7 Studies That Prove Live Chat Boosts Your Conversion Rate

Would you rather spend a fortune on attracting more web visitors, or use a cheap solution to convert more of your existing traffic?

You'll probably prefer the cheaper option. Scores of articles explain how to optimize your website for conversions. From the color of your buttons, website copy, and image use – all of these focus on the aesthetics of your website.

But what about the human touch? How can you personalise the website experience for each visitor? The answer is simple: Live Chat.

Traditionally used more for support than for sales – live chat actually does both! While simultaneously improving the customer experience, boosting e-commerce sales and decreasing service costs.

Now that sounds like a killer combination. But let’s look at some solid data to back that up.

Intuit: 211% Increase in Sales with Live Chat

Who wouldn’t want to see their sales figures increase?

In thiscase study by ProImpact7, Intuit, the company behind financial products QuickBooks and Mint, placed live chat widgets at different locations on their website. At the checkout process, live chat increased Intuit's average order value by 43%.

The conversion rate also increased by an impressive 190% on their lead generation landing page. And most importantly, their sales increased by a whopping 211% when live chat was integrated on their product comparison pages.

Sam's Furniture: $50K In Monthly Sales with Proactive Chat

Want to reach out to your most engaged web visitors? Sam’s Furniture did just that, by combining analytics with live chat on their website.

Whenever visitors spent a considerable time on their website, and on certain pages, a live chat widget would appear.

Internet Retailer reports that through this approach, approximately $50K in sales revenue is generated through live chat for Sam’s Furniture each month.

What’s important to keep in mind here is the type of products they’re selling. With furniture and appliances being bulky and expensive, people naturally compare different models and take their time deciding what to buy.

Blue Soda Promo: 60% of Chats Lead to a Sale

According to Blue Soda Promo, a massive 60% of live chat sessions end in a sale. So how do they do it?

With a team of eight account managers and 1500 chat sessions a month, they monitor the pages visitors are engaged with and make sure all questions are answered before visitors proceed to checkout.

Through this approach, Blue Soda Promo’s average order value for their promotional products is $700.

EZ Texting: 31% Increase in Signups

The last thing you want is a potential user that abandons your website right before registering. They were about to register.

Which is why in a case study published by VWO, Web-based text messaging Ez Texting used an A/B test to measure the effect of a live widget on their registration page.

The result? Signups increased by 31% with the widget included on the page, where it was placed in the bottom right-hand corner.

Forrester Research: Live Chat Crucial for 44% of Web Consumers

A study conducted by Forrester Research called “Making Proactive Chat Work” found that 44% of online customers consider live chat as one of the most important features for a website to offer. The main reason being that people want their questions answered quickly before making a purchase. The same report also states that 57% of online customer will leave your website if they don’t receive a quick answer. Time is money, and the longer it takes to answer customer questions – the more likely you’ll lose that sale.

eMarketer: 38% of Web Visitors Bought Because of Live Chat

In a survey by eMarketer, 38% of online visitors made a purchase as a result of a live chat. Another statistic worth noting that 63% of respondents who participated in a live chat session were more likely to return to the website. What’s more is that 62% said they are more likely to purchase from the website again.


  • 15-day free trial
  • Mobile app
  • Third party integration
  • Real time visitor monitoring
  • Proactive popups
  • Pre and post chat surveys
Live2Support is a live chat software which allows an online business to provide instant support to customers on site. It consists of crucial features such as real time visitor monitoring, proactive popups, auto greeting and many more. Live2Support is very easy to implement and just takes 3 simple steps to install it on your website.

Virgin: Reduce Service Costs by 1,500%

Besides raising conversion, a case study by Virgin Atlantic shows how live chat can reduce your costs as well. Virgin says, the average chat agent can cover the work done by 15 agents focused on e-mails and phone calls. In other words, less staff needed for delivering customer support which means operational costs are reduced. One agent can handle multiple chats at the same time, whereas one phone call take place at a time. Even though you’ll be paying a monthly fee for the software, the costs are negligible when compared to those of a call centre. So while live chat is commonly considered to be a customer service channel, the statistics above highlight how it can also be used as an effective sales tool to boost revenue. But in addition to the financial gain, there’s also a marketing and brand advantage to benefit from. It’s an effective way of building rapport with your visitors, which can eventually lead them to become loyal customers in the future. With every chat session, each visitor get a personalised experience from your website. Every e-commerce business is different, and the impact of integrating live chat will naturally vary across industries. And the only way to discover what it can do for you, is by simply trying it out yourself and tracking its performance.

What about you – what have your experiences been like with live chat?

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