The Reason Why 9 out of 10 Web Design Studios Fail Less Than a Year from Start

Lots of web developers and designers start thinking about their own business at a certain stage of their careers, especially when they feel they are experienced enough to become their own bosses. There are thousands of web design studios around the world and only 10% of them eventually become profitable. Other 90% live around 12 months, that's exactly how long an average hosting account stays active. Sad stats, don’t you think so?

We've made a research and discovered why so many web design studios “die young”. The most common reason is an unawareness of basic aspects of running a business. Most people don’t know how to manage it. No matter if you are a junior or senior web developer, no matter how many successful projects you have ever had - if you can’t cope with inner processes, it will fail. Running a business is difficult, even if it’s an online one, but who said it’s impossible?

For started let’s figure out what a web studio is. First of all, web studio is a production team, consisting of coders, developers, designers, copywriters and marketing specialists.

Heads of such teams are most likely to combine responsibilities and tasks as one of those performers. If you are a middle web developer, why you should hire another one, especially when you have a limited budget? However, don’t take too many responsibilities for yourself. For example, don’t struggle with text content for your client’s future website. Let copywriters write effective selling texts while you will handle the design.

It’s only one of the multiple points which the head of a web studio should pay attention to. All aspects of running an online web studio are covered in our free marathon “Your Own Web Studio in 7 Weeks”. The participants of this project will learn [step-by-step] how to build web design studio. They will also cope with interesting and useful tasks, like:

  1. finding a dream team;
  2. planning the budget;
  3. setting a perfect a working schedule;
  4. where and how to find clients;
  5. selling your products/services.

This educational project will help you to build an effective business plan while setting up your own web studio. There's not only some boring theory, a real challenge is waiting for our participants in the last stage of the marathon.

The best performing participants will get special prizes from TemplateMonster. Don’t miss the chance to learn how to manage work in your own web design studio, especially when it’s free of charge.

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Brenda Hills

Hi! I'm Brenda writing for the TemplateMonster blog. Once responsible for the launch of the first TM marathon, I also enjoy writing about web design.

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