8 Things You Need to Outsource to Give a Go to Your Start-Up

Outsourcing has become really popular. In fact, we outsource some routine tasks every day. We buy ready-made products, use hairdresser and nail services and more. Just somebody has given a name to this process - outsourcing. 

The nature of it is quite simple - our abilities and time are limited (no matter what a bunch of life coaches is pouring into your ears).

The same thing is about any business. Some companies outsource recruiting services, others  - hire outside IT experts. There are pros and cons of such practice. But let’s think about this issue on the part of a start-up company. Where to start? Which services worth outsourcing and which not.

Where to start? Which services worth outsourcing and which not.

  • Human resources. That’s an integral part of any business. You need some core stuff in the office for a start and will need more while your company will grow. There are three possible ways - hire an in-house recruiter, make it yourself or outsource. Of course, you can try to headhunt yourself. But I guess it will end when you call all the friends, friends of friends, post a vacation at some job portal and have several sad interviews. An experienced recruiter costs a lot, and a newly-graduated student on this position could cost you even more. So the only one way left - outsource. There are lots of freelance recruiters you can pay for a hired employee. One time. Recruiting companies will be helpful as well.
  • IT services. I mean system administrators and DBAs (if you deal with huge databases). If you are not a +200 employees company (and you’re not, since we are talking about a start-up), you don’t need to have a full-time sysadmin. The problems with some software or Internet connection are casual. But there are pitfalls. If you outsource these services or have some remote specialist, get ready to wait. They can be out of office or work on other tasks.
  • Web presence. No money, no honey. No website, fewer clients. Sorry, dear web design companies, but I have to say it! Save your money and time and go for a website theme. There is a huge number of easy-to-customize templates on the web and here are several cool representatives:

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  • Online marketing. Yes, I really mean that. You need to promote your services on the web, but the in-house team of marketers will cost a fortune. Make use of Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance resources. Many copywriters and link-builders will be happy to help you for a couple of bucks. Of course, they won’t assist you in making a marketing strategy. But they will be helpful in minor tasks which I’m going to talk about below.
  • Content Marketing. Delegate everything connected to searching for images, videos, statistics, titles creating for articles in cold blood. But be careful with the writing itself. If you have a great idea for a post and as a topic, try to write it yourself and then outsource the proofreading. But if you need a content just for backlinks, the army of freelance outreach marketers is waiting for your command.
  • SEO. That’s the easiest part. You can outsource it in full. There is a lot of professional SEO companies available on the web. But if you still want to get involved, don’t try to make all the SEO tasks. A keywords research, a sitemap, blogs and forums commenting, etc. - these are time-consuming issues what can be easily transferred to outside experts.
  • Analytics. Nope, I won't tell you to delegate the overall analysis of marketing campaigns, cash-flow processes and whatever you may need to analyze. You can outsource daily, weekly and monthly reports. There are lots of metrics you won’t have time to follow on a going basis, but you still need to know them.
  • Reputation Management. Surprise! All the negative comments, reviews, and the press can be followed up and replied by freelancers. Also, you can delegate tasks on getting the customer feedback. It's not hard, but outsourcing will save you much time for brainstorming on what you’re going to do to avoid it in future.  

There are two main reasons to outsource - a casual job you need to be done from time to time and routine non-creative work you can give to a bunch of freelancers. But you should remember that the way you describe a task, the way it will be done. You have to give a detailed instruction and think over all the parts of your job.

While making a description, you can imagine explaining it to a kid who knows nothing. It could be time-consuming but believe me; it is more efficient than answering questions or asking to re-do something.

Outsourcing can become your business’s life saver but use it wisely. It is one of the tools you can use for the building, but it is not a construction material.

Have you ever outsourced any tasks? Share your experience in the comments below.

Maria Ziza

Maria is a great copywriter and just a nice person. She likes to write about web design and template solutions. Besides that, she is a cross-fit fan and a passionate artist. LinkedIn

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