Real Estate PowerPoint Templates: How to Succeed in Selling Property?

  1. How to Work with PowerPoint to Present Social Media Agents?
  2. Steps to Presenting Your Property with a Real Estate PowerPoint Template
  3. How to Choose Real Estate PowerPoint Templates?
  4. Best Practices for Real Estate Marketing Presentation
  5. A Showcase of Real Estate PowerPoint Templates
  6. Wrap Up

Real Estate Powerpoint Templates. As a real estate agent, you may need a working solution to build a professional-looking and convincing real estate marketing presentation. Building a custom slideshow from scratch will take you a lot of time or require you to involve an expert graphic designer. While this is quite challenging and time-consuming, you may want to go a different way. And this is where premade real estate PowerPoint templates come into play. They are created to help you sell more properties and take your agency to a leading position. Consider real estate presentation templates from TemplateMonster and pick the one that would perfectly suit your needs.

But, before we go to their showcase, let’s get started with the general guidelines about how to use the templates to your own benefit.

Top 5 Real Estate PowerPoint Templates

Template Name Category Price
Real Estate & Construction PowerPoint Template Real Estate Agency Templates $22 Buy Now
Bold - PowerPoit Presentation Template Electronics Templates $23 Buy Now
Construction - PowerPoint Template Real Estate Agency Templates $20 Buy Now
Innova PowerPoint Template Real Estate Templates $18 Buy Now
Real Estate Presentation PowerPoint Template Real Estate Templates $21 Buy Now

How to Work with PowerPoint to Present Social Media Agents?

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t want to grow the agency and demonstrate its excellent work. An effective way to do that is through a presentation that is found to be essential for your agency’s growth and presenting the team of professionals you are working with. Although the presentation may sometimes be challenging, it still brings lots of opportunities. Follow these recommendations to present social media agents in the best light using the PPT template.

  • First and foremost, introduce your agency team. Whatever business you are running, there are always people standing behind. Therefore, allow your prospects to get acquainted with people they will be working with. To sound more credible and build trust with your prospective clients:
    • tell the story about your agency and how it started;
    • share your experience in the position of the owner;
    • provide photos of your agents accompanying them with their personal information and job title;
    • wrap things up with some fun facts.
Introduce your agency team.
  • Provide your clients with a marketing strategy. Avoid overloading them with the information, but give them a clear understanding of what your team will be doing when they hire your agency. Include the services you’ll deliver, plan of work, and the frequency of results reports. Make sure to set your agency and team apart from others to convince the prospects to choose your project.
  • Include case studies of the projects your agents have previously worked with. Doing this way, you will let your prospects know that you can be trusted with their money and your company is worth signing the contract with.
Include case studies.

Including these details will let you present your agents within the marketing strategy presentation in the best possible light and convince the prospects that they are the premier agents for a job.

Steps to Presenting Your Property with a Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Leaving the question of how to present the social media agents behind, let’s move on to your real estate business and consider ways of presenting your property with listing presentation templates.

Home staging.
  • Make the presentation as detailed as if you were showing the property in person.
  • But don’t put all the details in one slide — allow your viewers some time to digest the information.
  • Make the slideshow informative including details about rooms, square yards, floor number, etc.
  • Avoid using confusing words.
  • Include the professional photos of your property.
  • Put commonly used keywords, such as area, affordable, NA land, luxurious, etc.
  • Provide more details of the property itself, comprising carpet area, rooms details, height and width of the walls, doors, windows, and more.
  • Keep the real estate presentation as simple as possible.

powerpoint templates

How to Choose Real Estate PowerPoint Templates?

The combination of strong content and the unique design is likely to result in a successful real estate PowerPoint presentation. Finding the right template may be tedious enough, but it is worth spending some time on searching. The perfectly matching theme will help to communicate your message and make an indelible impression on your audience. Thus, check out the following factors to consider when picking the right PPT template for your future pitch deck.

  1. What is the message you are trying to convey? Depending on your brand and niche you are in, look for a suitable design. For instance, if you are a real estate agent, your slideshow should be crisp and straightforward, yet with a bulk of high res photos.
  2. Have you ever seen this same template at other meetings? Select a unique, visually-appealing template that would compliment your brand and communicate your message properly.
  3. Does the template boast advanced features? Avoid running after the templates containing the only title and text pages, rather consider themes with Master Slide layout and different slide types. Besides, make sure the template supports graphs, charts, diagrams, tables, infographics, and other elements.
  4. Are you familiar with the art of using colors? A good template shouldn’t restrict you from picking the right color palette. Search for real estate listing presentation templates that provide a variety of color options. Pay special attention to bright colors that would create contrast and make your text pop up, as well as communicating the emotion behind your message.
  5. What fonts to use? Same as the color, the typography you choose for a slideshow should also couple up with your message.

And last but not least, choose reliable developers who create unique templates with a classy design, advanced features, and multiple slide types.

Best Practices for Real Estate Marketing Presentation

Competition in real estate is fierce, so you should always be a few steps ahead to stand out among the competitors. The same principle applies to your real estate marketing assets. Your real estate slideshow should be effective, engaging, and converting. Leveraging PowerPoint real estate templates from TemplateMonster is a great first step to success. They are designed by expert developers to prove your professionalism and creative approach. We’ll get back to them in the next paragraph, and now, let’s get through the tips that will help you get better results in terms of a real estate marketing strategy.

  • Demonstrate social proof. To gain the trust of your prospective clients, give the proof of your knowledge, credibility, and results by including the feedback from your happy customers to the presentation (make sure to get their permission before).
Social proof.
  • Make the presentation visually attractive. Posting high res images in your pitch deck will lead to more requests and viewings. Provide an abundance of photos and videos of the property to boost the interest of your prospects to a property. Impress your audience with photos and videos taken from a drone.
Visually attractive.
  • Adapt the pitch deck to each client. First-time home buyers and investors looking for rental property have different needs. So, it makes sense to tailor a slideshow depending on whom you are going to show it. PPT templates gathered at TM marketplace are flexible enough to adapt them to different needs at the push of a button.
Adapt the pitch deck.

A Showcase of Real Estate PowerPoint Templates

Now that you know the factors you should consider when picking the perfect listing presentation template, it’s high time to go and choose the one that would perfectly suit your needs. Although the market is full of PowerPoint templates at any taste, finding the right one may be time-consuming and tedious. This is where the list of templates we’ve gathered in one place may come to the rescue.

Real Estate & Construction PowerPoint Template

Real Estate & Construction PowerPoint Template.


This catchy PowerPoint template has been specifically created for real estate and construction business projects. It comes equipped with clean and classy slides full of business-needed topics and infographics. All the elements included in the pack are fully editable, so you can change everything from shape to text and color with just a few clicks. Take a look at the list below to see what tools you’ll get together with the template.

  • About 80 unique custom slides.
  • Bright and dark theme versions.
  • 10 color variations.
  • Master Slide layout.
  • Drag-n-drop image placeholders, etc.

Construction - PowerPoint Template

Construction - PowerPoint Template.

Details | Get for Free in ONE Membership

Construction PPT template is known for its multipurpose nature which means you can use it for any of your projects, be it business, corporate, creative, or real estate. Designed following the latest trends, this solution is still available at an affordable price, so anyone can invest in their presentation. The template is well-structured and visual-rich which will help to accompany the text content with corresponding photos and make the slideshow easy to digest. Among other things, Construction contains the following elements:

  • 36+ responsive widescreen slides.
  • Clean and dark background.
  • Vector icon library.
  • Master Slide.
  • Infographics, charts, diagrams, timeline, and other elements.

MANSION PowerPoint Template

MANSION PowerPoint Template.


In most cases, minimalism is a good idea, especially if you need to focus on your content and make the presentation easy to follow. With Mansion, you can easily build a unique, clean, and professional-looking slideshow that will convey your message. Thanks to fully editable elements included in the pack, you will also be able to change the way the presentation looks, adapting it to your personal or business needs. Here’s a short list of tools you’ll get access to with Mansion:

  • 30 unique slides.
  • Master Slides.
  • Drag-n-drop picture placeholder.
  • Gallery and portfolio slides.
  • Infographics and other elements.

Boulevard Architecture Presentation PowerPoint Template

Boulevard Architecture Presentation PowerPoint Template.


Another multipurpose PowerPoint template refers to Boulevard which can be used for creative agency, photography, portfolio, business, and real estate projects. It has well-structured slides with minimalist design, yet bright accents which will help you draw the attention to your slideshow. Besides, the template contains all the necessary elements and tools in one place, so you don’t have to get any additional software to build a fully-fledged presentation. Consider what else you’ll get with this template:

  • Over 50 slides.
  • Hand-crafted infographic and pixel-perfect illustrations.
  • Master Slides.
  • Chart, map, and mockup slides.
  • Portfolio and gallery slides, etc.

Mezzanine - Interior Presentation PowerPoint Template

Mezzanine - Interior Presentation PowerPoint Template.


This clean and user-friendly PowerPoint template will make your presentation stand out and keep the audience engaged. Although it has been created as an interior-devoted template, it still can be used for company profile, startup, portfolio, and real estate projects. With Mezzanine, your slideshow will look classy and modern which will make a positive first impression on your audience. Besides, it comes equipped with all the necessary tools and elements for building a professional-looking presentation at the push of a button.

  • 38 total slides.
  • Free web fonts included.
  • Master Slide layout.
  • Drag-n-drop picture placeholder.
  • Multiple slide types and more.

Bold - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Bold - PowerPoit Presentation Template.


Bold is another multipurpose PowerPoint template suitable for different kinds of business and other projects. With a clean and simple, yet classy design, it will help you stand out and attract as many people as possible to your presentation. Besides, the tools included in the pack are handy enough so that it’s not mandatory to have any special skills to build a fully-fledged slideshow. With the Bold theme, you will get access to the following elements:

  • 160 modern and unique slides.
  • Full maps and infographic vector shapes.
  • Drag-n-drop image placeholders.
  • Data-driven charts.
  • Full HD slides that can be opened in HD video format.

Grinder PowerPoint Template

Grinder PowerPoint Template.

Details | Get oduct for Free in ONE Membership

Grinder is a PowerPoint template with a distinctive design that will help you to take your presentation to a completely new level. It is a perfect solution for business and personal use. No matter what project you run, company profile, personal portfolio, or real estate agency, Grinder brings all the necessary tools for designing an engaging slideshow. Here’s just a small part of all elements included in the pack:

  • Over 20k total slides with stunning animation.
  • 50 color schemes.
  • 1-click color changer.
  • Product mockups, maps, and other elements.
  • Bebas Neue and Calibri fonts used, etc.

Innova PowerPoint Template

Innova PowerPoint Template.


Innova is a minimalist yet modern-looking PowerPoint template that will help you make a positive first impression on your audience. It is a good solution for commercial or personal use, creative industry, real estate, or business purposes. The theme comes with all the tools and elements needed for building a well-structured, converting presentation without any additional software. Besides, the elements are fully editable, so you can change the way your slideshow looks by adjusting the color, shapes, text, etc. Consider the list of features below to get an idea of what you’ll be working with:

  • 30 unique slides in 5 color schemes.
  • Master Slide layout.
  • Picture placeholder.
  • Free web fonts included.
  • Vector-based elements, and more.

Real Estate Presentation PowerPoint Template

Real Estate Presentation PowerPoint Template.


Consider this real estate listing presentation template if you are looking for a solution to boost your business. This is a modern-looking and elegant PowerPoint theme with multiple visualization options aimed at showcasing the property in the best light. Besides, there are different slide types so that you can structure the information the way to make the slideshow easy to follow. Present your projects and services, your team members, and feedback of your satisfied clients within the presentation. This allows building a reliable image of your agency and attract more clients. The elements included in the pack will help you do that.

  • 50 unique slides bundled with 10 premade colors.
  • “Real estate” icon pack.
  • Vector-based shapes and elements.
  • Drag-n-drop image placeholder.
  • A list with links to recommended photos, etc.

Wrap Up

Since there is fierce competition in real estate, you should have something that would make you stand out. Presentation is a great first step to spreading a word about your services and reaching a wider target audience. But choosing the right PowerPoint template is not that simple as it may sound.

When picking the theme, consider its design, color palette, typography, optional elements, and other features aimed at making your slideshow different. Consider adding as many high-quality visuals as possible presenting your property in the best light. But still, avoid overloading the presentation with photos only. Frame them with corresponding details that will give your prospects a clear picture of the property.

Armed with the best practices, you still need a unique, modern-looking template to succeed. Avoid spending eternity searching it all over the Internet. Now, you can find the themes all in one place — at the TM marketplace.

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