SEO Success Largely Depends on How Well You Can Exploit The Powers of Joomla

To succeed in online marketing, you need a good looking and highly functional website, high-quality content, and the right SEO techniques to make it all appear high in the SERPs. However, you must pay particular attention to creating the website on which all actions take place. It must be an interactive website that is ready for SEO optimization. How well the SEO unfolds would depend as much on the strategy as on the SEO friendliness of the site. First, you must select a suitable content management system that would become the cradle for your website. Using an open source platform like Joomla makes good sense because it has a proven track record of excellently supporting SEO that helps a website earn high ranks in search results.

Joomla templates have a good reputation for their SEO friendly features that have given good results in creating high performing websites. Joomla sites have done considerably well in taking forward the SEO cause which ultimately translated into many successful marketing campaigns. As you read this article, you will realize how Joomla has helped websites for better SEO performance to provide the cutting edge in marketing.

joomla seo

Joomla SEO compatibility

It will not be an over statement if we consider that Joomla was created for SEO. The open source CMS platform has several exclusive features for SEO optimization of websites so that they can perform most efficiently and become more effective in SEO application. The trend is evident in all versions including Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 and later versions. The SEO friendly feature reflects in the Joomla menu in the form of Meta options tab and display tab.

If you use Joomla 1.7 or subsequent versions, you will come across the option of the article title that is necessary for SEO. You would also find an option that allows mentioning the page name in the title of the website and another option for visible heading, which all aid the purpose of optimization for search engines. Web developers and SEO companies, therefore, find enough reason to use Joomla websites that have adequate capabilities of supporting SEO.

Joomla Templates

Business competition is so intense and rapidly growing that if you want your business to be a part of it, you must develop websites speedily so that you do not miss opportunities. The Joomla platform perfectly meets this requirement because by using Joomla templates, you can create websites very fast. However, this is just one aspect of the multifaceted templates that serve many purposes by offering an edge to web developers to make them feel comfortable. The templates allow developers to get a feel about the website before launching it. They can identify the drawbacks and shortcomings of the website design, layout, and features, and can correct it for ensuring better performance.

Joomla templates are a series of files capable of simulating the effects of the finished website by recreating actions and gauging responses to it. Joomla templates help to assess everything from menu styles and color to fonts and navigation controls, and you can even evaluate the impact of the basic layout and design together with the background and header. You can use the templates to conduct a dry run before the actual website launch to remove any discrepancy or inadequacy.

Have a Good Understanding About Joomla

Dragon Results, an SEO Company that is well conversant in using Joomla sites for SEO, would welcome your decision to use it for a search engine marketing campaign. Joomla is user-friendly, and you can scale it up to meet additional requirements. Its versatility and flexibility are the other reasons why it is so popular in online marketing. You need to have a strong SEO strategy in place and coupled with the powers of Joomla you can improve the search rankings by a few notches. However, you must have a complete understanding of Joomla's SEO features to make it work in your favor.

Align SEO with Joomla

Design your SEO campaign by taking into consideration the working of search engines and by adhering to the best practices of the industry. At the same time, you must not lose sight of user-friendliness, which is a high point for succeeding in SEO. The better you can balance between the two, the higher will be the success rate. Keeping in tune with the search engine guidelines, you must focus on creating high-quality content that attracts high traffic, and pay attention to internal as well as backlink building strategy that remains the backbone of search rankings. Integrating the SEO strategies becomes easy on Joomla websites, as these are compatible with it.

joomla seo

Create Easily Readable URL

No matter how well you design your site for SEO by packing it with SEO friendly features, you should take extra care of the URL. The URL has immense potential to improve search ranking, and you must know the right way of using it to your advantage. Faster indexing by search engines is a requirement for earning good ranks, and for faster indexing, you must have index friendly URL. To achieve this, include the keyword in the URL of pages and posts and keep its length short and crisp. Make use of the Joomla SEO extension SH404SEF to directly impact search rankings positively. It also helps to trace the origin of 404 errors that contribute to fixing broken areas of the website.

Optimize the Menu Structure

The menu structure has to support the internal links and to make it happen, create the menu in a top-down manner and optimize it. A well-structured menu helps to earn better ranks. Create a link to the featured article and homepage accordingly. That would allow articles of any other category to feature, based on the link. Next, create the menu items and link each item to the parent category. Attach the subcategories of the parent category to submenus.

Use the Joomla features for organizing content so that the presentation of the content is attractive. Divide the content into small portions with subheadings so that it is easy to digest. Quality content means a quality website that deserves a better ranking.

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joomla seo

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