Where to Get the Best WordPress Maintenance?

  1. What Kind of WordPress Help You Can Get
  2. Comparison of 6 Premium WordPress Services
  3. Wrapping It Up

You don’t have to be a technical genius to create a site with a WordPress theme. But once the work is done, it’s too early to relax. All WordPress sites break at some point. There are many hazards that can affect their performance: malware, hackers, DDoS attacks, and outdated software.

Have you ever thought who’ll care of your WordPress website once it goes live? It takes longer to keep it updated, backed up, and protected. Unless you are tech-savvy, you’ll also have to seek for advice on WordPress help forums and try tutorials. Add your main business tasks to that, and sleepless nights are guaranteed.

You can get third-party WordPress support in two ways. The first one is to hire a specialist, but his work can cost you a four-digit paycheck a month.

A much cheaper alternative is to rely on WordPress help services that have become really demanded. Trying always to provide our clients with the best, we couldn't but accept this fact.

That’ why today we are glad to introduce you to our new WordPress and WooCommerce support service - Maintenance!

Maintenance is a monthly or annual subscription for the best WordPress support services by TemplateMonster. Everyone who runs any kind of WordPress website can rely on it. Just choose a pricing plan (Essential or Premium). Then take a decision for how long you would like to have your site cared of. Plus, do pay attention that subscribing yearly you’ll get 2 months of fully free services.

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What Kind of WordPress Help You Can Get

Some WordPress maintenance tasks we manage are listed below:

  • WordPress Backups. You’ll have all the data saved in the cloud storage. If your site crashes, you won’t lose anything.
  • WordPress Engine and Plugins Updates. Whenever there’s a new version of your plugin, theme or WordPress core, you’ll get it installed.
  • Uptime Monitoring. Your WordPress site will always be under supervision. If it suddenly goes down, you can bring it back online ASAP.
  • WordPress Security Monitoring. Malware and other threats will be detected before they harm your site.
  • SEO WordPress Support and Basic Setup. Experts can add alt tags to images, metadata, links, and sitemap to grow your ranking.
  • Reports. You’ll receive the info about your site performance, security, backups, WordPress updates, etc.
  • 10% and 20% Discounts for Customization Services!
  • Weekly Speed Optimization
  • Free Site Transfer
  • Hosting with InMotion
  • 24/7 Life Chat and Ticket Support

Comparison of 6 Premium WordPress Services

Learn how the best WordPress support services differ from each other. It will help you choose the most profitable solution!

WP Site Care Maintenance by TM The WP Butler Proactive WP WP Buffs GoWP
Cloud Backups + - + + + +
Software Updates + - + + + +
Uptime Monitoring 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Security Protection + + + + + +
Website Improvement Suggestions - + discounts for customization - - - -
Emergency Care for extra included in 24/7 support for extra for extra for extra for extra
WooCommerce Support from $299/mo from $69/mo - - - -
2 Free Months on Yearly Plan - + - - - -
Hosting - InMotionHosting from $29/mo - - for extra fees -
Theme Installation - + - - - -
SEO Services + + - - + -
Monthly Price $79 - $299 $29 - $69 $39 - $599 $79 - $399 $67 - $197 $250 - $1100
  - + - - - -
24/7 Live Chat Support + + - - + -

Wrapping It Up

With these professional WordPress services, your site will be always updated, secure, and fast. It’s up to you which one of them to use to upkeep your site. And, of course, you can also delegate your WordPress tasks to our Maintenance team, 24/7!

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