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Reviewed: What is Interesting About the Draftium Prototyping Tool?

Absolutely love the motivation behind this: the combination of simplicity, speed and frictionless workflow paired with tasteful results.

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A well-developed prototype is a detailed visualized plan that shows a complete structure of the future website and helps a designer to focus on graphics composition without being distracted by conceptual issues.

Apparently, everyone who has ever experimented with website creation knows how lingering this process can be sometimes. In the beginning, a customer and a designer may have quite a different vision of how the ready product should look, and they need to come to a common opinion before starting the website creation process. So, a designer has to emendate a lot of things on a customer’s request while the entrepreneur has to wait until another revision is done… And give another round of comments and suggestions on the design they are looking for.

Prototyping tools are used to make this process easier and faster.


get a readymade website

What Is Draftium?

Draftium is an online tool intended for quick prototype creation and easy collaboration with customers or developers inside the team, without wading through unnecessary complicated features.

Using its ready-to-use templates and blocks you can create a refined prototype of a webpage in just 15-20 minutes. This not only saves time but also helps to avoid extra expenses spent on redesign and bug fixing.

Another advantage of this service is that users can shift the level of digitalization of their website visualization. That means that you can choose by yourself whether you want to have a simple black-and-white structure or a detailed interactive model with animations, copy, visuals, and active links.

Draftium is a product of Weblium, known for its “do-it-yourself” approach and AI-based online website builder.

At first, a prototyping tool was just an inner-company product designed strictly for the company's use. They tried to find a ready solution that would do exactly what they needed: create fast yet functional prototypes to speed up communication with their customers, and was possible to use in real-time. Among dozens of the available solutions, none of them fit well, so the company created their own builder.

Gradually, Draftium has grown to be a separate product which is now becoming more and more popular, successfully competing over older tools.

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What Can You Do With Draftium?

Draftium will be useful for anyone who deals with the website creation process (once or on a regular basis). It is primarily oriented toward entrepreneurs who want to carry their thoughts to a website development team, and designers searching for a convenient tool for communicating with their customers.

The main uses are:

  • Prototyping. Make a static or dynamic prototype of a webpage that reflects pages, images, photos, buttons, banners, etc.
  • Visualizing. Create a structure of a future website with links, pages, and blocks.
  • Testing. See how the prototype looks on different devices and test its work.


Main Features

The tool is as simple as necessary to just get the desired result and go on working. It's easy-to-use both for professionals and for newbies. Here are its main features:

  • Prototype patterns. 300+ prototype templates and 200+ ready-to-use blocks.
  • Template editor. A panel with instruments for customizing your prototype.
  • Free samples. Library with free visual elements (icons, images).
  • Mobile integration. Synchronizes and adjusts prototype to any screen size.
  • Reviews and collaboration. An opportunity to leave comments about particular parts of a page in real time.



A basic profile which allows the creation of up to 3 prototypes with 20 generic templates is available for free.

The Pro subscription costs $99 per year which is quite affordable. It allows for using all the functions of Draftium without any limitations, customizing your domain, and removing Draftium branding.

Template installation

How Do You Create A Prototype With Draftium?

The process of creating a website prototype via Draftium structure builder is really simple. It includes just a few steps:

  • Create a Draftium profile. You can sign up with your email or Facebook account.
  • Pick a template. There is a list of templates sorted by site types (Business services, Photo, Video & Media, or Restaurants & Food). You need to choose one which is a good fit for your website or you can create a draft of your website from scratch.
  • Start editing. Use the editor tool to move blocks and adapt the template to your needs.
  • Add content and files. Create an original text to fill up a page and upload some pictures.
  • Publish. Post your prototype online on the Draftium website to check how all the elements look together and operate and then share the link with the other project members.
  • Enable commenting. Allow other people to leave comments about certain parts of the prototype to get feedback.


Wrap Up

Draftium is a modern turbo prototyping tool that allows you to create a mockup of a future website in just a few minutes. Draftium poses itself as a versatile online platform, which is suitable for both professional designers and for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to create their website prototype by themselves.

Draftium is a decent prototyping tool which fulfills its tasks properly. The simple interface makes it possible for an average user to not spend long hours trying to understand all the peculiarities of a complicated program; you can start work on a project right off the bat.

To sum up, Draftium is a noteworthy tool that allows a customer to be more involved in the process of website development. It provides an opportunity to control the process, comment, and make remarks online which saves much time for both the entrepreneurs and site developers.

It's no wonder Draftium caught the fancy of many internet users and won the Golden Kitty Awards at Product Hunt for the nomination, Design Tool of the Year in 2018.

If you want to know more about this tool, check out the Draftium official website. Tell us what you think about this app in the comments.

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