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Every website needs to be cared for, just like any other thing you want to serve you as long as it’s possible. Websites can break suddenly, get outdated and even be attacked by malware, and what’s even worse get hacked. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect updates and check your security for undesirable loopholes. It also makes a great sense to keep your site modern and fast. Luckily, all these, and even more are out of difficulties for WordPress users that maintain their websites with the help of WordPress support services.

So, if you’re out of time or some other reasons blocks your way to the optimized performance of your website, keep on reading. How to get the best WordPress help, we’ll explain to you on the real WordPress maintenance services!

WordPress wouldn’t be the CMS number one if it didn’t work on the quality of its products constantly. Today, WordPress powers 34% of the entire internet. It gives everyone a possibility to build a website of any complexity without plunging into long codes but dragging-n-dropping stuff around. No matter how high your expectations of the results are. Due to ready-to-use WordPress themes and multiple extensions, you can run your own blog, corporate website or anything else. Plus, WordPress WooCommerce plugin is known as the best of a kind. It allows to build a real online store without additional expenses you could spend on SaaS builders.

Recalling these facts and the vast fan base of WordPress platform, we want to announce the launch of the Maintenance. It’s a new service by TemplateMonster created to provide WordPress customers with timely comprehensive support. To give the full understanding of its details let’s compare it with the well-known services! Provoking, isn’t it?

WordPress Maintenance Tasks: The Ultimate Checklist

Before you get a clearer picture of the workflow of three different WordPress support services, pay your attention to the general maintenance tasks!

Daily Tasks
<u+2714></u+2714> Backup your website
<u+2714></u+2714> Avoid downtime
<u+2714></u+2714> Force your website against hackers
Weekly Tasks
<u+2714></u+2714> Install pending updates
<u+2714></u+2714> Check your traffic and rankings
<u+2714></u+2714> Detect malware
<u+2714></u+2714> Moderate Comments
<u+2714></u+2714> Control visual website performance
Monthly Tasks
<u+2714></u+2714> Clean up your debates
<u+2714></u+2714> Deactivate unnecessary users
<u+2714></u+2714> Delete plugins you don’t use
<u+2714></u+2714> Examine the loading time
<u+2714></u+2714> Search for broken links in your content
<u+2714></u+2714> Monitor Search Engine
Yearly Task
<u+2714></u+2714> Review your WordPress installation


WP Buffs

WP Buffs promises to fix everything that can be wrong with your WordPress website. Its team of experts offers WordPress maintenance and management services. They include flawless website performance and security, regular backups and timely updates. WP Buffs provides its clients with support all over the world.

To start working with WP Buff is very easy. Just decide if you need a monthly or yearly collaboration and click on “Get Started”. Here, you’ll find different WordPress maintenance plans.

WPBuffs WordPress Maintenance Service

The lowest price for monthly plan starts at $56/month. You can also choose from varied payment methods. Objectively speaking, this pack doesn’t cover everything to keep your website at the best condition. As for those that cost more, they may be suitable for big business, like WooCommerce online stores. Still, they are uncomfortable for users that are only getting started with their websites. Probably, WP websites owners without commercial goal also may consider such website management pricey.

On the, you can get any related info. Moreover, the resource proposes visitors to look closer at comments, read posts and articles in the blog. There are even podcasts and, of course, the full list of services by WP Buffs.

So, WP Buffs guarantees:

  • 24/7 website edits;
  • Bulletproof security;
  • Speed optimization;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Weekly updates;
  • Advanced support;
  • Transparent reports.

In addition, WP Buffs provides WordPress Emergency Service. To spot the difference between the basic and extra help, we can’t but mention Gutenberg support and post-crisis communication.

WP Curve

WP Curve is occupied with WordPress websites maintenance, as you may have guessed or known from your own experience. Have you tried it? This service takes care of website optimization, security options, multiple updates, etc.

The company offers lots of packs. The basic plan for $79.99/month is the most recommended. It’s capable of increasing your website traffic and conversion, hasten loading time and prevent hackers attacks.

WordPress Maintenance

The core benefit of WP Curve is the time they need to manage any task. 30 minutes are promised to be enough. Any task that takes more time to be completed isn’t included in their package.

How does it work? Per email send your request. On average, you’re supposed to get the feedback within 8 hours, no later than 24 hours.

With WP Curve, for $79.99 in the monthly unlimited plan, you can:

  • Stop site hacks;
  • Boost your brand and conversion;
  • Speed up your site;
  • Grow business traffic;
  • Increase search engine traffic;
  • Reduce bounce rate;
  • or get help only with one off-job.
However, you should remember that you’ll have to pay for every additional off-job $20. Plus, a few years ago WP Curve was acquired by GoDaddy, so you can see some mismatch of plans. Anyway, it’s not a big problem, as you can ask their team any question in live chat.

Maintenance - TM Service

Maintenance is a new subscription service by TemplateMonster created to ease and enhance your website upkeep. Now, it positions itself as a WordPress maintenance service with special WooCommerce support. Still, it may spread also for other website software in a while.

Maintenance is our way to maximize your user comfort on WordPress. It’s also a right possibility for you always to have timely updated, well-optimized, and secure website.

Having explored peculiarities of varied WordPress management services, we propose you the competitive price-quality relationship. Plus, we’re ready to take care not only of our customers 😉 Feel free to fix any WordPress website with Maintenance even though you’ve never dealt with TemplateMonster before!

For newbies, we also provide a unique option with hosting, theme installation and content customization!

To clear up, Maintenance subscription service is for everyone who wants to:

  • save time;
  • keep their WP websites fast and sound;
  • gain discounts for customization options by TM;
  • ensure their WP websites with the best basic support;
  • get professional backing for a WooCommerce website;
  • avoid complications in the workflow of their WP websites.
Maintenance also guarantees flexible prices for all WordPress users. No matter, if you’re our loyal client or introduced for the first time to the wide assortment of TM Marketplace.

There are two pricing plans:

  • Essential and Premium (provides even more services!);
  • The aforementioned are presented as a Monthly or Annual subscription (up to your choice!);
  • The lowest pack starts only at $29/month and is going to grow to $39;
  • Choosing an Annual subscription (Essential or Premium) you gain two months of the promised;
  • services for free;
  • Also, follow this link to find out more about pricing plans!

So, what do you get for $29/month?

  • Proactive WordPress Engine & Plugin Updates;
  • Performance Check & Optimization;
  • Weekly Debugging;
  • Monthly Activity Reports;
  • Database Optimization;
  • Site Improvement Suggestions;
  • Content Update & Minor Changes (within 3 hours!);
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring;
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Ticket Support;
  • Emergency Care;
  • Discount for Customization Services (10%!);
  • Hosting with InMotion.

As well, premium packages are loaded with all these benefits and boast of even more efficient care. They need more payment but guarantee you the ultimate scope of all possible services. Check it on your own!

Only for $69/month you also can get advantages of:

  • Any WP Theme Installation;
  • Professional WooCommerce Support;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Weekly Speed Optimization;
  • SEO Consultancy;
  • Site Transfer;
  • and more.

WordPress Maintenance

How to subscribe for Maintenance by TemplateMonster perks?
  1. Learn all plans and opt one clicking on “Choose the plan”.
  2. After your purchase is made, get a request letter for your site credentials.
  3. The workflow on your WordPress website maintenance is launched. Just relax, we’ll handle the rest!

WP Buffs vs WP Curve vs Maintenance Comparison

In this comparison table, discover the main services offered by WP Buffs, WP Curve and Maintenance!

WP Buffs

WP Curve

Maintenance - TM Service

Monthly Pricing Plans from $67/mo from $99/mo from $29/mo
Yearly Pricing Plans from $672/year from $948/year from $289/year
Activity Reports <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Themes and Plugins Updates <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
SEO Consultancy <u+2714></u+2714>
Google Analytics <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Security Protection <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Backups <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
WooCommerce Support <u+2714></u+2714>
Speed Optimization <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
2 Free Months <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Hosting with InMotion <u+2714></u+2714>
Emergency Care <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>
Discount for Any Customization <u+2714></u+2714>
24/7 Live Support <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714> <u+2714></u+2714>

The Final Word

When it comes to keeping websites in shape, releasing regular updates and enhancements, the WordPress team undertakes excellent work. Yet, in order to benefit from all this, websites owners need lots of time and efforts.

Those who want to spend their spare time differently, ask for the help of WordPress website maintenance services. Today, we’ve introduced to you the three best of them. Now, you can concentrate on the details that are more valuable for you and make your decision. May up-to-date changes do only the best to your website! Fix all bugs immediately and nothing will break through your website security!

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