The Top 50 Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2020

Cryptocurrency so strongly depends on the behavior of people and world events that it is at least unreasonable to stay in the information vacuum. And blogging has become a very notable source of useful information over the past 10 years. Obviously, it plays an important role in the development of technologies like digital currency. As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin attract more and more attention from various business groups, there is a growing need to stay informed. Experienced investors, traders, and founders of blockchain projects or ICO often receive information from primary sources and secret Telegram channels. Some still read the media. TemplateMonster has found out which blogs are trusted by those who are not the first year in the theme of cryptocurrency and blockchain (all links are placed in the article). They all present information on a deep professional level. There are many interesting points of view and different perspectives on the precipitously growing cryptocurrency industry. We are glad to present to you the TOP 50 cryptocurrency blogs in 2020, for any area of this sphere. News, subtleties of mining, trading, analytics, and many more useful things!

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1. CoinDesk


Perhaps this is the most popular information service corporation for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and general Crypto news today. Plus it is very often used by other sites as an original source. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, you may have trouble understanding some of the terms used in their blog posts. It is published by CoinDesk Inc., which holds one of the most popular events in the crypto world - the Consensus Summit, and regularly publishes analytical material in The State of Blockchain. At the same time, some authorities of the crypto sphere, in particular, Vitalik Buterin, have recently criticized CoinDesk for publishing unverified materials - for example, Vitalik even refused to speak at Consensus Summit last year. At the same time, CoinDesk, of course, is one of the most popular and best cryptocurrency blogs, so if you want to read recent news about cryptocurrency, then you cannot get around it.

2. CCN


Crypto Currency News. From the very name it is clear that this is a site with the most recent news about cryptocurrency. The publication has established itself as a source of reliable information. Many users like their way of presenting information - structured, briefly and essentially, plus a large number of references to additional materials are provided. You can also subscribe to their excellent newsletter to receive the latest news directly to your email. As experts we cannot fail to mention that this blog also has an absolutely magnificent layout, which makes it very enjoyable to read.

3. Cointelegraph


This publishing is absolutely autonomous, founded in 2013. The blog contains a lot of interesting details about world blockchain events, collections of altcoins, and overviews of mining equipment.
You’ll find current information on key topics:

  • trading
  • blockchain
  • mining
  • cryptocurrency news

Interestingly, they consider cryptocurrency from all sides, equating it to the standard for payment transactions, the value measure, and the medium of exchange. They find applications of blockchain technology in real life and analyze everything that happens with the major cryptocurrencies. This includes clear structure, news feed, cryptocurrency rates, and information about the nearest ICO.

4. The Coinbase Blog


This interface may not be very auspicious, but the content really deserves attention. Plus, perhaps thanks to this interface, they stand out among other blogs and are easily remembered. Minimalism is always in fashion. On the main page you can see a list of all the topics covered by the blog, from the basics of cryptocurrency to the rules and regulations. There are categories for different coins, so you can find the specific cryptocurrency you want to read about and get comprehensive articles explaining all the benefits and possible problems associated with it.

5. Bitcoin News

bitcoin news

This blog regularly provides us with fresh news, information, and comments for investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other interested individuals who consider cryptocurrencies as a good method of payment and storage of funds. This blog is trying to focus its attention on Bitcoin, and not on other cryptocurrencies, due to its higher market capitalization. In addition, information about Bitcoin can be used with respect to any basic crypto tool. The authors of the blog posts are business experts in finance, taxes, entrepreneurship, and the economy. Bitcoin News focuses on investing in Bitcoins: it should be well weighed and consistent with the overall investment plan or business plan.

6. NewsBTC


Technological breakthroughs regularly occur in areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and a growing number of other enterprises. For the entrepreneurs and consumers who implement cryptocurrency in their everyday life, this blog seeks to inform, educate, and share important information with them. There is a focus on Bitcoin and its potential impact on traditional financial systems (since 2009). NewsBTC is a leading news and resource platform that has been operating since October 2013 to provide high-quality news content, the best reviews, and quality technical analysis.

7. Bitcoinist


This blog is mainly engaged in monitoring the rate of Bitcoin to the US dollar, which is derived from the average between several Bitcoin exchanges. The blog was founded in 2013, and since then over 2 million readers have joined it. Posts go out daily. Referring to different types of investments, the records are arranged in categories like “Support lines for a long time” and “Support lines for right now.” Bitcoinist has a very defined audience - people who are interested in Bitcoin trading. In addition, most posts contain graphs, as well as detailed explanations of the mechanics of changes in the Bitcoin rate.

8. AMBCrypto


The blog specializes in publishing cryptocurrency news with an extensive ICO listing page and a dedicated real-time cryptocurrency price page. Since its inception in 2018, more than a million users around the world have been reading them and in our rating it is in the eighth position out of 50, which also speaks volumes. The authors always speak out on the case, post quotes, screenshots, parse descriptions and documents, analyze publications in the media, statements of project managers, and consider both the pros and cons. They make interesting analogies between the blockchain and world historical processes.

9. Bitcoin Magazine


Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest source of information and comments from experts about Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain technology and the industry that has grown around them. It also discusses future success and potential failure, technological aspects like Proof of Stack, cryptocurrency applications (such as Gems and others), and so on. The authors are investigating Bitcoin’s key monetary functions, equating it to a measure for exchange, a value gauge, a standard for many other payment methods, and a means for preserving currency. The blog publishes the thoughts of so many well-known Bitcoin specialists from around the world. It is constantly updated and focuses the reader’s attention and thoughts on the main players in the industry; trading, mining, exchanges, gambling, etc.

10. BTCManager


The distinctive feature of these guys is the principle of honesty and independence. They provide accurate information, without bias and influence on the news. Any sponsored stories (articles that have been paid for by advertisers) will always be clearly marked and assigned. There are daily news articles about Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech that provide accurate and timely information about events in digital currency. As an aid to newbie’s, various resources are available on that blog to help them navigate the crypto world. There is information about safe and reliable ways to acquire Bitcoin. Daily updates include the exchange of Bitcoin and different prices for cryptocurrency.

11. Ethereum Blog

ethereum blog

There is probably no person in the world who has not heard about Bitcoin. However, only true professionals know what Ethereum is. The main competitor of Bitcoin and the second most popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum and this blog is dedicated to it. The most minimalistic design, if we can say so, gives the site some mysteriousness. Exceptional facts, everything in the case, in a clear manner of presentation - that is their style. Ethereum produces waves in all cryptocurrency markets and communities, and this blog is proud of it. It is extremely active, especially in light of price spikes and declines in recent times. Tweets, news, and text messages are commonly found here, many of which are focused on Ethereum, potentially waiting to take Bitcoin's crown.

12. CryptoPotato


This is a universal resource for finding everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Altcoin and other cryptocurrencies in general. Well, although their name sounds pretty funny, they have serious cryptocurrency content. CryptoPotato also includes a short list of ICOs, which includes such giants as Zilliqa. They also have a mailing list where they will send you one weekly email informing you of the latest cryptocurrency news and tips. Their price analysis can also be very useful for those who do not have time to explore the coins on their own. “We believe in Bitcoin, we believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology.”

13. Coin Idol

coin idol

The trick of this team is that they not only work in the field of digital currency, but they have a digital character for each team member–something like the peculiar Gorillaz in the cryptocurrency world 🙂 Nevertheless, Coin Idol is not only a source of the latest news and reviews about advanced financial technologies and the global economy, but also one of its progenitors. The main focus is on recent news about Bitcoins and Altcoin, Blockchain technologies and distributed accounting books, FinTech, and financial innovations in the global market.

14. 99Bitcoins


We always recommend this blog for newbies and those who want to understand the topic of cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin. Indeed, unlike the previous units (CoinDesk, CCN, NewsBTC, etc.) here you will not find news, but only educational content. For example, a blog includes guides, tutorials, and videos about everything related to Bitcoin and crypto, very detailed reviews on a large number of trading platforms, ICO, hardware wallets, and other things related to cryptocurrency. On the main page, as a bright example, you can see the video "Bitcoin Video Crash Course" which consists of a series of training videos that will be sent regularly to your mailbox at no cost.

15. Coinspeaker


Recently, CoinSpeaker has received a lot of attention, and this is reflected in his blog. It discusses new topics daily to keep its subscribers up to date, and it is worth noting the constant publication of new posts. CoinSpeaker has more than 450,000 unique visitors per month and covers all aspects of the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets, FinTech, and Blockchain. In particular, it covers technical analysis and projections for cryptocurrency, considering various news and events, and publishes charts and educational data. There is also a section specifically dedicated for ICO and startups.

16. Let's Talk Bitcoin

let's talk bitcoin

LTB. This is a very popular abbreviation that can mean a fashion brand for mods, a John Crowley novel for fantasy lovers, or a Russian pop band for music fans. And for you this is a source full of interesting articles, podcasts, and discussion forums. LTB’s performance last year was truly overwhelming, and part of this is because its community is well coordinated. This blog discusses all things related to Bitcoin, and also works as a kind of hint. It is quite active and welcomes members of any community.

17. Coin Central

coin central

This is a very young blog comparatively. It was founded in October 2017 and it takes a good place in the world of cryptocurrency. They have a community of over 500,000 monthly readers. Their serious brand and rapid growth have attracted some of the biggest crypto content creators to start writing for Coin Central. The blog is known for hiring only 1 out of 50 applicants; and only 1 out of every 100 guest posts is accepted. They call that their “fun stats.” We hope you will like them too, and we wish you to grow with them!

18. Blockchain Blog

Blockchain Blog

This blog is dedicated to current news about the blockchain, e-wallets, and daily updates in the crypto world. But their publications are targeted for a large group of journalists and analysts which together create valuable content on a daily basis. Although Blockchain Blog covers most cryptocurrency related topics, the most popular article categories are related to news and detailed fundamental analysis of digital assets. The blog is on our list of the best blogs on cryptocurrency due to the incredibly high-quality content that is published on it daily.

19. Kraken Blog

Kraken Blog

Do you know who the kraken really is? This is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster… We think that is just exactly the monsters these guys imply themselves to be in the crypto sea. Loud application, is not it? And interesting! Founded in 2011, the Kraken Digital Asset Exchange is one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world with the largest selection of digital assets and national currencies. The Kraken trading platform, located in San Francisco with offices around the world, is consistently rated by independent media as the best and most secure digital asset exchange system. Personally, we have no doubt that their blog contains only reliable information.

20. Cryptogon


The blog was created by Kevin Flaherty, and his main idea is to disseminate information that has been ignored or hidden by the government, media, or alliances. It is the authoritative cryptocurrency platform that reports on the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Blockchain.
Plus there are such useful sections as:

  • current exchange rate
  • technical data from exchanges
  • toolkit for analytics

21. Use The Bitcoin

Use The Bitcoin

Thanks to more than 570,000 page views in the 2nd quarter and monthly double-digit growth, this blog has a targeted and interested audience in cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and the investment Bitcoin sector, making it a very popular news resource. The blog also has an “ICO Calendar” section, where you can check out the hottest current ICO projects and evaluate whether to invest in them or not. As they are called “Use the Bitcoin,” they obviously provide the latest and most important news, best use analysis, and some price forecasts for the number one cryptocurrency on the modern electronic market.

22. Finance Magnates, Cryptocurrency

Finance Magnates, Cryptocurrency

Earlier this blog was called “Forex Magnates” and you have probably already heard about it because it is very popular among business people. It was founded in 2009 by Michael Greenberg, who initially specialized in Forex B2B. And later they added a cryptocurrency section for their content, as the guys probably realized the huge potential of this direction. There is a team of experts on free thinking from all over the world who share their knowledge with the community. This blog covers everything from cryptography, futurism, and artificial intelligence, to blockchain and other technologies.

23. CoinBundle


CoinBundle is the easiest way to responsibly invest in cryptocurrency. They provide extensive information and take on all the hard work, allowing you to build your portfolio according to your requirements. Very useful and deep (sometimes even academic) information about the blockchain is presented in blogs on Medium. It is not just talking about specific projects, but also touching on the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the new economy. It will be easy for you to distinguish between HYIP and what is truly meaningful by understanding the meaning and values of crypto economics. Comparison of the opinions of several authors makes it possible to better understand which of the fiercely debated trends is true, and which is fiction.

24. Crypto Mining Blog

cryptomining blog

In 2017 cryptocurrency mining was very popular. This was facilitated by the possibility of quick money and quick payback. It is now 2020 and mining is still profitable. This is a blog for cryptocurrency miners and owners of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other electronic monies. From the very title it is clear that the blog contains all the information about mining, its strategies, and scenarios. In general, with the mining question it is the same as with any other kind of investment; the more you have the amount of input, the faster you can recapture it.

25. The Merkle

The Merkle

The guys themselves say that their goal is to publish news content and educational content, and even help you with tips on how to create your own cryptocurrency 🙂 There is also a page with cryptocurrency courses, where at any time you can find a suitable one in the search, or instantly convert the cost into a fiat equivalent. The functionality is not limited to only cryptocurrency prices: you can save tokens to your bookmarks, keep a portfolio of an investor, and analyze news from the aggregator on the largest online news publications.

26. CoinSpectator


The blog has a very interesting design, because the gray menu, which is not possible to minimize, takes up one third of the screen and there is something to it, in this idea. CoinSpectator began its activities as a small independent news portal in early 2013. More recently, they decided to focus their efforts on developing a news aggregator that provides their readers (especially traders, investors, and just lovers of cryptocurrency) a free tool that tracks the latest news, projects, and ideas of influential people in one stream in real time. Well, you can also just read their blog and find a lot of interesting things for yourself.

27. All Coins News

All Coins News

News... it would seem to be nothing complicated: something has happened and you report it! But why is it that from different sources the same news is described in different ways, has a different idea, and even causes different emotions?! Who should we believe then? The same is also true in such a fragile business as the crypto world. This is an Asian perspective on news in the field of cryptocurrency - All Coins News. Read, think, analyze!

28. Mineable


Here is another quite young, but powerful, source for the latest news in the field of cryptocurrency and Ethereum and Bitcoin mining. Plus there is a convenient mining calculator for Bitcoin, which calculates profitability for five years ahead. Also, a certain part of the blog can be attributed to the educational field, because it provides various tutorial videos and articles, tips and feedback from respected people from the crypto world. They are always friendly, often supporting each other with their new advice, and encouraging everyone to participate in discussions and joining the community. Many tips are quite valuable. By the way, currently there is a special offer from them. By subscribing to their newsletter you get a chance to win a FREE Ledger Nano S HD wallet.

29. The BitPay Blog

The BitPay Blog

A currency is valuable when you can buy something for it, and payment services that perform intermediary functions and conversions help in this. One of these services is BitPay. Because in fact, they have created a reliable and secure way to negotiate the Bitcoin payment experience, which is used daily by hundreds of thousands of owners of Bitcoin. Therefore, their blog describes all the tools that they have created, recommendations, interesting facts, and forecasts. Since 2011 they have believed in Bitcoin and in its future. Maybe this is exactly what you were looking for?

30. Bitfinex Blog

Bitfinex Blog

Here is an excellent blog for evaluating basic market information, where you can find a lot of data on many existing coins. The service provides information on the most significant data on a particular cryptocurrency: historical price dynamics, market capitalization, price changes and the total number of coins on the market, a list of new cryptocurrencies on exchanges, Biggest Gainers and Biggest Losers ratings, and much more. Plus, the security of user information and tools is their first priority.

31. TradingBeasts


This is an information portal designed for people who invest in cryptocurrency. The service shows fairly accurate online prices, graphical and market analysis, and data collection from the 65 best cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. It is a powerful, informative resource, which includes the ratings of wallets, exchanges, plastic cards, mining pools, other contract for difference instruments, and more.

The main TradingBeasts features are:

  • breaking news
  • renowned brokers
  • glossary
  • guides and tips

The blog contains much more data than just basic information about cryptocurrencies and news. Certain price forecasts are also published on the website, which can be useful even if you are already familiar with one or another cryptocurrency. All information is available in a simple and minimalistic interface.

32. Cointelligence


This is a very useful thing for those who are interested in high-quality analysis and research data for a crypto-economy. The blog has a lot of useful tools for investors. For example, a list of active ICOs, the current rate of cryptocurrencies, and everything else is built on the rating system. Cointelligence focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency to the masses using fundamental economics, real-time market data, and experienced writers. On the site, after their five suggested posts, you can see a huge widget with top coins.

33. CoinDiligent


CoinDiligent was brought to life in 2017, with the goal of creating high-quality educational content. It is a qualitative source for the latest news about cryptocurrency, information about events and meetings, reference materials for anyone interested in cryptocurrency topic, analysis, and authoritative opinions. The site sends newsletters and allows you to customize alerts based on incoming information associated with a particular cryptocurrency. With such a service, you are much more likely to make a bargain and not miss something important from the crypto world.

34. Crypto Coin Updates


Are you familiar with such a thing as the Crypto Revolution? It’s a modern nonviolent revolution that makes peer-to-peer transactions possible without the participation of a bank in a peer-to-peer economy, managed by decentralized blockchains. This blog is dedicated to promoting this trend around the world. There are updates for crypto coins from around the world, including news about them, reviews, charts, different courses, strategies, and much more–the keyword being "updates." Today, it is so difficult to follow all the changes in this world. This kind of blog will help you with this.

35. CryptoNinjas


This is a global source of news that provides economic information about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the whole cryptocurrency market. CryptoNinjas was founded in 2016. They provide timely market updates and quality resources that promote the use of cryptographic assets and blockchain technology from small-scale industries and individuals to large companies and the government. As a source of information for investors and representatives of the industry, this daily blog publishes unique and noteworthy events on the cryptocurrency market and business news about the Blockchain. Anyone can also offer ideas for the development of this portal.

36. CoinJournal


At first glance, the purity of this site rushes to your eyes. Almost zero presence of advertising on the blog site is very pleasing and is a rarity today. Journalistic integrity is reflected in the high quality of their content. Their specialization itself is news, news about Bitcoin, new cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain. It offers news bulletins, information for miners, tips for safe working with cryptocurrency, and the necessary files and links. In addition to the news, this internet edition publishes a course of Bitcoin and Altcoin, analytics with a focus on the opinion of leading experts, and comments from representatives of the blockchain community.

37. CoinReport

CoinReport is a small team consisting of four writers and two editors, but this does not make them less popular and in no way devalues the thoughts they convey in their posts. After all, with small achievements we can turn the whole universe upside down, and cryptocurrency was once just an idea, right? At one time, Bitcoin was bought only by the bravest 🙂
These guys are also actively involved in Bitcoin-related projects to train a new audience that is just beginning to penetrate Bitcoin or is trying to understand its concept.

38. Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin
Founded in 2014, this blog delivers spot prices for Bitcoin and even more than 330 cryptocurrencies and assets to global financial markets. They collect, process, and index real-time data from over 160 real-time trading platforms to create Digital Asset API and Blockchain Data tools for developers, traders, and large and small businesses. Recently, the focus of BNC has been the development of the market for existing and third-party applications, news feeds, research and market data, and products that have been opened with the help of the BNC tokens utility. They publish about five posts every week.

39. Hackernoon


The bottom line is that the Hackernoon team chooses the best articles about cryptocurrency and offers them to you. Today, this network of blogs has approximately 20,000 authors. Here you can find not only articles that have become popular, but also insightful texts written by absolute beginners, who write wonderful stories, but have not yet reached their audience. This is a real find, as well as for young authors who want to contribute to the world of cryptocurrency, and for anyone who is ready to hear an original point of view on topics related to digital coins technology.

40. DarknetMarkets


We thought for a long time about whether or not to add this blog to the list, but we decided that for contrast we would. Such places on the internet are dedicated to discussing everything related to darknet markets. They exist in any field of human activity. On any given day, you can find messages that someone gets busted to order drugs online, complaints about various markets, discussions related to buying or selling cryptocurrencies, and so-called “shitposts” that are meant to listen to your funny stories.

41. ToshiTimes


Toshi Times is an interesting cryptocurrency news platform, paying particular attention to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. In particular, it carries the most current information on recent stories, new product offers, and mergers. In addition, you can also find useful stories about people and daily Bitcoin analysis. The site publishes several articles a day, which makes it an ideal platform for avid readers who want to keep abreast of the rapidly changing cryptocurrency space and is not very suitable for those who need short digests about the most important thing. As a trusted source, we like them, so we recommend their weekly newsletter, where you will receive compiled reports from Toshi Times analysts.

42. ICOStream


This blog is not only about initial coin offerings that are updated daily, closed, or opened, but also about crowdfunding projects and the latest crypto news. A complete list of ICOs, startups, real-time cryptocurrency prices, market capitalization of coins, value of coins, wins and losses, a Bitcoin converter, and a blockchain guide are given. The authors analyze and assist ICO projects in planning and scrolling. They follow through with post-ICO assistance right up to the entrance into the most sought-after exchanges of crypto.

43. CryptoCurrency Facts

CryptoCurrency Facts

Everything is simple and clear – just the facts! The design may not be very impressive, but the content really deserves attention. On the main page is a list of all the topics that are in the blog, and it is very convenient: from the history of the creation of cryptocurrency to modern rules and regulations. There are categories for individual coins, so you can find the cryptocurrency you want to read about and get inclusive articles explaining all the possible problems associated with it. And the section "Facts about cryptocurrency" is a colossal encyclopedia on the subject of electronic money.

44. CoinMetro Blog

CoinMetro Blog

This is a site dedicated to the coverage of Crypto news which includes news about Bitcoin, Altcoin, ICO and guides on crypto investing. And all the news that CoinMetro Blog brings you is from CoinMetro and Crypto Community. It has about two million readers per month and about a dozen authors. We would also like to mention the cute animated train in the design of the blog. All the same, they are Coin Metro.

45. Vitalik Buterin’s website

Vitalik Buterin’s website

Anyone who is even slightly interested in the topic of cryptocurrency, and especially Ethereum, certainly knows the name of this person, Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik is a Canadian-Russian programmer, co-founder and former editor of the printing magazine Bitcoin Magazine, and co-founder of the Ethereum project, for whose idea in 2014 won the World Technology Award. Who knows better the system from the inside, if not its creator? Vitalik basically writes about what he is interested in: cryptocurrency and blockchain. Vitalik Buterin compares and matches the various projects of mechanisms and models for the sale of tokens. We also recommend that you visit this blog if you want to learn more about ICO.

46. ETH News

ETH News

In 2018, Ethereum became very popular. This is mainly due to the so-called smart contracts, which can be programmed using the basic Ethereum technology. ETH News is completely dedicated to this cryptocurrency. The blog also has a great mobile app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. However, ETH News not only focuses on publishing the latest stories about the world of Ethereum, but also has a “Resources” section. There you will find important key concepts that every Ethereum investor should know.

47. Week in Ethereum

Week in Ethereum

Since 2016, this author has published one post a week on this blog. This microblogging site is especially suitable for you if you are a person who has little time to read news. After all, it was built very concisely, strictly, and in the spirit of minimalism. The blog is divided into 10 categories: project updates, top, protocol, developer materials, ecosystem, project announcements, interviews and conversations, token sales, token sale structures. This allows you to quickly find exactly what interests you.

48. CoinJar phoblographer

CoinJar phoblographer

CoinJar is Australia's longest running digital currency exchange. Their services allow users to buy, sell, store, and spend digital assets. The blog is engaged in posting news related to the CoinJar site, as well as with the general space of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to similar blogs from other exchanges, you can independently analyze the market in real time and get the opinion of other experts.

49. ForkLog


These guys call themselves not a blog, but a magazine =) and it is considered one of the largest and best Russian-language online publications on cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. They represent themselves as a team of enthusiasts whose goal is to popularize digital currencies in Russian-speaking countries. The portal publishes news of the Bitcoin industry, including interviews with notable market participants. Five to twenty different materials appear on ForkLog per day. They are about blockchain startups reviews, blockchain application in business and public administration, regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries, dynamics of Bitcoin, stock exchange news, and chronicles of crimes involving cryptocurrencies. The number of views of materials ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands. About 1000 crypto projects were declared dead in 2018. We do not hint at anything, just together with ForkLog we recommend that you be careful.

By adding these blogs to your bookmarks, you can always be up to date on the cryptocurrency market. Get reliable information only from respected sources that have relevant information. But you should remember that you can be guided by public sources only by analyzing information from different resources, questioning everything, and suspecting manipulation under each revelation of “unique” information and statistical fact. Many men, many minds. Trust your instincts!

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