How to Remove the Background in Powerpoint and Make Your Presentations Amazing

  1. PowerPoint. Remove a background – what can be used as background?
  2. PowerPoint. Remove a background via a special menu
  3. PowerPoint. Remove the background from an image using no additional tools and why you may need it?
  4. PowerPoint. Remove background via setting the transparent color
  5. PowerPoint. Remove background via setting the areas to keep and remove

A presentation is a great way to demonstrate something. It’s a great way to complement your speech, especially when it’s difficult to remember all the numbers in your statistics. Therefore, if you need to present a personal project, whether it’s a school project or a business one, PowerPoint is the tool you need.

It’s not super complex software, but there are some tricks to know. You also have some image editing features in PowerPoint –remove the background from an image is one of them. It’s important to master those features to make your presentations more interesting. It’s especially important if you need to tell more about your project or your business.

PowerPoint. Remove a background – what can be used as a background?

Various assets can be used. You can use shapes, solid colors, images, etc. Therefore, you can find some background images for a PowerPoint presentation and add them. Then you might add some text and animation effects. However, it won’t look professional and you won’t impress anyone. Solid colors or shapes in the background may look way too simple. Even if you combine various simple elements you may not get the desired effect.

It still may be a good option to find an image you like and use it. There’s also this simple trick:

  • You can add a solid background
  • Add an image
  • Make the image transparent

It may help to make the image less contrasting. It also makes the text easier to read. This is a good option if you don’t have or you don’t want to work with image editing software. It’s a fast method, but it may not be the best option (you can lose some colors, but it should be enough for a presentation).

powerpoint templates

How to Remove a background in Powerpoint via a special menu.

If you want to remove a background in PowerPoint (if it’s added like a corresponding object), then you need to do the following:

  • Select the slide to modify
  • Select “Design”
  • Select “Format Background”
  • Select the arrow located near “Color”
  • Select the white color

You will now have a slide with a white background.

You can then add your image:

  • Choose the necessary slide
  • Select “Design”
  • Select “Format Background”
  • Check the right part and find “Picture or texture fill”
  • Select “File”
  • Choose an image
  • Adjust it if necessary (you can offset the image, tile it, or modify the transparency)

Check this menu carefully. You can add solid colors or gradients as well. Be creative!

As you can see, there’s nothing difficult about removing a background image in PowerPoint. You can easily modify the file without losing any content.

However, there are situations when you need to remove a certain part of an image.

PowerPoint. Remove the background from an image using no additional tools - and why you may need it.

Sometimes, you may need to remove the background from an image in PowerPoint. Of course, you can use image-editing software like Adobe Photoshop to remove unnecessary parts and save the file using the format that supports the alpha channel (it’s used to store the transparency data) to use it later.

PowerPoint can remove the background from an image. By removing the background you can save the necessary part of the image. Moreover, if you don’t have the background – it won’t cover any part of your slide. It gives you some flexibility when it comes to placing other elements. You can place the elements wherever you need them without worrying that they will be covered by an image.

There are two ways to remove the image background in PowerPoint.

  • Set the transparent color
  • Set the areas to keep

Keep in mind that you can’t remove the background when you work with vector images. Therefore, if you need them – you should rasterize them first.

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PowerPoint. Remove background via setting the transparent color.

This is fast and it’s not very precise, but it still can do what you need. To set the transparent color:

  • Choose the image you want to modify
  • Select “Format” (check the top right section)
  • Select “Color” (check the top left part)
  • Now “Set Transparent Color” - It’s located at the bottom
  • Your cursor will turn into an eyedropper
  • Select the color you want to remove

That’s it. That’s how to remove a background in PowerPoint. It’s a simple way although it may not work as expected. It would work with high-contrast images when the element you want to keep differs drastically from the background (in terms of colors). It works properly with solid color backgrounds.

This method would work if you have something just like the image below:

Image example.

However, you still may get some artifacts. This tool won’t work with images like this:

Image example2.

It has some gradients and if you use the “Set Transparent Color” feature – it will remove certain parts of the image that you don’t want to lose and it won’t look great.

PowerPoint. Remove background via setting the areas to keep and remove.

This one can take some time. It’s more advanced and it can deal with a complex background. To use it:

  • Select the image you want to modify
  • Select “Format” (check the top right part of the window)
  • Select “Remove Background” (check the left part of the window)
  • The “Background Removal” tab will appear
  • PowerPoint will try to “find” the area to remove

A part of the image will be magenta-tinted. That area will be removed. You can modify it by using the “Mark Areas to Keep.” You should select it and draw the area of an image you want to keep. You can’t be 100% precise, but try to do your best to get the optimal result. When everything is ready – select “Keep Changes.” That’s how you can remove a complex background in PowerPoint.

Again, there are some limitations. PowerPoint can easily “tell” what the background is when you have a high-contrast image (for example, a photo of a person with a white background). However, it works with complex backgrounds as well, if the contrast is high enough. It would work well if you have something like this:

Image example3.

It may be not perfect (the wood and face colors are pretty close), but it shouldn’t take much time to remove the background.

There are some cases when removing unnecessary parts becomes challenging. For example, if you need to remove the area “behind” hair. It’s a challenging task even if you use Photoshop.

It’s possible to remove the background in PowerPoint and it may work great, but if you need something specific, it may be better to use Photoshop or other image editing software. For instance, there are AI-powered tools that let you make a quick background edit without monopolizing your time or relying on any preexisting skills, making them convenient and effective if time is limited.

A good presentation is a great option to impress people. It may take some time to create something stunning, but you can save some time. You can take a template and modify it, instead of creating everything from scratch. A template already has all the elements. It’s flexible – you can add new elements, move them around, or remove something that you don’t need. Here’s a good source of templates. It has a search bar, so you can find templates for a certain category like “Fashion”, “Education”, “Business”, etc.

Here are some of the products you can get:

Name Short description Price Sales
Stylish minimal This template doesn’t have any unnecessary elements. It’s elegant and clean. It’s a multipurpose template, so you can turn it into anything you need. You can easily change the colors. It was designed with special attention to details, so everything is located where it has to be. It has 55 unique slides. It’s based on master slides, so customizing won’t take much time. From $22 1800
Miracle Creative This is a perfect product if you want to create a business presentation. It’s elegant and has zero unnecessary elements. It includes 30 slides. It comes with various elements, which you can easily resize and edit. It also uses master slides, so customizing won’t take much time. It is 16:9 ratio optimized. From $17 0
Amaron This is a creative template and it would be perfect if you want to tell more about a creative studio, agency, or a company. It comes with 30 slides (16:9 ratio optimized). All the included elements are resizable and editable. From $17 3
New Beginning 2020 It’s a multipurpose template so it can be turned into everything. It’s modern and clean, so it’s great for personal and business projects. It comes with 85 slides. There are 10 color schemes. The template is 16:9 ratio optimized. It includes vector images. All the elements can be customized using PowerPoint. From $23 0
Modern Design This is a good option if you want to impress people. It includes 250 modern slides designed for paying attention to the smallest details. The template is 16:9 ratio optimized. It includes dark and light templates. It also comes with 14 pre-made color templates. There are several slides sections, so you can easily find what you need. From $23 122

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