25+ Epic Minecraft Wallpapers & Backgrounds for Desktop and Phone Devices

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  2. Minecraft Wallpapers for Mobile Devices

Shoutouts to all Minecraft fans! Do you wonder why we love this game so much? Let me explain:

Reason #1

First of all, Minecraft is a great game (too obvious) with amazing graphics allowing users to create endless worlds from blocks.

Facts About Minecraft 

  • The game was created by the Swedish game programmer Marcus Persson in 2009. Just for the record, Minecraft was sold for over 176 million times!!! after being released 11 years ago.
  • You can’t call Minecraft a “new” hobby for teenagers. But facts say that the average age of a player is 24 years. So many people around the world, including us, have grown up playing this game on their old Windows XP computers. Many of us have put the illustrations of the game on our desktops.
  • Even nowadays, Minecraft engages 91+ million active players each month - more than the population of Germany or France.

Minecraft Cultural Phenomenon

Over the years, Minecraft has evolved from being “just a game” into a cultural phenomenon. Its visual style is reflected in popular cartoons (The Simpsons, Rick and Morty), and music videos (Lady Gaga’s parody “Just Mine”), vectors, backgrounds, and free graphic designs. More to say, there was even an entire exhibition dedicated to the game hosted by the Tate Gallery.

Minecraft has its own Wikipedia, while bookstore websites offer hundreds of Minecraft-related titles. Yes, the company made printed manuals, and moreover, people are buying them like crazy! Minecraft has one of the largest number of game-related videos on YouTube, including the content of the most popular YouTube blogger - PewDiePie.

Overall, Minecraft has made a significant impact on the entire gaming industry and continues to remain a leader. As a matter of fact, Minecraft beat the popular and addictive Fortnite in the number of Google Trends queries!

Reason #2

Now let’s get back to the second reason why Minecraft could win our hearts. The game created a beautiful scenery of the game world. You see literally in every detail, whether it’s beautiful buildings or amazing landscapes with shaders and texture packs. 

If you really enjoy the Minecraft aesthetics, you might want to install a related wallpaper right on your desktop/mobile device. And you certainly want too! 

I chose 30+ incredibly beautiful Minecraft wallpapers that you may put on your desktop.

Here you can find a perfect image for your liking with high resolution: 1920x1080 pixels. And those who scrolled to the very end will find a bonus resource with one more interesting link.

Let’s go!

Desktop Minecraft Wallpapers

Taken from WallpaperCave.com

Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 1.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 2.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 3.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 4.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 5.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 6.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 7.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 8.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 9.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 10.


Taken from Pixabay.com

Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 11.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 12.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 13.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 14.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 15.


Taken from WallpaperPlay.com

Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 16.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 17.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 18.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 19.


Desktop Minecraft Wallpaper 20.


Minecraft Wallpapers for Mobile Devices

Taken from Zedge.net

Mobile Minecraft Wallpaper 1.


Mobile Minecraft Wallpaper 2.


Mobile Minecraft Wallpaper 3.


Mobile Minecraft Wallpaper 4.


Mobile Minecraft Wallpaper 5.


More Minecraft wallpapers for phones are available down the link - zedge.com.

Last but not least...

Ready for a bonus I talked about earlier? This is it - a free Zoom background! 

I mean, while you are quarantining, Zoom meetings become the only place to have fun - even if it’s a work meet-up. 

Zoom backgrounds will make your co-workers smile. And it’s a great way to find Minecraft fans among your colleagues (imagine, if this is your boss).

Minecraft background for Zoom

Minecraft background for Zoom.

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