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Save Time On Social Media Management With PromoRepublic

  1. Content Creation: Feeding the Content Monster
  2. ontent Services: Unique Posts in 5 Business Days
  3. Smart Posting & Scheduling: The Best Calendar View
  4. Collaboration: Streamlining Client Approval Process
  5. Reporting: Knowing What Content Works Best
  6. Social Monitoring: Seeing Who’s Talking About You
  7. White Label: PromoRepublic Tailored to Your Brand
  8. Pricing That Fits Your Team
  9. Takeaways
  10. TemplateMonster Offer

So you have a hard time managing social media? No wonder. It’s comprised of so many aspects that small business, agencies, and freelancers try to cover. When asked what is the most challenging part of their job, people involved in social media management point out that they struggle to find time for everything. In this endless list of tasks, feeding the content monster is always a priority, but there are other, not less important problems, like

  • Lack of content ideas
  • Trying to figure out the best time to post
  • Scheduling content
  • Managing digital marketing teams
  • Being aware of all social mentions
  • Tracking important metrics
  • Getting executive or client approval

Sounds like your social media management routine? Yeah, we know.

To enter the market as a brand and get noticed, though, building a presence on social is an essential step. One can’t afford to ignore it as the number of social media users worldwide is expected to grow to 3 billion in 2021.

number social media users

Don’t worry about how you’re going to tackle the problems. PromoRepublic solves all of the above in the most elegant way. Here's how it's done.

Content Creation: Feeding the Content Monster

PromoRepublic has a lot to offer to people whose task is to deliver exceptionally good unique content for social media. In addition to keeping all information for agencies in one place, it has many features to make your content creation process a breeze. They especially come in handy when you’re at a loss for ideas.

Content Creation

Templates library

Once you’ve signed up to PromoRepublic, it will encourage you to choose a specific niche for you or your client. The tool will immediately give you access to 6000+ engaging, promotional, or motivational editable templates. They are constantly created by PR’s in-house team of professional designers. In fact, that’s what tells it apart from other social media tool providers.

Post ideas library

If you’re desperate to publish or schedule something as soon as possible, but you have no time to write brilliant texts that should go together with visual content, PR has got you covered with its post ideas library. There, you’ll find 100,000 post ideas for 17+ industries, including articles, contests, and polls. Moreover, some of them will have calls to action already mentioned in the description.

Graphics editor

Aside from thousands of creatives, PromoRepublic allows you to make your own or fix content that exists by using the graphics editor. There are around 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners to customize your content. PR’s Editor also has integrated photo stocks which makes it easier to choose an appropriate picture.

Calendar of upcoming events

One of the most useful ideas of PR’s inventors was to include a calendar of upcoming events with visual content. I doubt you’ll find it somewhere else. Because the calendar is constantly updated with new holiday posts, you can level up your campaigns and preset your industry to get the most relevant content.

  • How small business can benefit: Choose your industry and make the content creation process faster with the ideas you can find in the system.
  • How agencies can benefit: Browse 100,000+ ready-to-use visuals and templates and pick what fits your clientele best without designers and additional tools.

ontent Services: Unique Posts in 5 Business Days

Pre-made content availability is not the only thing that stirs the competitive juices of PromoRepublic’s rivals. What really does is the content bundle – the easiest way to get 20 editable post templates created by a professional team in 5 business days. The reason why you need custom templates is that they will speak your brand’s voice. PR’s team of designers will deliver ready-to-use visuals to your publishing calendar and match it with the best posting time. The only thing you need to do is to approve all posts in a few clicks right in the interface.

  • How small business can benefit: Use content bundle to stand out with custom content that is out-of-the-box without design skills.
  • How agencies can benefit: Get your custom set of 20 editable templates tailored for your client’s business by outsourcing content creation.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-159982" src="https://monsterspost.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/content-services.jpg" alt="ontent Services" width="1000" height="976" />

Smart Posting & Scheduling: The Best Calendar View

You’ll need a calendar to schedule your posts in advance. PromoRepublic took care of it as well and tuned it up with cool features.

Smart Posting & Scheduling

Content Calendar

The beauty of the calendar is in keeping scheduling visual in multiple views – in weekly or monthly scale. Personally, I like the weekly view more, because it looks stunning and more informative. The calendar will help you in creating and scheduling posts to publish on multiple social networks and social media pages simultaneously – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The design is purely intuitive, so you won’t have trouble organizing your social media publishing calendar.

Time slots

Time slots are an indispensable part of the calendar. PromoRepublic’s AI-powered algorithms will suggest times when it’s best to post, based on the industry, type, and format of content. After you fill in the calendar, the posts in the queue will go live automatically at a predefined time.

Video, links, gifs, images posting

There are no limitations as to what type of content you’d like to publish. The calendar supports posting of multi-format social media content, so you can schedule articles, images, GIFs and videos. The system will also give you a clue when engaging, promotional, and motivational content should be published on five networks.


This is another PromoRepublic feature that anticipates recycling successful posts. In other words, you can set the repetitive period to keep posting evergreen content or simply pick the most effective posts and repeat them.

How small business can benefit: Use the calendar to save time on routine social media posting and spend more time on running your business.

How agencies can benefit: The calendar will help you automate scheduling for multiple clients.

Collaboration: Streamlining Client Approval Process

Many clients of PromoRepublic offer up that this tool is a real time-saver, especially when it comes to team and client collaboration inside an agency. The following features make collaboration more streamlined, as there’s no need in a back-and-forth exchange of spreadsheets and designs.



Thanks to workspaces, you can organize your social media pages and collaboration for each project or team separately. They allow you to invite team members and clients to work on the content and manage permission roles.

Approval flow

One of the greatest benefits of PromoRepublic is the approval flow. It is the best way to stay on the same page with the client and get your social media content approved. Your client will be able to review and approve it in one click right in the interface. On top of that, you’ll get notifications on the comments, approvals, posting statuses and all the actions your team and clients complete in the account.


If something is wrong with the post, you can talk with the client in the comments section. The tool organizes content review processes under the posts in the calendar and thus enables smooth content edits discussions and approval workflow.

Client interface

Sometimes, you don’t want your clients to see any comments inside the team, but you still need to invite them to participate in the approval flow. In PromoRepublic, client interface can be easily limited.

How small business can benefit: Use workspaces to invite your employees and work on content and scheduling together.

How agencies can benefit: Create workspaces for every client. Save time by inviting your clients and teammates to have approvals, comments on content all in one place without spreadsheets.

Reporting: Knowing What Content Works Best

Reporting in PromoRepublic lets you know what content works best by indicating how efficient your post was, including likes, comments, and clicks. You also get the percent of efficiency and can compare one post with another at the end of the day. What I really like about PR’s reporting is that the tool collects all the insights from different social networks under one roof, so you don’t need to switch between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see the progress.


  • How small business can benefit: Use reporting to get the statistics to know what content works best.
  • How agencies can benefit: Show clients reports with the results of your work, export them in PDF and show your ROI.

Social Monitoring: Seeing Who’s Talking About You

Social Monitoring

In the times of never-ending discussions and reviews, social monitoring is essential for brands. Only this way can you see true feedback and who’s talking about you on social. Here’s how you can benefit from PromoRepublic when the feature of social monitoring comes into play:

  • Manage your brand reputation.
  • Get live updates from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter about your brand in one place.
  • Never miss out on mentions and keep track on each separately.
  • React on time and engage with people.
  • Find and join conversations.

  • How small business can benefit: Use social monitoring to know who’s talking about you, respond immediately and grow the number of followers.
  • How agencies can benefit: Use social monitoring to manage reputation for your clients to dissatisfied and satisfied customers of your clients and be quick to resolve the issue.

White Label: PromoRepublic Tailored to Your Brand

Like all of the above? Then you can get PromoRepublic customized and matched with your brand identity. The white-label solution allows you to get your own branded tool with your logo, colors, and hosted on your website domain. So you don’t have to spend any time and budgets on the development of your own software. A product of your own will boost you up in your client’s eyes.

  • How agencies can benefit: Get your own branded tool without efforts to impress your clients. Charge your clients more, save time, money, and build an impressive brand experience.

White Label

Pricing That Fits Your Team

Here’s a short preview of prices, which I find very attractive, taking into account the packages of the above features.

For small businesses

  • Solo, best for personal use, $9/mo and is billed only annually as $108.
  • Standard, best for small businesses, $39/mo, billed annually as $468.
  • Content Bundle, starting at $149.

For agencies and freelancers

  • Standard, best for small businesses, $39/mo, billed annually as $468.
  • Professional, best for marketing agencies, freelancers and in-house teams, $79/mo, billed annually as $950.40.
  • Advanced, white-labeled version to enhance your brand, from $182/mo, billed annually as $950.40.

social media pack bundle


A list of small business or agency owner’s tasks is long and so is the list of challenges. With content creation, you either need a thousand and one ideas to succeed or one great social media management tool.

Unlike other services, PromoRepublic developed ideation tools: the post library, a built-in graphics editor, a scheduler, a white-label solution, and a smart AI system that picks the best time for a specific type of content, which makes it really stand out.

As you may notice, PromoRepublic was designed to meet the current needs of small business owners and marketing agencies. It offers features that turn up handy for small businesses, agency owners, and freelancers to solve their main challenge – find time for everything.

TemplateMonster Offer

When it's time for you to buy a new digital product at TemplateMonster marketplace you can make get PromoRepublic subscription on exclusive terms.

So after you add another item to your cart you will see the list of recommended offers, like this one.

Next, you need to click on the Show More Offers.

And when you do it, you will find the Promorepublic social media service somewhere in the middle of the list.

Just add it to your cart and you're ready to roll!

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