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Food is quite a social phenomenon that always gathers a lot of people around. This is also a subject of conversation everyone gets excited about. So, if you have your own culinary blog, you might have a wide audience and focused attention on what you are presenting.

Look at this picture, does your mouth become wet?

Easy recipes infographic is something that can help you impress your foodie blog readers and make them want to return again and again. While applying food infographics to your culinary blog, you can convey the recipe’s data concisely by adding icons and other additional elements to it. This way, the followers who want to cook according to your recipes can do it without being distracted by long read.

In case you don’t want to hire a designer and spend a fortune on building food infographics from scratch, an extensive library of ready-made templates will be useful. This paper will not only provide you with a list of templates, but it will also brief you on hot tips to design a killer infographic and present the most mouthwatering food blog designs.

So, stay tuned.

Quick Tips on Designing Food Infographics

It only looks complicated but actually it isn't.

Tip #1. Utilize Food Icons for a Fancy Look

Hand-drawn pictures are always in trend.

These days, illustrated icons are in great demand. They are widely used for food infographics, posters, and social media. Compared to flat icons, illustrated icons can look differently and use a different color palette. This way you can play around with infographic design, as well as adding a cheerful tone to it that will boost the audience’s interest.

Tip #2. Showcase Food Ratios Using Pie Chart

Pie chart is completely understandable, isn't it?

A pie chart applied to your infographic will help to reduce something that looks like a term paper providing interesting read in return. With a pie chart, you can simply visualize the recipe data in a completely distinctive way. Remember that the appealing visual components of your food infographic play into your hand, especially when you consider that most people are visual learners.

Tip #3. Combine Real Photos and Amusing Typography

Collages look great and attract lots of attention.

Combining bold typography and flat photos take its origin in poster design. Today, this technique suits most design projects, and infographic is no exception. With this blend of the real and digital world, you have a chance to create a unique graphic and let your followers quickly cover all ingredients of the recipe.

Tip #4. Ensure Color Palette Matches Your Brand

Do you think colors are not important at all? many people do that mistake.

The importance of choosing the right color palette for a food infographic is often underestimated which is a grossly negligent error. Not only can you say a lot with just a few colors, but you can also set the pace for the entire easy recipes infographic. Before opting for the right palette, analyze the main idea of your project and imaging what color would fit it the most.

Tip #5. Go with Color Psychology in Your Infographic

We often associate red color with something bad, especially in comparison charts.

Not only can color reflect your brand identity, but it can also greatly influence followers and consumers in case you sell recipes online or run a cafe. Food paired with color uses a strong emotional bond to taste, memories, and feelings which makes people get back to you and your food-related project.

  • Red and yellow stimulate the appetite.
  • Green stands for eco-friendly, healthy food.
  • Brown is appetizing and good for packaging.
  • Bright colors are perfect for sweets, candies, and desserts.
  • Restrained colors work well for complex flavors and are good for sweet flavors like chocolate.

Tip #6. Apply Handy Cooking Tips

Versatile infographics have more chances to be used by other internet visitors and spread wider.

Build your food infographic simple enough so that everyone could use it for their purpose and share it with friends and relatives. Add handy cooking hacks creatively. Like illustrated in the picture, you can also guide your followers on the portions measuring them using hands.

Tip #7. Use Timeline to Depict the History of a Food

Learning history from infographics is more illustrative and simple than from other sources.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like to learn about the origin of certain things, especially when it comes to food? While using a timeline in your food infographic, you can present the information in an easily digestible way and ensure an interesting read for your audience.

Tip #8. Adhere to Minimalism in Your Design

If you are able to express the idea with only a few simple pictures - you can call yourself a minimalist artist.

Minimalism is not always about black and white design lacking colors. Most of the time, it is about using only the needed things and nothing more. Easy recipes infographic built in a minimalistic design doesn’t usually need much description and can remain colorful and vivid.

Tip #9. Spice up the Infographic with Hand-Drawn Elements

Did you noticed that hand-drawn pictures are more cozy?

You might have noticed that hand-drawn illustration has become quite successful in design. Hand-drawn graphics used for food infographics can add a touch of personality as well as helping your brand to stand out. On top of that, the infographic will hardly be copied by anyone else which allows you to stay calm and be sure in the unique content you’re posting.

Tip #10. Use a List Format for Easy Recipes Infographic

The receipt is very simple is to look on it this way, isn't it?Arranging a recipe into the infographic can be exceptionally simple if you use the list format. You don’t have to take much effort to build an easy recipe infographic: copy the stages of preparation to a template you have, apply icons, graphics, or other elements, and you are done.

Best Food Blog Designs That Will Make You Dribble Down Your Chin

Being well-watched plays a significant role when it comes to building own food blog. Thus, we’ve picked the best food blog designs that should inspire you and gathered them in one place. So, you don’t have to waste time searching for references all over the Internet. Have a close look at blogs and be ready to dribble down your chin since they look mouthwatering indeed.

Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is known for its minimalist design with detailed photos of the process side by side. The minimalism allows readers to revel in the peculiar details in the kitchen without distraction.

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is designed in a clean and modern style with drool-worthy photos placed right in the center of the main page. In addition to eye-catching pictures, the followers will also find several useful tips that will guide them through making the same top-notch food photos.

Not Without Salt

Not Without Salt is a food blog packed with vivid photos of the featured recipes that will impress its followers with an especially classy design. A blend of creative recipes and high-quality snapshots are essential parts of any food blog which claims to succeed.

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is a clean and minimalistic food and design community aimed to cover the topic of collective cooking and group meals besides traditional food. The website displays physical food and cooking process along with dining space and setup.


BunsInMyOven is not a blog about buns only. This is the space where you can find out how to savor the food. The blog is not limited to showcasing the recipes of desserts and bread — the followers will also discover Sunday-meal plans and everyday recipes with delicious meat.

Piping Pot Curry

Piping Pot Curry is the Indian food blog that will introduce its followers to Indian culinary traditions and change their minds about the spices. The country and its food traditions which seem so far away are actually much closer.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is hard to call a minimalist blog. It uses bright and vivid colors, vintage logo and typography, six-post layout at the top of the main page, and other elements that make it stand out. Nevertheless, the overall design is clean and greatly sells Ella’s brand.

Call Me Cupcake

Call Me Cupcake is another food blog with a clean and stylish design. It boasts the exquisite photography that invites the visitors to look into the recipe. Whereas, the use of negative space makes the website look like a glossy magazine. This blog proves once again that “less is more” and it attracts people from the whole world.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is an author’s food blog comprising foodie recipes, author’s books, overviews of Paris restaurants and pastry shops, etc. Like many other blogs presented in this list, this one features a clean and classy design being attractive to most people.

Food Infographics Showcase

Food infographic is a collective concept that includes restaurants, cooking, and kitchen infographics, as well as recipe graphics and icons as supplemental elements. Down the paragraph, you will find the brightest examples for each type of infographic.

Restaurant Infographics

Slim Chickens

Locale Ristorante

Cooking Infographic

Cooking Chicken Liver

Baking Starter Bread

Cooking Fish

Baking Cinnamon Rolls

Kitchen Infographic

Culinary Tools

Kitchen Safety Tips

Cooking with Children

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Maintaining the Fridge

Recipe Graphic & Recipe Icons

Easy Recipes Infographic Templates

Ready-made infographic templates are designed for everyone who wants to save some time and money as well as launching the infographic shortly. Below, you will find collections of trending infographic templates that will help you convey the information creatively and easily. So, go ahead and consider each of them carefully.

Big Infographic Bundle — 900+ Vector Infographic Elements

Big Infographic Bundle — 900+ Vector Infographic Elements

This large bundle of infographic elements will come in handy if you need a ready-made solution for your upcoming project. More than 250 premium 3D vectors, editable shapes, and elements aim to help you build a fully-fledged, informative PPT presentation, resume, brochure, or different kinds of reports. On top of that, the template contains 4 color variations that let you experiment with the infographic until the final result meets your needs. So, get this infographics bundle to make your pitch stand out and boost the audience’s interest. 

3D Vector Arrow Infographic Elements

3D Vector Arrow Infographic Elements

Ready-made infographic templates can significantly save your time, money, and effort. If you don’t want to hire a designer to have created the infographic from scratch, this option is exactly what you need. With this collection, you will be able to make a presentation look more vivid and classy. Besides, using arrow elements for the infographic can organize the information and make it easy to digest. Make sure to leverage them for articles, portfolios, ads, emails, and other projects that require to be informative.  

Amazing Big Bundle Infographic Elements

Amazing Big Bundle Infographic Elements

This fullest pack of infographic elements includes many graphs, charts, icons, and other custom shapes to ensure a hassle-free infographic design. Over 40 different elements available in the pack can be used for business presentations and analysis, advertising and marketing, brochure design and promotional emails. Every single element comes as a vector file which greatly facilitates the editing process. Please also note that this specific set is compatible with Adobe Illustrator only, so make certain you have the software already installed and ready for work.  

Tree Bundle — Infographic Elements

Tree Bundle — Infographic Elements

Get the information in your infographic arranged with this pack of tree infographic elements. Inside the package, you will find more than 10 vector files together with four color variations which allow playing around with the color palette of your infographic. This collection is suitable for different purposes including business analysis, annual reports, presentations, marketing, resume design, etc. Grab this set if you desire to build the infographic without a delay. 

Rocket Infographic Elements

Rocket Infographic Elements

Have a look at these vector infographic elements with a rocket if you are searching for an outstanding decision for your presentation. The elements are easy to edit and customize using Illustrator software. They are also available in a print-ready format which means you can print out the infographic to share it with the audience. This way you let them shortly catch an idea of your presentation and focus on what you are talking about. 

Mostly Used Essential Infographic Mega Bundle

Mostly Used Essential Infographic Mega Bundle

Consider this multipurpose easy to install infographic bundle that comes with over 60 unique templates. Utilize it for any kind of project, be it annual report, promotional emails, business presentation, or brochure design — with this set, any of the projects will rock. The templates are available in 3 styles comprising flat, 2D, and 3D designs. Tree infographic elements, arrows, maps, charts, and graphs are all available in one place. So, you don’t have to waste time searching for the elements separately. 

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