geographic target is preferred. You ought to do it if your site has a .org or .com domain. It’ll help to get search queries from your preferred geo-zone.
    • It’s a frequency of crawling your website. Tell search engines how often they should crawl your web resource. Set up your preferred crawl rate with this settings tab.
    • You need to verify the ownership of www and non-www variants of the online resource. By doing it, you can set up the preferred domain that you picked up.
  • Notifications. Using this setting tab allows you to realize all fundamental web issues. The customers of this web service can receive notifications with unnatural links, spam warnings or other important messages. You really ought to use this tool if you want to get a closer look at your online resource.
  • URL Parameters. Visiting this data GWT tab allows web admins to determine which URL’s should be crawled. Perceptive using of the parameters tool helps to avoid crawl errors on your site.
  • Links from other web resources. This GWT tool can seriously improve the search engine indexing of your web resource. Google can help you to track those links right from your GWT account.
  • Internal links. Well-planned link building is a must for receiving good SEO rankings. The core principle of this SEO trick is pretty simple. The importance of the web page depends on the variety and quality of links to the website. You can see this data right in your GWT account.
  • Indexed status. GWT will inform you about the number of indexed web pages. Its extremely important to know how many web pages are crawled by Google, Bing or Yahoo. This SEO trick can also be tracked right from your account.
  • Content keywords. You can see which keywords you are currently using while posting content on your site.
  • Malware. There might be a situation when someone injects malware code into your comments area. Use Google webmaster for avoiding malware issues.

SEO audit by TemplateMonster Service Center

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Thoughts about using GWT

We advise you to run this SEO tool for achieving better search rankings. You will be amazed by the results that “webmaster tools” will bring in a very short period of time. All you need to do is to place your site in GWT account and start your online adventure right away. You have new skills now and there is time to try them online!


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