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Medical Powerpoint Templates. Imagine, you need to quickly prepare a big presentation in the field of medicine, but there is not enough time. Or, maybe you are overwhelmed by the idea of preparing Medical PowerPoint Templates from scratch.

No need to worry! We have a whole range of presentation designs that are replete with professional slides and visual components that quickly help you cope with this task.

The presentation should have an astute cover, highlight the main points, as well as feature a rich slide with graphs, tables, accents, and photos. This approach can strain the people, but this is the essence — to cheer people up with your performance. We prefer to create very vivid presentations; they should burst into consciousness and remain there, because you most likely will not have a second chance.

In general, a good show can even pull out a raw product. There are funny cases when people come up with and promote startups. They had only an idea; no business model, understanding how everything should work, and little assurance that the product would fly. But with the help of cool slides and a bright performance, you can successfully participate in accelerators and even attract some investment interest that sends the idea soaring.

Every day, something happens in the world that is inextricably linked with medicine: starting with something as minor as a sore tooth and moving to more critical needs such as the necessity to fight a pandemic. Ultimately, medicine PowerPoint templates will always be relevant.

What is the True Benefit of Medical PowerPoint Templates?

Multimedia presentations are gradually gaining popularity, and not astoundingly, because they:

Benefit of Medical PowerPoint Templates.
  • allow you to present yourself and your company (clinic, hospital)
  • contain various visual materials (text, background, infographics) which brings diversity to the educational process
  • have a clear structure, thanks to which knowledge is better absorbed
  • include animation with which you can conduct small test work
  • made in standard computer programs, and therefore have a clear interface
  • expand the horizons of a person
  • allow you to build a community and much more

Human health is what is valued above all. Therefore, the purposes of these PowerPoint templates will always be relevant.

Showcase of Medical PPT Templates

If you ask any designer if they like PowerPoint, he will say that this is a program for those who do not understand anything in design, and let the managers draw their scary slides there. But the designer probably works only in Photoshop or Illustrator, and in extreme cases — in Keynote, which is the only thing he has on his designer MacBook covered with stickers. This is your trouble if you then cannot open or edit this file. The TemplateMonster team has made Medical PowerPoint Templates convenient especially convenient for you.

Weedly Medical Cannabis PowerPoint Template

Weedly Medical Cannabis PowerPoint Template

Since the concept of “legal drugs vs. illegal drugs” the marijuana plant (officially cannabis) has always been considered a narcotic. Its cultivation, collection, and marketing were prosecuted in almost all civilized countries in administrative or criminal orders.

However, times are changing. Studies have shown that marijuana has a number of beneficial and medicinal properties. This was the reason for the permission by a number of states for its production and use for medicinal purposes.

These circumstances give reason to believe that the process of forming a new market is currently beginning in the world. There is every reason to believe that in the case of successful promotion of cannabis to the masses, the marijuana market may have volumes comparable to grain and bean markets.

It would all be impossible if medicine did not exist. Use this template to provide your audience with strong arguments and evidence regarding the use and sale of cannabis.

Use any of the following fonts:

  1. Calibri (Default System Font)
  2. Open sans
  3. Titillium
  4. Lato
  5. Aller

Although the pictures are not included, you will get 100 finished slides. By simply dragging the mouse, you can add your own gallery to the page. I bet you have had the right photos for a long time!

Medical Pro PowerPoint Template

Medical Pro PowerPoint Template

For medical coursework or speaking at a conference — a good presentation is indispensable. The first page has to have a simple design; it is needed in order to introduce yourself and tell the audience who you are, who you work with, and what topic your research is about.

On the next slide, tell us more about yourself or about the company you represent. Almost all of the pages are white with black letters, but some of them have a blue background and a white font. In general, you can choose one of five colors for theme design. Images that include infographics:

  1. The human chest, his ribs, heart, and lungs. With their help, you can uncover the essence of the harm of smoking.
  2. Patient consulted by a doctor.
  3. Council of doctors in masks and gowns.

You can download all your slides to your smartphone or tablet and show it to friends and colleagues.

Prodental - Dentist PowerPoint Template

Prodental - Dentist PowerPoint Template

Get ready to start developing slides that will help you or your client — an orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, pedodontist, medical person, dentist, exodontist, doctor, dentist, and other dental professionals promote your business? Use a ready-made template that takes into account niche-specific moments.

In the “Prodental Experts” section, stylish templates were used for staff presentations with photos and links to professional accounts on social networks. You will get 12 PPT and 12 PPTX files. Each of them appears in three color variations.

The pages show how doctors brush their false jaw and repair their teeth in dental chairs. Almost all pages have a white background and highlighted mint blocks. There is even a map on the page with a gradient fill, as well as a lot of images of teeth. They are found mainly on slides with statistical data. One of the fashionable features of the presentation is that you can use it in both light and dark colors.

Medica - Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Medica - Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Create a memorable presentation with this template designed for medical institutions. Slide instructions will help you create informative and attractive pages. Use it in its original form or change the fonts and background image. This is an accessibility template. The color scheme also looks quite organic for a medical website.

Among the 30 slides there are masculine and feminine infographics. It represents the silhouettes of people and their organs in a circular frame in the center of the page. Each of them has its own description.

If you want to display statistics using a map, you have the opportunity. In addition, such a slide is perfect for discussing issues related to the pandemic.

Recovery Medical PowerPoint Template

Recovery Medical PowerPoint Template

This is a great template for an eye-catching presentation of a personal brand. Two themes are available: dark and light. This design is ideally balanced between text and images.

All pages are on a white background, but have blue and green inserts: corners, stripes, and blocks. The size of the pictures is 16:9. Do not worry, they are all solid. This template merges dynamics, geometry, and gradients. It looks stylish and suitable for any topic. 

Infographics you will find here:

  • graph driven statistics
  • pie, bar, or line chart
  • a pyramid divided into layers
  • brain with multi-colored lobes
  • bright multi-colored heart, etc.

You can always change the size, location, transparency, and shape of the icons. As for the flow of content, here you can talk about patient histories, treatment of diseases, and preventive medicine.

MEDICAL - Health Facility Presentation PowerPoint Template

MEDICAL - Health Facility Presentation PowerPoint Template

Just look how cute the little children’s heels in female hands look! Yes, you correctly understood that this template fits perfectly into the pediatrics field. Using it, you can clearly explain the essence of your research, as well as present the results in a diagram or chart.

The mockup devices contain design bundle robbyfathur. There is a lot of space to attach photos of scientists from your department or those who left positive feedback.

Capture the dialogues of important people if you plan to speak in a presentation about concluding a contract or other types of cooperation.

There are infographic slides for displaying SWOT analysis data. Use it to highlight your strengths and opportunities, as well as to assure investors of the absence of risks and threats. The background images for some slides are buildings. It can be a private clinic or a city hospital.

Medkite - Creative Medical PowerPoint Template

Medkite - Creative Medical PowerPoint Template

According to forecasts, the expected increase in the total annual growth rate of health care spending worldwide by 5% over the next five years will open up many opportunities for the industry. Therefore, each innovation must be presented on time.

It contains not only backgrounds, images, icons, and fonts, but also copies of slides made in different color schemes.

In the Medkite Creative Medical template, you can create the most bizarre charts, graphs, and inserts. The main background of the template every time remains white; however, you can easily add your pictures using drag-and-drop to the desired point.

On the page with an open palm, you can indicate the name of the company you represent. On the following 34 slides, you present your goals, objectives, research findings, and conclusions. Do not forget to back up all your data with real numbers.

Health Medical PowerPoint Template

Health Medical PowerPoint Template

If you participate in an exhibition or conference, we recommend creating a presentation for printing. If you want to make a newsletter for your clients, create it using slides and send it by email. It is possible to create an online presentation. Just add a link to the signature of the email and each recipient of your mail will receive it.

Just as easily, using drag-and-drop, you can edit any element of the infographic, including icons. The most common picture is the human chest, the ribs, and spine. The dimensions of the slide are 16:9, so you can see each bone in detail. Additionally, you will get vector maps and bonus icons. 

Your presentation will be perfectly complemented by a report on the current affairs of the company, as well as forecasts for the near future, presented on the chart. All images are taken from Unsplash, but you can always replace them with your own personal photos.

BetaPharm Healthcare PPT Slides PowerPoint Template

BetaPharm Healthcare PPT Slides PowerPoint Template

Many companies operating in the foreign market are well aware of the need to develop a presentation for the sale of their goods or services abroad. We will develop and professionally construct your presentation, making it at a high level. And if you want to move forward to develop it and have contact with consumers, a presentation is the first step.

I’ll immediately explain that the purity of the background of the slides is completely compensated by the presence of a huge selection of infographics. Thus, the developers of the template left the user with the opportunity of creative flight in terms of images, but reinforced the future presentation with the most bizarre charts and graphs.

This medicine PowerPoint template allows you to create presentations for any stage of business development. You can find slides in it for the HR department, as well as for financial or strategic progress. Here you will find a silhouette of the human body and a separate slide with a thinking head. Add some of your own inscriptions and the presentation is ready.

Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Today, visual images are remembered and perceived by the viewer much easier than text. The most effective slide is one where there is a large picture and a small sentence-explanation. The ideal option is a picture without text that speaks for itself. Therefore, we select images that match your presentation. It will be remembered by the audience and will convey the essence of your performance.

You will receive not only thoughtful presentation text, but also a stylish, fresh design. Your presentation with the Medical and Healthcare template will look great on both 16:9 and 4:3 screens.

You will get 1,400 slides, including 80 themes, 10 ready-made medicine PowerPoint templates, fonts, and icons. 

In the Medical and Healthcare template, you can build the most bizarre charts, inserts, and graphs. The basic background of the pages always remains white or gray, or is replaced by a picture; however, you can easily add your own pictures by simply using the drag-and-drop feature to the suitable point. The Medicine PPT template is a universal solution for creating presentations for all occasions of business life. 

For contrast, the use of green color is chosen because the pattern resembles mint candy. Most of the illustrations contain images of doctors in lab coats. All of them create the impression of medical professionals. You just have to replace the default text with your own thoughts and conclusions.

First Aid Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

First Aid Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

This is a well-organized presentation focused entirely on medical purposes. Its main goal is to provide a ready standard layout with slides on the topic of first aid. It can be used to produce a portfolio page for doctors or medical students.

You will get 64 animated slides. Here, in the construct of the slides, the pulsation of the cardiogram is used. The First Aid theme can be used in the preparation of presentations to accompany reports at medical conferences, or to prepare research reports of pharmacological organizations. For greater convenience, when preparing presentations, slides and diagrams were added to the pages. They can be edited or deleted.

Any medical industry, such as hospitals, small clinics, therapeutic centers, health consultants, medical centers, and physiotherapists, can make extensive use of this medical theme for PowerPoint presentations. 

Since the theme is easily customizable, anyone can easily change the design of the theme layout.

If you are not focused on solving some type of problem in the world, then most likely you will have a long climb uphill with your business-ideas. Use at least one slide to talk about the problem you are solving and the people who have the trouble. Let’s talk about current solutions in the market, but do not spend too much time on the competitive environment on this page. You will have the opportunity to do this on other pages.

Medical PowerPoint Template

Medical PowerPoint Template

You are likely preparing for an upcoming conference and you need a set of slides to demonstrate your innovative ideas in medicine in the best method. Choose a medicine PowerPoint template that allows you to present your intentions with a consistent and well-balanced form.

You will get over 3000 icons and 68 first-class slides. Do you wonder what is depicted on them? 

In addition to photographs of doctors and their patients during procedures, you will receive infographic objects. These are items for the laboratory, namely, different tools and equipment used by scientists to perform experiments or take measurements:

  • microscope
  • flasks
  • beakers

In addition, you will find a thermometer and a syringe. 

You can alter the logo, slogan, color, and layout design. But believe me, Medical contains all the necessary add-ons, so you are unlikely to have to introduce radical changes.

There are pages with the silhouettes of a man and a woman in full height, as well as a picture of the cerebral hemispheres. There are so many slides here that no human organ is left without attention.

If your report is on innovations in dentistry, for this case we have pages with teeth, braces, and a Hollywood smile. If you are heading to a conference on obstetrics and gynecology, then you will find useful slides about conceiving a baby, pregnancy, and artificial insemination.

The template stands out for its modern and stunning appearance. The theme layout is well structured with a huge number of widgets.

Medical - Professional PowerPoint Template

Medical - Professional PowerPoint Template

This is a unique template that is entirely focused on medical purposes. There are more than 150 slides in it, the professional design of which will resolve you to spell out your ideas and impress your colleagues. Many elements are included such as infographics, enticing animation, editable graphics, hundreds of icons, and much more.

The photos feature specialists in different fields:

  • otolaryngologist
  • dentist
  • surgeon
  • rehabilitolog
  • pediatrician
  • and even a veterinarian

It also includes diagrams to illustrate processes, maps, PSD layouts, Excel spreadsheets, and more. You can quickly prepare your medical PowerPoint presentation and introduce your ideas at a highly professional level.

The theme layout is designed with simplicity and a popular color scheme. The theme has good cross-browser compatibility and is guaranteed to be well presented in any browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It is perfect for those who want to create their presentations for hospitals, clinics, and other medical companies.

Health Care PowerPoint Template

Health Care PowerPoint Template

Impress your audience, make them change their minds, and state the arguments for your medical PowerPoint presentation with this versatile template. It is suitable for medical institutions, advanced training courses, and distance learning personnel.

These 45 templates for medical subjects can be used in the preparation of reports by teachers and students, representatives of medical firms, pharmaceutical companies, and educational institutions in the framework of conferences, forums, and symposia.

You can arrange them in four different colors and XML (16x9HD). Use the PPTX files for the purpose, adding your personal best practices and training methods. You also have the possibility to fill out the competency table.

Show those who have come to learn something how to provide first aid and explain why the patient’s life comes first. 

Health Care contains the ensuing training slides:

  • how to get to know the patient in order to arouse trust in him
  • how to put a dropper, measure the temperature, give an injection, or intubate the patient without harming
  • how to communicate with pregnant women and register them
  • how to arrange a child’s doctor during admission
  • what tests need to be assigned to the patient at the initial examination
  • how to fill out the patient’s medical record and what entries must be made in it

In addition, individual slides are highlighted so that you do not forget to mention the names of famous scientists whose articles you used to prepare the report. Be sure to find and attach their photo.

The medicine PowerPoint templates include documentation to provide good guidance on its proper use.

Medical & Healthcare Presentation PowerPoint Template

Medical & Healthcare Presentation PowerPoint Template

Perhaps you will be speaking at an annual workshop; perhaps you are starting a healthcare-related startup looking for funding; perhaps you are preparing to share your latest scientific discoveries with a group of healthcare professionals. In any case, you will need a medicine PPT template to visualize your performance.

It offers many medical slides, detailed anatomical illustrations, and medical-focused design options. Thanks to this, you will be able to create the perfect presentation. More than 3500 icons are included, the size and color of which you can easily change.

Here you will find almost all of the important organs of the person: heart, kidneys, lungs, intestines, brain, and others. Statistics are an integral part of any presentation. Therefore, there are many alternatives for how to present analytical data and interest the listener.

Among them:

  • a map with a mark of the location of the object of the research topic
  • tubes with an unequal amount of liquid inside
  • pie charts
  • histograms from the human genome with corresponding fractions and divisions and much more

At your disposal are 2,340 unique slide layouts for presenting ideas using photos, infographics, and more. Infographic options are particularly powerful, in the presence of pie charts, educational slides, and a number of bright charts.

Medical Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template

Medical Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template

Dynamic monitoring systems for monitoring patient health are gaining new momentum. Therefore, it is so important to inform the world about new inventions in the field of medicine. Introduce them with Medical Creative Presentation, which contains 50 fully responsive widescreen slides.

Laboratories also work tirelessly. Therefore, the results of the development of new drugs should also be properly presented using graphs and charts. All pages have a special clean background, and all elements are made using vector graphics.

If you provide services for the development of joints and other therapeutic exercises, these slides will help you tell potential customers about this.

Medicaz | PowerPoint Template

Medicaz | PowerPoint Template

You will certainly be attracted to the layout design of this presentation. Amazing color combination and high-quality coding make the theme quite popular.

There are many images of doctors in masks and lab coats, and with microscopes.

Add information about yourself, your objectives and purposes, clients and services. Edit the slides to insert your photos and customized elements, and let your innovative idea appear before the audience in all its beauty!

This is one of our best feature-rich PowerPoint templates. If you have a cutting-edge healthcare idea and want to present it in a businesslike and nifty way, choose Medicaz. You can get all this in 150 slides, the color scheme of which can be changed using one of five variations.

Healthe | PowerPoint Template

Healthe | PowerPoint Template

When looking for a pattern with many of the options that PPT template medical assistance will require, check out Healthe. It has 150 slides with a fancy design and handcrafted infographics. It is fully editable: from visual elements to animation settings. In addition, you get five color variations and pixel-perfect illustrations.

Of course, there are images of doctors and stethoscopes in round frames. Such a turnkey solution is flawless for home telemedicine, namely, for the presentation of equipment for collecting and transmitting data about the patient's condition. Here you will find images of a pressure measuring device, stones for massage, syringes, and pills.

Present your remote biomonitoring systems using tables, charts, and graphs. The set involves clean images that can be scaled, layouts for the presentation of medical staff, hand-made infographics, data charts, timelines, symbols, placeholders for photos, and illustrations of the human anatomy.

Care Medical PowerPoint Template

Care Medical PowerPoint Template

This medical theme for PowerPoint consists of pages with a white background and blue accents. It is filled with a variety of theme photos and includes Master Slide and Devices Mockup. Here you can present information systems for the exchange, storage, and transfer of medical information between doctors, clinics, and patients on slides with 16:9 ratio size.

You’ll find strong medical infographics, illustrations of human organs, anatomical callouts, medical charts, and more. There is a whole set of slides where you can insert photos of medical workers. Also included are galleries and layouts. You can always change the size, shape, and transparency of objects using drag-and-drop. You can use ready-made pie, bar, and line diagrams.

They will be relevant in preparing presentations for classes in educational institutions or for lessons in medical training, as well as in writing any reports on the topic of health. With the help of this PPT template medical, you can create a specialized project that will unite the best domestic and foreign representatives of medical information technologies on your site.

MultiMedical - Presentation PowerPoint Template

MultiMedical - Presentation PowerPoint Template

This set of medicine Power Point templates has a clean and fresh style. It includes formative slides that are radically different from each other, preserving the general identity and theme. You can talk about the help you provide using 30 slides. Each of them has three color variations.

Functional slides with a visually unified design let you choose a dark or light version. The layout includes white pages with blue accents and round icons. Within the project, you can highlight the opportunity to negotiate with potential clients. 

If you are creating medical consultation portals, this kit is perfect for you. Here you can attach a photo of the building where you provide your services. As a result, you can easily establish contact and create long-term trusting relationships with different types of clients: with patients and with investors.

Medival Health Presentation Fully Animated PowerPoint Template

Medival Health Presentation Fully Animated PowerPoint Template

This template is designed to clearly demonstrate all aspects of managing a medical clinic, starting with a schedule for doctors and issuing coupons for their admission, SWOT analysis, and world statistics.

It provides special widgets with which clients can find out how many doctors are available on a specific date and how many beds are available in different departments of the hospital. Some of the 64 multipurpose slides will help you visualize the online filing algorithm.

In extension, you can create a professional web page for therapeutic centers, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Remember to fill out the portfolio data for doctors, surgeons, and medical staff. Here’s a lovely way to demonstrate your management skills and tell potential customers the best services you offer using lively slides in a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio. 

It is worth noting that PPT medical themes look great on a smartphone thanks to the Creative Mockup Slides. Demonstrate all the features of your clinic directly from your pocket.

In the template, you can organize the header configuration, typography, and section “Registration Form.” This allows users to pre-book appointments with the doctor and saves a lot of time.

Demedic - Medical PowerPoint Template

Demedic - Medical PowerPoint Template

This template has 30 unique slides. The user can choose from three color combinations, as well as light and dark versions to translate your wildest ideas.

Here you will find the brain, divided into parts, in the form of puzzle elements. For each of them you can write the necessary data. In addition, there is a picture of how to do an indirect heart massage.

The presentation will look excellent both on the smartphone screen and on the large monitor at a resolution to show the pages well. You do not need a lot of text and tables in your presentation. Spectators come to your presentation to hear you speak and share your information in an exciting way, not to read text from slides with you. Your opinion is important to them; live communication between the lecturer and the students is important.

Your listeners are the same people, and it will also be more interesting for them to delve into simple things in ordinary human language. Therefore, we mercilessly remove everything superfluous from the presentation; we leave only the essence and use the effect of understatement. Slides made in this way with a lot of clues will provoke relevant questions from the audience. It is much easier to answer questions that you yourself planned.

This is a flexible, modern medical theme. With it, you can create a lovely business card for medical centers, clinics, and pharmacies. This medicine PowerPoint template is suitable for reports by doctors, surgeons, general practitioners, and pharmacists. It can also be used by veterinarians.

Royal Infographics PowerPoint Template

Royal Infographics PowerPoint Template

Creating a presentation requires a combination of high-quality graphic tools and the ability to correctly refocus the viewers’ attention. The time has passed when people had time to read a lot of material. Now the time has come for visual graphics: icons, graphs, charts, and short phrases — abstracts. A good slide should receive instant perception.

Continuing the theme of the business, consider a page with an incredible number of slides and color themes. Royal Infographics is a collection of 550 slides that allow you to create the presentation of your dreams in any area of the medical business or personality. You will receive vector maps and version files for Keynote.

Colors that are used include:

  • orange
  • purple
  • lilac
  • blue
  • yellow
  • black

The purity of the background of the slides is completely compensated by the presence of a huge selection of infographics. Thus, the developers of the template left the user with the opportunity of creative flight in terms of images, but reinforced the future presentation with some out of the ordinary charts and graphs. Here you can find slides for the HR department, as well as financial or strategic development. 

Images of what can be found here:

  1. Square visualization of SWOT analysis, where you can indicate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the pros and cons of the company.
  2. Silhouettes of pregnant women in different trimesters.
  3. A profile page where a person with a briefcase rises.
  4. A profile page that shows six hands talking about their skills.
  5. Arrows of different types, pointing in the same direction.
  6. Circular and square diagrams divided into shares.
  7. Pictures containing the adrenal glands, lungs, brain, stomach, heart, and other human organs.
  8. Image of piggy banks for slides on attracting investment and saving money.
  9. Pictures with currency icons, human genome ribbons, syringes, medical crosses, cardiogram lines, pills, etc.
  10. Pages for social networks.

All these objects will fill the presentation with useful information and will draw attention during the appearance.

Arterium - Creative Medic PowerPoint Template

Arterium - Creative Medic PowerPoint Template

The 35-slide set contains intricate images. On the first page you will see an open palm, over which a syringe hangs. Next, you can find the process of measuring blood pressure for the patient.

Tell us about the history of your company and the highlights of your presentation with these pages:

  1. Cover
  2. Welcome message
  3. Timeline
  4. Contact us
  5. Founder & team
  6. Project
  7. Profile
  8. Infographic
  9. Chart
  10. Thank You Page

To show viewers how surgery is performed in your clinic, use some of the pages above. They depict the operating room, as well as the table on which the patient lays down for the procedure. Doctors are dressed in medical caps, gloves, and lab coats while they carry out certain procedures.

Afiyamedica Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

Afiyamedica Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

This is one of the most striking Medical PowerPoint Templates. Its main color is pink, so it is perfect for a clinic for prenatal clinics.

With its help, it will be appropriate to cover such issues:

  • family planning
  • artificial insemination
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • postpartum care for mother and baby
  • monitoring a child up to a year and after
  • research on the causes of infertility and much more

This is a collection of bright and catchy patterns for any topic. You can easily find a design suitable for you among its 50 slides.

This medical PPT template free comes with infographic elements. First of all, it is worthwhile to judge all those people who are depicted here. These are paramedics who serve visitors and help patients recover as soon as possible. For example, a pharmacist is selling a medicine, a doctor is discussing an operation with an intern, or the dispatcher is receiving a phone call. Change their size, color, and location using the drag-and-drop function.

Dentalic - Dental Care PowerPoint Template

Dentalic - Dental Care PowerPoint Template

The template can be used to create reports or work plans for a dental clinic or hospital unit. The slides themselves do not become the “star of the show” (the star, of course, is your audience). People come to hear you and see your message. Nothing in the slide should be superfluous.

This leads us to the question of graphic design. Slides may not have any text at all. This may seem unusual, but the best pages will be almost empty. Conveying the main idea with the help of photographs, graphs, and images will be more difficult for the designer, but the perception will be simpler and more spectacular.

There are 37 slides and almost all of them are filled not only with pictures, but also with text that you can replace. Do not forget to add feedback from grateful customers. There are pictures of open mouths everywhere, as well as doctors in bathrobes. Some pages contain icons with teeth. Here you will find photos of satisfied customers with Hollywood smiles and their reviews. All images are credible, and some of them contain statistical data. There is something for everyone here.

Medicine - Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Medicine - Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Two options for this template are available: light and dark. It uses three color variations and thirty slides for each of them so you can easily find the perfect design.

Apply this template to your presentation and you will get layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content. You can always replace all these elements using the personal library of multimedia and articles.

A distinctive feature of the template is purple inserts, contrasting with a white or gray background. Medical infographics include slides with a cross showing the most needed phone numbers for emergency calls. 

Medicine is a popular science, so it is important for many to know its basics. These 30 slides on similar topics may come in handy for:

  • teachers and teachers
  • schoolchildren
  • students of medical faculties
  • any curious person

The device of a person, the classification of various diseases, and methods of their treatment must all be known to any person who studies medicine. You can read a large number of textbooks and collect all the necessary information on small details, but it is much easier to use a multimedia presentation.

Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

Informative PPT themes medical are interesting to see for both schoolchildren and students. To familiarize yourself with the subject “Medicine” simply select topics of interest and watch the latest presentations.

Here are topics that are particularly popular and will be relevant here:

  1. The mechanism of inspiration and exhalation–Regulation of breathing
  2. Features of the functional development of children (primary and senior school age)
  3. Pathology of the autonomic nervous system
  4. Human genetic diseases and much more

Slides feature inserts of different shades of green. Some blocks are highlighted and contain text. You have a choice of 91 slides, as well as 10 to 30 ready-made and thematic colors. Changing colors is simple enough that you can do it in one click. Vector and smart objects will easily adapt to your desires and fantasies.

There are multi-colored elements of infographics, among them:

  1. Sliced fruits: kiwi, watermelon, apple, mango, peach, strawberry, carambola, and lemon.
  2. Dental symbols: toothbrush with toothpaste, teeth, open mouth, etc.
  3. Running man, parts of which consist of vegetables: pumpkins, broccoli, tomato, salad, pepper and others.
  4. Full-length images of a person: divided into sections or containing additional icons with organs and body parts.
  5. Map: with pointers, geolocation, and other icons.

This is one of those patterns that can be 4:3 or 16:9 in size. There are structurally complex slides with a detailed background and unusual histograms.

MediLab - Medical PowerPoint Template

MediLab - Medical PowerPoint Template

Create a presentation for a science project using this accessibility template that accommodates samples of the content. For example, the question addressed in the project, research details, variables, hypothesis, and a diagram of the data obtained.

To do this, use MediLab - Medical. In addition to the portfolio and the page about yourself, there are other slides with such images:

  • linear vertical chart
  • doctor’s office
  • world map
  • pills and other elements

Rest assured, with 30 slides you are sure to make a useful presentation. This theme features excellent adaptation to different screen resolutions. With a wide variety of pages and different types of blocks, you can collect almost anything.

Medical PowerPoint Template

Medical PowerPoint Template

This template is made in the style of minimalism with a focus on one color. It will look best on 16:9 screens. It consists of 33 slides and 50 color themes. This is an elegant and professional theme that will be a great addition to your collection.

On the first page you can present your business card. It has a blue transparent background, under which you can see stethoscopes, pills, teeth, hearts with cardiograms, and other pictures. Other slides include hexagon images. This means that the picture is similar to a honeycomb.

Some pages contain a central monitor screen in which you can place any photo from your personal collection or leave the current abstract image. You will receive PPT and PPTX files, where you will see icons with human organs: ear, eye, pancreas, kidneys, and others.

Do not ignore the presence of a map slide; be sure to fill it with up-to-date statistics.

Medishine Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

Medishine Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template

This is one of the most striking and creative medical templates. Here you can find shades of purple as a background, with some geometric shapes on top. For example, orange rings and gray triangles.

Each set includes 50 slides that you can easily edit to your taste. It facilitates the drag-and-drop task. The pages are suitable for the topic of the presentation related to medicine, healthcare, and global population statistics. Handmade infographic objects fit neatly into each slide. They allow you to describe the rules for setting different types of injections and the pharmacological effect of drugs.

These pixel-perfect figures can change their size according to your desire, regardless of what stage you are creating the presentation on. In addition, the slide called "Timeline" has an unusual design. It depicts a wavy diagram–see for yourself.

Dental Care Clinic Dentist Service PowerPoint Template

Dental Care Clinic Dentist Service PowerPoint Template

This template includes a huge library of various documents. Read the details in the short manual that comes with it. Just imagine what a capacious and useful presentation you can create, having 2700 slides with the ability to choose a theme color from 15 options for light or dark shades.

The inscriptions are made in the font Lato. The infographic set contains the following images:

  • schedules
  • world map
  • groups of people and individuals
  • tooth structure
  • tables
  • diagrams

The final document can be shared on social networks, as well as viewed on a tablet, television, PC, or laptop. In short, all modern devices will do.

You will definitely love custom animated effects and smart objects. In addition, you will receive 150 vector icons; change their size at your discretion.

Virus Corona - Medical Health PowerPoint Template

Virus Corona - Medical Health PowerPoint Template

There is probably no person in the world who has not heard of the Covid-19 pandemic. This problem remains relevant to this day, and you should definitely prepare a presentation on this topic. 

You will get 36 slides, which depict not only bacteria, but also masked people who must spend their time at home in quarantine. Pages are also suitable for conducting classes at school. They will help explain to students the nature of the origin of diseases and infections and also teach pupils the rules for preventing the occurrence of influenza and talk about the means to combat the epidemic.

Attach an online map of the distribution of coronavirus and show viewers statistics on countries and regions. Using free fonts, describe the need for quarantine. Make headlines that encourage people to stay at home. If you want to talk about the means of fighting the disease, do it! There are just the right slides for this.

Red Hospital Medical PowerPoint Template

Red Hospital Medical PowerPoint Template

Thematic development for several options of clinics - from dentistry to the general profile. Made in a pleasant design, you can always leave the finished homepage the way it is, or you can change individual elements with the visual editor, or completely, right down to the grid structure.


  • wide options for customizing the appearance
  • several pages with a good design
  • own icons

The template is well suited for the:

  • hospital website
  • nursing home
  • general clinics 
  • medical store 
  • dental 
  • pediatric
  • gynecology
  • veterinary clinics
  • children’s medicine
  • general medical sites 

It is also suitable for personal portfolios from websites of dentists, doctors, surgeons, gynecologists, and therapists. The main color of the slides is white; dark red blocks and elements are added for contrast. But there are other warm colors that softly fit into the overall picture: orange, yellow, and beige.

Healthcare Presentation PowerPoint Template

Healthcare Presentation PowerPoint Template

Simple, bright, and vibrant slides are easily customizable and contain icons, pictures, and random text.

What Healthcare is useful for:

  • establishment of a clinic
  • presentation of doctor profiles
  • medicine blogs
  • attracting investment in fixed assets
  • dissemination of information about hospitals
  • promotion of services of a private psychotherapist and doctors of other specialties
  • maintaining the brand image of a network of pharmacies
  • student report, research results, etc.

On each page, the crimson color of the blocks contrasts with the blue dressing gowns of the doctors. Use 30 slides and a whole library of icons to saturate the report with useful information, visualizing it.

Now you know about the existence of Medical PowerPoint Templates and you can easily create and customize your masterpiece to your segmented audience using step-by-step instructions and life hacks. Choose the best showcase and create your masterpiece!

How to Customize Medical PowerPoint Templates

Each of us has seen a film where the main character may be seen as a loser but he creates a vivid presentation for a product, and suddenly he becomes a cool guy and successful employee. After watching such a movie, you understand that everything in life is much more prosaic and boring. In most cases, in reality, a presentation is a rather long and uninteresting activity.

Customize Medical PowerPoint Templates.

I have attended many presentations and almost always, after a few slides, my interest in the product was lost. Sometimes a loss of interest is due to the orator’s uncertainty. But most often this is due to the uniform and uninteresting styling of the presentation itself.

In addition, as practice shows, a person reacts faster to visual cues, and only then to the audio. And even if you are the best speaker, the absence of beautiful images in the presentation is likely to lead to failure.

But there is a solution! Today we’ll talk about ready-made free medical PowerPoint templates that will help you make your slides interesting, vivid, and commemorative.

We will consider options for premium and free templates for all kinds of presentations from several different sources. Of course, our review will not be complete without discussing some awesome products from TemplateMonster, which offer their customers not only website design, but also a lot of ready-made layouts for all occasions.

Medical PowerPoint Template Step-by-Step Instructions

According to forecasts, the total annual growth rate of health care spending worldwide is expected to increase by 5% over the next five years. This will open up many opportunities for the industry. Therefore, each innovation must be presented timely.

There are a few routes to take that you can use in order to customize some medical PowerPoint sheet formats.

If you have used some of these free medical PowerPoint templates, or even any of the paid ones, you can follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on an image to modify it. You may do that if you don’t like the looks of the visuals and you wish to change it with a better image more to your taste.
  2. Use the selection panel to edit. You should also use that special menu in which we can replace different photos with others from your computer or online.
  3. You are able to change the text font. Changing some of the fonts is the easiest and most effective route to customizing free medical PowerPoint ready to use styles.
  4. Changing the size of your text. Together with changing the font, this sure is an easy way to modify the look of your design.
  5. Add some color. Yet another easy way to modify a design style in order to suit to your style and taste.
  6. Change the image placed in the background. Very often, backgrounds are an important aspect of your work. If you have really unique or nice images, you can replace them on the page by going into the page settings with the idea to modify contents, where you can choose an option to replace any background image.

Top 20 Life Hacks to Make a Great Presentation

For the listeners to understand your report and to gain advantage from viewing the slides, it is worth following some recommendations. It is not necessary to apply them all together on one page. The main thing here is that the presentation looks harmonious and contains interesting content.

First life hack

You must formulate the main value for the client by indicating it on the first slide. A person should see your first slide and think, “Wow! This is exactly what I wanted! I simply must watch this medical theme for PowerPoint to the end.” But most often on the first slide the audience sees something like “report on the advertising campaign” or “proposal for partners” on a plain background. Do not do this; it’s boring and won’t keep their attention.

Second life hack

Do not use the same slides over and over. If you have ten identical white backgrounds in a row in your presentation, throw it away and redo everything. All slides have different functions and types of content, so you need to carefully think about what to show and how to illustrate it. A Medical PowerPoint presentation is not a book, to convey everything only with the help of text.

Third life hack

Explain to people why you created your proposal. Usually, you hear, “This is our product, it’s new, and it costs a lot.” Why this system is important, who needs it, and what it will do is not clear to anyone. Therefore, focus on the purpose of your presentation.

Fourth life hack

Insert photos showing doctors in medical gowns. People love the images of those who smile, because they inspire confidence. Even if you think that you have dry analytics or a super-serious medical PPT presentation and there shouldn’t be any photos, then you should know — it can have photos!

Medical PPT.

Fifth life hack

Use contrast. The whole design is actually built on it. Use large numbers or words. By changing the font size and color, you can effectively focus on important information, and then the audience’s attention will catch on to it. Want to make a figure for the whole slide? Forward!

Sixth life hack

Add blank space to your slides. Music consists of notes and pauses. Similarly, design is not only objects, but also free space between them which helps the viewers to quickly and easily understand what is relevant. And most importantly — do not place important elements close to the edge of the slide: no one can read what is written under the table at the very bottom of the page.

Seventh life hack

If you have two to three days to prepare your presentation, download a medicine PowerPoint template. Fill it in with content in accordance with your goals, objectives, and audience. This cleanses the head very well and allows you to plan time for preparing the presentation. In this case, you do not have to spend time on selecting pictures and placing them.

Eighth life hack

If you have read up to this point and still do not understand how to remake a large slide, try to talk about it out loud. Surprisingly, this works. If you have complex medical analytics, tables, or graphs, just start presenting them by talking to yourself. Usually your finger (or laser pointer) moves to a specific cell of the table, to a column, graph, or number — and focuses on this information, and boldly reduces the rest.

Ninth life hack

If you are making a medical theme for PowerPoint for a presentation, do not linger on the slide for longer than one minute. At the same time, the pages should be very dynamic. For example, in a lecture that lasts 2.5 hours, there are going to be about 250 slides, but they are ideally going to be super-dynamic and light. In some cases, you can stay on a slide longer for emphasis, but do not drag it out for 15-20 minutes: your audience will simply fall asleep.

Medical theme for PowerPoint.

Tenth life hack

In the end, you always need a call to action. On the last slide, many people write “Thank you for your attention!” This is complete nonsense, because you went to the audience for some reason, and you need to end with an appeal: “Let’s meet, discuss, and launch a test project. We will do it together, and here are our contacts.”

Eleventh life hack

How do you plan to attract the clients, and what will your process of wholesale and retail sales of medical equipment, work clothing, or first aid services look like? Use at least one slide to outline your sales and marketing plan. Finding and promoting them usually can be the biggest challenge for a startup. Therefore, it is important to show that you have a clear idea of ​​how you will reach your target market and which marketing instruments you plan to use.

Twelfth life hack

Why are you and your team the right people to build and grow this company? What experience do you have that others do not have? Highlight the key team members, their successes in other companies, and the key knowledge that they bring. Even if you do not yet have a complete command, identify the key positions that you still need to fill, and why these positions are crucial for the growth of the company.

Thirteenth life hack

If your Medical PowerPoint templates are created to attract investment, we recommend that you consider the following nuances. Investors expect to see a sales forecast, profit and loss statement, and cash flow forecast for at least three years. But your slides should not have in-depth tables that will be difficult to form and read. Limit yourself to charts that show sales, total customers, total costs, and profits.

You should be prepared to discuss the key assumptions you made to reach your targeted sales and your key cost drivers. Remember to try and be realistic.

Medical PowerPoint templates Thirteenth life hack.

Fourteenth life hack

Every business has some form of competition, especially medical. Even if you open up a whole new market, today your potential clients use alternatives to solve their problems. Describe how you fit into the competitive landscape and how you differ from contestants and alternatives that are on the market today. What are the key advantages you have over your competitors, or is there some kind of “secret sauce” that you have, while others don’t? You must explain how different you are from other players in the market, and why customers will choose you instead of another player.

Fifteenth life hack

If you wrote a report, not to participate in the conference, but to attract new counterparties, it is recommended that you compile a sales introduction and a CEO-optimized conclusion. During the creation of the semantic core, you can better understand the needs of people, which means that you will create a truly useful presentation.

Sixteenth life hack

Use the correct fonts. In 2012, The New York Times conducted an experiment called, “Are you an optimist or a pessimist?” Its participants were supposed to read an excerpt from the book and answer “yes” or “no” to several questions. The purpose of the experiment: to determine whether the font affects the reader's confidence in the text.

Forty thousand people who participated were shown the same paragraph in different fonts: Comic Sans, Computer Modern, Georgia, Trebuchet, Baskerville, and Helvetica.

The result is this: the text written in Comic Sans and Helvetica fonts did not inspire confidence among readers, but the Baskerville font, to the contrary, received agreement and approval. According to psychologists, this is due to its formal appearance.

Seventeenth life hack

Joke and be sincere. Will Stefan at TED-x can laugh at himself even during important presentations. Take a look. Draw a conclusion. Smile. The hall will appreciate your ease of communication and ease of speech.

Eighteenth life hack

Do not make the text too small, because 48% of people cannot tolerate it in the presentation. You can come up with a brilliant text for each slide, but your whole creative will be wasted if this text cannot be read.

Nineteenth life hack

Do not read the text from the slides, as 69% of respondents said they could not stand it when the speaker does this. Do not just repeat the phrases posted on the slides. You must explain the information on each of them in your own words in a way that summarizes or explains the presentation elements. Otherwise, you risk that your audience will simply fall asleep.

Twentieth life hack

Do not forget to rehearse your performance. If you do not have time to prepare a presentation, why should the client spend time on it? Imagine how you will go out into the hall, where you might stand, and what you will say first. Your laptop will possibly have ten percent of the charge, and where do you expect to find a power outlet? This should not happen. Take care of the technical support in advance. Make sure you have all the necessary tools available and ready.

Will you rehearse several scenarios and your speech? The answer to all questions is the same: you need to prepare for important meetings and presentations. It is not enough to create a report with cool content and pictures; you need to be able to submit it. During the presentation, you must be understood, heard, and accepted.

All these items are included in our PPT medical templates. But you can easily change each of them by choosing for yourself.

Best Color Choice for Such Presentations

Picking the right color choice for these types of presentations is really important in order to send the right message to the reader. At all times you should try to use medical related colors, which are mainly the following.


The blue color is used in many spheres, but frequently in the medical sector. Ambulances, hospitals, even pharmacies show blue colors on their advertisements and buildings.

Blue color choice for medical ppt.


Color red is also heavily related to medicine. A lot of medical related equipment, vehicles, and buildings have the color red in them. Don’t forget the red hospital and first aid related signs as well.

Red color choice for medical ppt.


Green is also heavily used. It is probably one of the most used colors in the medicine sector. It’s all over hospitals, cars, different sorts of equipment and buildings, pharmacies, and hospital tools.

Green color choice for medical ppt.


Yellow is also another color that people can sometimes relate to medicine. It’s used everywhere as an accent color with the other colors. It’s also used in lights, labels, signs, and many other situations.

Yellow color choice for medical ppt.

Medical PPT Templates Must-Haves

There are some free medical PowerPoint templates. Using free templates is easy and your pocket will really like it as well. The free templates mainly are being used as a quick, trouble-free way to obtain a nice template that you can use for your project if you are starting to run a bit low on time. You will have the chance to meet some of the best medical PowerPoint templates that are free of charge and unique, in order to keep your reader interested.

Pandemic Covid-19 PowerPoint Templates

Pandemic Covid-19 PowerPoint Templates

Together with the new trend in the world, this theme is really suitable if you wish to discuss that or any other similar topics. You can make a variety of expressions using the shapes and backgrounds included in this template.

Maternity Hospital PowerPoint Templates

Maternity Hospital PowerPoint Templates

This is a very nice looking, sleek and unique design as well for the maternity topic and anything related to it. This template can be used to make different sorts of presentations that would be related to pregnancy, looking after kids, parenting, and even giving child birth. You are able to make very different expressions via usage of the different shapes and backgrounds which come free included with this template.

Blood Donation PowerPoint Templates

Blood Donation PowerPoint Templates

This is another one of the free medical PowerPoint templates. It is amazing to write about the blood donation process or anything else related to it. The template also contains a lot of different varieties when it comes to medical forms and you can also easily freely modify it. It is very suitable if you need to create a custom presentation about blood donation and medical care.

Dental Clinic PowerPoint Templates

Dental Clinic PowerPoint Templates

Here is yet another very nice looking free medical PowerPoint template. Very different medical forms also come included with this template which can be freely modified of course. It is very suitable to be used for dental related presentations and forms.

Online Doctor Medical PowerPoint Templates

Online Doctor Medical PowerPoint Templates

The template can be used for online doctor related activities, which also contains different medical shapes and can of course, be freely modified. It would be very appropriate to use if you are going to present an online health service.

Genome Editing Medical PowerPoint Templates

Genome Editing Medical PowerPoint Templates

This template is related to the genome editing design. The DNA engineering is a very interesting and important topic in recent medical studies and science.

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