How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy: A Step-by-step Guide

  1. What Is GoDaddy?
  2. How to Choose a Domain Name and Hosting Plan
  3. How to install WordPress on GoDaddy
  4. Final Thoughts

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs and startupers are choosing to build or reconstruct their business websites by themselves. There are two main reasons why they do so. First of all, creating a website on your own is much cheaper than ordering a website from a web developer. The second reason, which is even more important for inexperienced users, is that modern WordPress themes are quite easy to use and can be made in a few hours.

At the same time, building a website is not just getting a fancy WordPress theme. In fact, there are many things you must do to make your website function, such as arrange web hosting, which allows the website to function. Luckily, you can easily purchase a hosting plan as well as a domain name for your website from companies such as GoDadddy. However, once you have bought your WordPress theme, domain name, and hosting, you still have to figure out how to install everything and launch your website. So today, we are going to figure out how to install WordPress on GoDaddy.

What Is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registrar company. Since every website needs a registered domain name and hosting, you will have to choose your hosting provider. Let’s find out what makes GoDaddy a decent option for domain registration and hosting.


Reasons to choose GoDaddy:

  • It is one of the largest hosting providers; therefore, it is trustworthy.
  • It offers affordable pricing plans.
  • It provides fast services.
  • It gets your website up and running quickly.

You can find out more about GoDaddy here.

How to Choose a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name:

  1. Make it simple
    Make sure your domain name is easy for people to type into their search engine.
  2. Come up with a short name
    Long domains are usually misspelled, so it is better to have a short and simple domain name.
  3. Add keywords
    Use keywords in your domain name. For example, if you own a construction company, your domain should be something like or
  4. Try not to use hyphens or numbers
    Hyphens and numbers are always misspelled, so you want to avoid them. If you still need them in your domain name, register several variations; for example, and
  5. Define your target area
    Make your domain geographically specific if your business is local ( or use a geographic domain extension.
  6. Come up with a memorable name
    Create a unique and memorable name so that nobody will forget it.
  7. Find the domain name extension that fits your websiteCertainly, the .com domain is the most popular, which means that it might be tough to find a short and memorable domain name with .com. In this case, you can consider the following options:
    1. .info – for informational websites.
    2. .me – for personal websites and blogs.
    3. .org – for nonprofit organizations.
    4. .biz – for e-commerce websites.

    Besides, you can also use fancy domain names as .guru, .app or .photography.

  8. ResearchBefore getting your domain name, you want to make sure that the unique name you came up with has not been copyrighted yet. So, research your alleged domain name to check whether it belongs to another company.
  9. Protect your company and brand
    To protect your company from fraudsters, you might want to buy several domain extensions for your website including misspelled variants of your original domain name. In such a way, you will protect your business from competitors as well as fraudsters.
  10. Be quick
    Good domain names are flying off the shelves. To pick the best one for your website (especially if you want to have a .com domain), you have to be quick and purchase your domain name as fast as possible.

Install WordPress on GoDaddy

How to install WordPress on GoDaddy

Here is a step-by-step guide to setup WordPress on GoDaddy:

  1. Create your domain name
    Come up with a strong domain name using some of the tips I mentioned above and then login to GoDaddy, run the hosting panel of your website, and add your domain name.
  2. Find WordPress
    Once you added your domain name, head to Hosting menu and go to Categories > Blog > WordPress.
  3. Install WordPress on GoDaddy
    After you find WordPress, click on “Install Now” to begin the installation. The installation process consists of the following steps:
    1. Choosing domain and arranging hosting.
    2. Making your database as well as creating your name and password.
    3. Adding a subdomain (if needed) and directory.
    4. Adding your email and logging in.
  4. Wait till the installation is completed
    The installation process can take up to several hours, so you have to be patient. You can also check whether the installation is completed from time to time, since usually this process is rather fast.
  5. Verify DNS entries
    Finally, you have to verify whether DNS entries were set up for your website automatically.

Well, that is pretty much it—you did it! Now your WordPress website can work on GoDaddy.

WordPress Templates

Final Thoughts

GoDaddy is indeed a decent domain name registrar and hosting service provider that can make your WordPress website function efficiently. Fortunately, GoDaddy as well as modern WordPress themes are super easy to work with, and even inexperienced users can launch a WordPress website on GoDaddy. So if you are a startuper on a budget who needs to create a high quality, fully functional website, launching a WordPress website on GoDaddy is the best option for you.

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