HTTPS and SSL: which guard is better?

  1. SSL port
  2. What are the most common SSL ports?
  3. HTTPS Port
  4. HTTPS protocol vs. SSL certificate
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  6. How HTTPS Helps In Creating a Trustworthy Online Browsing Experience

 Nowadays, there are a lot of strange things, especially on the World Wide Web. One of these things is SSL and HTTPS. But you should know that it’s just common definitions in the modern world, moreover for people whose lives are connected with the Internet.

SSL port

“What is a port?”

In the cyber world the word “port” plays a similar role but is completely different from that place which we call “port.” In computers, it is just a number which indicates a query for a connection. You see, the internet is not only a collection of web pages; it also offers different services. For example: programs of immediate texting, message transfers, etc. And as a rule, every server provides services of all types at the same time. Thanks to this, it is able to easily discern queries from various services. Client gives an IP address, type of protocol, and a number of secured ports to make “servers’ lives” easier.

SSL is a certificate which provides protection for your connection and it covers your website or your browser from intruders who will try to steal your personal information while you are on the net. Now that you know the role of the “port” you probably also understand that the SSL port is a protected number, which indicates a query and helps with the connection between your personal computer and the server.

What are the most common SSL ports?

SSL grants you an opportunity to change the number of ports and as a rule advanced users of the internet take advantage of this option. However, it’s not recommended to change it by yourself if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, because it can cause some issues with your connection. Anyway the standard port for SSL is 443. But it also has various ports for other functions, like:

  • 995 — POP SSL Incoming
  • 993 — IMAP SSL Incoming
  • 465 — SMTP SSL Outgoing
  • 2083 — cPanel SSL TCP Inbound
  • 2096 — Webmail SSL TCP Inbound
  • 2087/2089 — WHM SSL TCP Inbound


“What is HTTPS for?” or “What ports does HTTPS use?”

First of all, you need “to meet” with his ancestor: HTTP. HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol. It provides transportation of the information which is transferred from one source to another. HTTPS is a secured protocol, which works by creating a secure HTTP connection with the use of SSL. Their protocol stacks look alike, but it’s a separate protocol. Even the ports they use are different. For example: default HTTP port is 80, standard HTTPS port is 443, just like SSL.

HTTPS protocol vs. SSL certificate

There are a lot of discussions about the importance of HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate. Each has its own fans and haters. But there are two major distinctions between them:

  1. The HTTPS protocol provides a gateway through which the data is encrypted and transmitted safely.
  2. An SSL certificate is simply used for authenticating important information when a user tries to send information through a secure connection.

HTTPS is HTTP upgraded with SSL and it gives you an opportunity to create your own secured passageway. Thanks to this you will be able to transfer all important information safely.

SSL is a certificate. It can cipher and decipher your information by changing it to different symbols.

For example: you want to send somebody your name, phone number and address. Let’s say your name is Jack Jackson, address is 2nd Green road, Jacksonville and the phone is 556677889900. SSL is able to use different algorithms to code your info. This time it will change letters vice versa and decrease every numeral by 1. So now your name is NoskcaJ Kcaj, address is daor Neerg 1st, Ellivnoskcaj and the phone is 445566778899. It seems odd, doesn’t it? Perhaps, but it’s an easy algorithm. SSL uses more difficult codes than this one. However, a swindler won’t understand the information on his own; all he can do is use some deciphering programs or devices. And it won’t help him either, because SSL has coding methods, thanks to which, it could take centuries to decipher.

So, to be honest, it’s up to you. Everybody prefers different things. And it’s your choice what you choose: a secret passageway, which nobody knows, or a fabulous device that can cypher all your important information, which nobody can understand. But remember, that every secret passage can be found, and every code can be decoded, but all of these are just a question of time. And in your case, time must be on your side.

How to protect your website from attacks with SSL

As mentioned before, an SSL certificate plays a role in coding devices. It also can be used not only for personal purposes but also for commercial, for example for your website. It can cypher the information of your customer when he or she is trying to log in or to buy something and decipher it when it gets to the server, where your website is. And in the same way, it can send coded information or answers back to your customer. That provides a secured mode of messaging and communication.

Moreover SSL helps to indicate protected websites from the unprotected. You probably have noticed that sometimes there is a green lock (or maybe other color, it depends on your web browser) in the search bar of your browser. This means that the internet page where you are right now is secured. If there isn’t a green lock in your bar, then it means that it’s not secured, and you have probably received a notification about it before.

Thanks to these, SSL will grant your customer confidence in your service and in your website. Plus SSL will make it more attractive.

Maybe you’re wondering:

“Where can I get this SSL?”

I have good news for you. You don’t have to search for it; you can create it on your own. You can use a jolly offer from TemplateMonster. You’ll find a convenient and simple SSL certificate creation tool. It’s easy to use, comfortable, exciting, and most importantly – foolproof software. Thanks to this you will be able to create a reliable defense method by creating relevant certificates. It has a beautiful and simple interface which will guide you in this application. Plus it will show you that there is nothing difficult about the World Wide Web, especially in the world of SSL authentication methods.

Moreover, it will not only connect you safely to the website and protect customers’ information from “hack” attacks, but it also will help you not waste time by doing it in a short period of time. Plus it offers such extensions like “Free site seal”, “Easy domain validation” and “Fast process of issuing.” It will improve the work of your browser and website too.

Furthermore one of the biggest advantages available to you is round-the-clock support. You will be provided all kinds of information about this product, which you need. You will receive answers to each of your questions. And if you have any trouble with the installation or exploitation, TemplateMonster will help you with it.

Yeah, it seems like it could be a tough situation for you. Don’t forget one simple and important thing – make your choice wisely. Take your time, analyze all the information, and try to find some extra information about this topic or talk with somebody who knows something in this area. Think it over again and again, and make the right decision.

Just don’t forget: the most important thing for users of the World Wide Web is safety, so try to remember to keep an eye on your “green lock” in the search bar of your browser and stay safe.

SSL Certificate Creation.

How HTTPS Helps In Creating a Trustworthy Online Browsing Experience

As mentioned before, HTTPS is a protective protocol which grants you secured connections between several devices or several servers on the net.

You might ask:

“How does HTTPS do it?”

Well, nowadays, when IT technologies are really advanced, cyber criminals use a great number of different tricks to steal precious information. One of these methods is digital eavesdropping. This is a process where criminals monitor the network activity in order to get access to crucial information like user login credentials, personal user details, etc. Therefore, if your website is served through HTTPS, your connection is encrypted and this helps in safeguarding your website from criminal activity to a great extent.

Just imagine the secret underground tunnel between two important places for you, where only you and your friends are able to get. And the door into this tunnel is closed. To open it, you need a special key. HTTPS is a labor and an engineer, who created this tunnel and provides you the key.

Anyway, caution is the parent of safety. The modern cyber world is a very dangerous place, especially for those who are looking to earn something. No doubt, the best way “to survive” would be using the best combination of different protective methods: HTTPS and SSL are one of the best.

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