What is the Best Website Design for SEO? 10 Tips to Help Google Ranking

If you specialize in website design, you are likely familiar with quite a few of the things that affect search ranking. Namely, those that deal with visitor usability and experience (UX design) which are crucial to the search engines as they monitor bounce rate and whether people are returning to your site.

Very important!

SEO's, on the other hand, know all about those little design tricks that are hidden (sometimes in plain sight) from visitors, such as metadata, the usage of rich snippets, and keyword density. Again, these things are essential as they tell the search engines what a website is about so that they can send the right visitors to you.

Can SEO's and designers do each other’s jobs?

Sometimes they can. There are a lot of talented people out there, but not always. Which can lead to significant problems on a website when you hire one type of expert and they are expected to function in the role of both SEO and designer.

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Before you pull the trigger on a new hire for your website creation, ask them how they are going to approach the 10 points listed in the infographic below. If they can't answer you with confidence, you may well need another team member to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Designers, if you can pick up some of the SEO skills on the infographic, you'll be a much more rounded out website developer, and your clients can benefit from your knowledge.

Infographic courtesy of NoHatDigital.com

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