How TemplateMonster Tech Support Graciously Satisfies Customer Needs 24/7

Choosing the right web template is like choosing a car (or your character appearance in a video game); you will be using it for some time, and so it could be a hard choice. Some people enjoy selecting carefully, and slowly and accurately comparing several options.

Others don’t like searching and need help.

That is what TemplateMonster technical support exists for.

What could a support monster do for you?

TemplateMonster tech support is one of the best when comparing it with the ones offered by similar marketplaces. In this article, you could find a comparison of support provided by TemplateMonster and ThemeForest.

TemplateMonster provides free tech support to every customer for 6 months after the purchase. The Monster support team is composed of professionals that would be able to answer every question about products.TemplateMonster Tech Support

Help you choose

TemplateMonster’s tech support knows all the details about our templates – how they look like, what platform they could be used for, and what benefits they have. A personal consultant will give you advice and propose a few options according to your preferences so that you spend less time searching for a template.

Answer all your questions about our product

Is a template responsive?

Does it have a parallax effect?

Is it adaptive?

Support specialists will gladly have a chat with you and show you the most appropriate items from our inventory, which satisfy your aesthetic needs and technical requirements.

Distantly resolve possible technical problems

The Tech support team will help you with unzipping issues, restore missed links and give explanations about license details. If you have a problem with a monster product – keep calm and contact tech support.

Give you a hand with the purchasing process

To buy a template, you could use a plastic credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or one of the secure payment systems (PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Wire). A friendly tech support specialist will help you make a payment most conveniently.

How could you contact tech support?

Live Chat

Tech support is available 24 hours a day and works without days-off. In a pop-up window, you could select what type of advice do you need. A consultant will help you choose the right product; a support specialist provides free assistance for existing clients, and a billing assistant will resolve your checkout issues.Live Chat

Leave a ticket

If you would like to get a detailed response via e-mail – submit a ticket. All the tickets are processed in 4 - 24 hours. There are multiple ways to report an issue:

  • From chat: if all the support specialists are currently busy, you will be directed to the TemplateMonster support site, right to a “Submit ticket” page
  • From personal account: clients of TemplateMonster can create a ticket from the “Support tickets” bar of their personal page
  • From Help center: at the bottom of TemplateMonster main page you will find a “Help Center” button


If you are an auditory type of learner and want to get all the information in verbal communication, you are welcome to call monster phone support. Hit a blue “Call back” button on the pop-up window and leave your contact data. Within an hour a benevolent support team member will call you to discuss how TemplateMonster could help in solving your problem.

support monster

Why do support monsters love their work?

1. Lots of communication, even at night

Click Play to listen to the conversation.

2. Sincere feelings

TemplateMonster Tech Support

3. Challenging tasks

TemplateMonster Tech Support

4. Surprisingly great suggestions

TemplateMonster Tech Support

5. Client’s genuine concern

TemplateMonster Tech Support

6. Interesting proposals

TemplateMonster Tech Support

7. Shared pain

TemplateMonster Tech Support

8. Astonishing acquaintances

TemplateMonster Tech Support

9. Innovative technology

TemplateMonster Tech Support

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