Top 10 Cool PowerPoint Templates 2020

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Сool powerpoint templates. Along with other work and creative tasks, making a presentation is equally important, both in terms of semantic content and in terms of creativity. Based on this, the most reasonable and economical choice in terms of time and resources is the use of cool PowerPoint templates. These tools help you keep up-to-date, which is quite important if your business is part of the creative industry. Using templates, you may effectively promote your own brand, while remaining relevant and fashionable with today’s trends. The latter advantages are especially appreciated by a considerable number of your potential customers.

Showcase of Cool PowerPoint Templates: Top 10 Cool PowerPoint Templates

In order to save your time and resources, we have collected a group of the most awesome PowerPoint templates.

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template

The discreet background design of the Every template focuses on the slides’ content, which may be selected among the 80 proposed options. Key features:

  • classic options
  • hundreds of available vector icons
  • fully editable project elements
  • dynamic animation
  • light and dark versions of the slides

And to stay in trend, this awesome PowerPoint template provides regular updates without additional plans.

Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template

Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template

If the initial goal of the project’s creation is being highly presentable to the audience, then this unique PowerPoint template appeals to you. A simple and uncomplicated design is suitable for creative work, and the unthinkable variety of all kinds of graphs, charts, and diagrams allows the creation of the truly impressive business presentation. Text slides, modern infographics, a huge selection of color spectra, and unique slide layouts are just a few characteristics that Pitch Pro offers.

Sounds Good PowerPoint Template

Sounds Good PowerPoint Template

The sound system industry, like any other, requires a separate approach, and in the case of creating a presentation, it requires a specially designed template that takes into account the specific features of the field. The Sounds Good template does an excellent job. Its advantages include:

  • thematic design with elements of sound systems
  • three color options
  • infographics, diagrams, and other components are edited manually
  • two sizes: wide and standard

Creating an effective and versatile presentation is now elementary.

Complete Business PowerPoint Template

Complete Business PowerPoint Template

Modern design, creative approach to placing content and multimedia files, unique diagrams, and diagrams for better visibility - all this ensures the popularity and demand for this cool PowerPoint template. Over 200 unique slide layouts, the design of which is characterized by elegance and simplicity, will certainly satisfy any requirements. In addition, 30 infographic variations, more than 150 thematic colors, an auxiliary file, and several nice bonuses are offered.

Briefing Presentation For Business Report PowerPoint Template

Briefing Presentation For Business Report PowerPoint Template

Writing a business report requires hard work and creativity, with which the Briefing template will undoubtedly help. Taking into account the differences in the style characteristics of each of the companies, the developers worked hard and prepared layouts in ten color options. As for the slides themselves, twenty unique layouts are presented here. With the use of basic skills using PowerPoint, the presentation development process is straightforward.

Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template

Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template

This is your ideal assistant in creating a project dedicated to the report on the work done, analysis of current activities, or the upcoming conference. All editorial amendments are carried out directly in the developed project, which eliminates the need for additional programs.

The main advantages are:

  • HD format (slide size corresponds to the classic screen size)
  • animated images and various transitions
  • 3D infographics (carried out manually)
  • instructions for use

Infographic Pack - Presentation Asset v2.1 PowerPoint Template

Infographic Pack - Presentation Asset v2.1 PowerPoint Template

The choice of a multifunctional template with a complete set guarantees half, if not most, of the success of a future project. The Infographic Pack, being creative, cutting-edge, and highly organized, demonstrates this in the best possible way. It includes:

  • over 1000 slide layouts
  • corporate infographics
  • change parameters with one click
  • impressive color gamut
  • stylish and practical design

This is just a small example of what this cool PowerPoint template offers.

Business Pack PowerPoint Template

Business Pack PowerPoint Template

Business Pack is truly worthy of attention, since its development takes into account the priority needs of customers based on practical experience. As a result, an incredibly high-quality template was developed that facilitates the process of writing presentations, and at the end the user gets a really high-quality product. Among the many characteristics, the following stand out:

  • a huge collection of graffiti and diagrams
  • more than 7000 slides, including more than 300 original slides that are suitable for any target direction
  • 10 pre-prepared flowers
  • 2 slide options
  • the font used is Roboto

OVERHEAD Presentation PowerPoint Template

OVERHEAD Presentation PowerPoint Template

The first thing that catches your eye is definitely a black and white design that provides multi-purpose use of the Overhead template. Regardless of the direction and strategy of your business, this template will undoubtedly suit you in all the possible respects. In addition to the business sphere, presentations on personal resumes, advertising, and other corporate goals will also look organic and modern. Basic features such as image draggers, a variety of slide layouts, business guides, and consistent support are present by default.

Stylish Minimal PowerPoint Template

Stylish Minimal PowerPoint Template

Based on the name, it is clear in which style this amazing PowerPoint template is designed. The relevance of minimalism will never diminish, because the simplicity of forms, the required number of design elements, and the characteristic color spectrum have already become a trend. For a clear and informative presentation, it’s quite difficult to come up with something more suitable, because regardless of the topic, a harmonious combination of all components is provided. In addition, you may apply more than 50 different creative slides developed by professionals, image drag-and-drop, charts, and color schemes that are easily edited. If necessary, free support is always at your service.

Elements of cool PowerPoint templates

Each cool PPT template has a certain “content” which is presented in the form of a list of elements that will help build the presentation. Some patterns differ in the presence of almost all elements, some only in the presence of basic ones. You decide which of them may be useful in your particular situation. So, the list of elements includes the following:

  • various charts, graphs, and diagrams to demonstrate certain indicators
  • smart cards
  • image placeholders
  • a wide selection of pre-designed slide layouts in which zones are allocated for text information, images, infographics and other elements
  • marketing complex with all related tools
  • color variations
  • tables with prices for goods and services
  • slides with images of company pages on social networks

These characteristics determine the versatility of cool PowerPoint templates. Having correctly used these elements, you can successfully present the appropriate data in a clear and logical sequence, which as a result will undoubtedly allow you to maximize the presentation of the project.

powerpoint templates

Cool PowerPoint backgrounds

More often than not, the use of cool PowerPoint backgrounds is ignored by the creators of presentations, which is really a gross mistake. If the presentation you’re engaged in isn’t of great importance, you may of course choose the plain white background, which is set by default. But even in such minor topics, we strongly recommend that you don’t do this, since the background determines the appearance and the effect on the viewers to a large extent. There are multiple reasons for this.

Firstly, it has been scientifically proven that the most effective perception of a person is associated with visualization. We are instinctively interested in colorful images, harmonious color combinations, and attractive multimedia elements. All together they contribute to a greater assimilation of the received data.

Secondly, a well-chosen cool PowerPoint background will enliven the presentation. A win-win option is to choose a thematic background that resonates with the direction of your company or more specifically with the theme of the particular presentation. For instance, for a flower shop, an interesting solution would be such a background:

Cool powerpoint backgrounds.

Similarly, you can find various backgrounds that work with any other type of activity. Yes, these are trifles, but such trifles are the most crucial.

How to choose cool PowerPoint templates

Now let's delve into the question of the quality selection of amazing PowerPoint templates. There are several key parameters that need attention, namely:

Color spectrum

Light and dark shades may cause certain difficulties, but its choice is really significant, because it determines the attitude of the observer to the project. For instance, through soft and subdued colors, the developer focuses on the semantic content of the slides, which is mainly used in business projects.

Powerpoint color spectrum1.

At the same time, the use of bright and saturated colors helps to interest the viewer if the content and the specifics of the presentation require special attention and awareness.

Powerpoint color spectrum2.

Be sure to focus on the features of a particular presentation and while viewing intermediate results, try to imagine yourself in the position of those who will watch your project.

Concrete vs. Abstract

Based on the thematic focus of the project being created, you can give preference to this parameter as follows:

  • business reports, analysis of the work of individual structures of the company and the company as a whole, and other business presentations are traditionally associated with specificity and clarity of form
  • creative works are associated with the abstractness and ease of forms
Concrete vs. Abstract.

It is worth noting that such a distribution is not an instruction or a prescription: conclusions are drawn solely in percentage terms. Having a sense of style, and knowing exactly what you need, will allow you to combine different elements and add something special. After all, if you take a chance and try something unusual, the result may exceed any expectations. Experiment!


Each cool PPT template has a specific set of slide layouts. Before making a presentation, the creator has certain developments and "plans" of building a unique PPT template that should be implemented in the proposed layouts. This may be a desire to place the company logo in a certain part of the slide or a non-standard vision of the interaction of multimedia files with text files. One way or another, the study of the proposed models is extremely necessary.


Naturally, it isn’t necessary to simplify the presentation to the extreme, just try not to overload the slides with complex and unnecessary data. Clear, useful, and cool PowerPoint presentations are much more effective.


Finally, consider a few interesting questions that you may have.

What are the most significant advantages of PowerPoint?

The main pros are its simple use (you don’t need any special skills, except for an elementary understanding of the program’s principles) and the ability to make presentations smooth and limited.

What font size is the most appropriate for cool PowerPoint presentations?

Since the most successful layout is the location of the title and up to 6 lines of text on each slide, the recommended font size is 32-36 pt. All text data should be written in the same style, and the font itself shouldn’t contain serifs.

What is the meaning of 5/5/5 rule?

This rule applies to recommendations for placing text on slides to make it as effective as possible. Namely: there should not be 5 slides in a row with only text information, 5 lines of text are recommended on each slide, and each line should have no more than 5 words.

How many slides should be in the most amazing PowerPoint presentations?

There is no exact answer to this question; there are only approximate values. For example, if you plan to create a five-minute amazing PowerPoint presentation, then develop 5 to 10 slides. Although the topics of each project are individual, it is desirable that at least 30 seconds are allocated for each slide. The size of your presentation will depend on the amount of explanation you give on your topic and the amount of time you are allowed.

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