Power up Your Site with Joomla Extensions the Easiest Way

Driving my Mustang today feels nothing like it did when I first drove it out of the showroom. Although on the outside my babe looks pretty much the same as on the day of purchase, I have upgraded it in many ways on the inside since then. I added a new turbo kit, brakes, parking sensors, seat massager, muffler, and even a new stereo system. All these upgrades made my driving more comfortable and enjoyable even in the roughest road areas. Now, I feel myself like a king of the road whenever I get behind the wheel of my car.

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t settle for the initial product version if you want to make the most of it. For example, ready-made Joomla templates can establish a solid foundation for your site, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You can extend its functionality with Joomla extensions even further to run a fully-fledged site that is fast, easy to use, SEO-friendly, and well-protected.

What’s cool is that the Joomla extension directory encompasses a lot of stuff. What’s not so cool is that it will take you hours or even days to find something worthwhile, install it, configure it, and deal with other tech issues.

Are you too pressed for time? Actually, we’ve all been there and understand how that extra load on your back can guarantee sleepless nights for you. That’s why our Service Center has an exclusive offer to install the best Joomla extensions for you. That way, you’ll have an opportunity to keep on doing what matters for your business without interruptions or you can simply take a break from work.

Learn how to get our Joomla bundle installed on your site.

Order Joomla Bundle Installation

What Joomla Extensions Does Our Bundle Contain?

No matter with which version of the engine your site is built, we offer both Joomla 2.5 extensions and Joomla 3 extensions. Check them out one by one below.

  • Advanced Content Editor. At first sight, editing content seems as easy as ABC. But after editing posts day after day, you’ll realize how much time it really takes. Get this Joomla extension installed to have a lot of advanced options at hand, which will speed up your workflow.
  • Article Previewer. Here’s one of the must-have Joomla modules for easy content publishing. With its help, you can see how your article looks before it goes live.
  • Backup Component. No site is safe from hackers’ attacks, malfunction, and other risks. While you can’t foresee them, you can still back up your site to keep it safe and sound. Let us install this extension, and you won’t lose a byte of your data.
  • jQuery Plugin. When your site gets loaded with multiple JavaScript libraries, that overload will impede its performance. This Joomla plugin will remove and resolve all the front- and back-end issues to keep your site running at full power.
  • Joomla Compressor. The longer visitors wait for your pages to load, the more of them will skip to your competitors’ sites. I personally don’t know anyone who wouldn’t get annoyed at waiting. To speed up your website loading, you will need to compress CSS, JavaScript and images. This is what this Joomla addon can help you with.
  • SEO Plugin. Dealing with SEO issues can be stressful. Let this Joomla plugin ease your pain by automating one of the most critical SEO processes. It automatically pulls the text from your content to generate meta description tags.

How to Get Joomla Extensions Installed on Your Site

  1. Order the installation of Joomla extensions from our Service Center.
  2. Shortly after your order is complete, one of our professionals will contact you. You will need to specify the details of how to access the server, where your Joomla template is installed.
  3. Do your own stuff while our professionals install Joomla extensions. In about three hours, we will be in touch with you again to notify you about successful installation.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Joomla Extensions Installed?

You’ll need to pay only $67 to get all these Joomla extensions installed, but what they will do for your site is actually priceless.

Order Joomla Bundle Installation

Can you risk your site safety and go without backing it up? No! Can you keep visitors waiting for your pages to load? No way! Can you waste hours on content editing? The answer is obvious. You must install all these Joomla plugins to run a fully-fledged, well-protected, and SEO-friendly site. And we are offering you this opportunity to get them all installed in the fastest and most stress-free way.

P.S. Some of your friends may be too busy to extend their sites with Joomla modules. Share this offer with them on social media. They will be grateful to you!

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