Divi vs Elementor: Natural Selection of Page Builders

  1. Elementor vs Divi page builder: some statistics
  2. Divi vs Elementor comparison
  3. Divi vs Elementor: checking the rates
  4. Users opinion
  5. Divi vs Elementor comparison table
  6. 10 Multifunctional Elementor Themes
  7. Conclusion

If to think about it for some time, the internet could be compared to the natural ecosystem. Lots of writers and philosophers compared it to the ocean. I think that is because oceans are a huge amount of water and in the water, you can go any dimension. The Internet also has a huge amount of “water” (which is information) and in it, you can move any direction, freely “surfing” the waves of data.

In this case, software programs are species that are born in the internet environment, live, struggle and die there, just like the living creatures. And battles like “Divi vs Elementor” are the parts of the natural selection of applications. The best WordPress page builder will remain and worse ones slowly fade and disappear.

elementor vs divi
Cartoon by Robert Leighton

One way or another, there’s enough of lyrics by now. I’m going to compare Divi vs Elementor and see which one is better. By the end of this article, you will know what is each of those website builders best for and do they fit your needs or not.

I guess you don’t need an explanation of what a website builder is. If you came to read about two builders comparison you have to know already what they are. However, just in case, I’ll give a very short summary. Page builder (or website builder) is a plugin or service that makes the site creation much simpler. Every page of the website is deconstructed to “elements” or “modules” by this app. Therefore, the creation of a new page becomes as simple as just combining those elements and customizing them to fit each other.

Elementor vs Divi page builder: some statistics

Numbers and precise data are very powerful when it comes to presenting some arguments in the discussion. Of course, personal opinion is always better, only if you try the software for yourself you will know if it fits your taste. But you can’t deny that research information and solid numbers affect your opinion towards some product. So, before I start comparing those website builders let’s take a look at some statistics and general information.

elementor page builder statistics

What is Elementor? It is an app, launched in 2016 by the team of enthusiastic WordPress fans. From that time, it was downloaded more than 2 000 000 times by the people of more than 180 countries. According to the BuiltWith, there are 1 031 374 live websites (553 047 of them in the United States) that were built with the help of Elementor and continue using it. It is 8th most popular plugin on the internet and #1 plugin in Israel, Bolivia, Nepal, and Paraguay.

divi builder statistics

As a separate app, Divi Builder was released in 2015. By 2019, according to the BuiltWith statistics, there are 1 076 547 live websites (587 417 of them in the United States) that use Divi theme constantly. Divi theme and Divi builder are one but the theme could be used separately, so I can’t tell if the statistics are 100% precise. Divi theme is #1 in the BuiltWith rate of the most popular WordPress themes on the web.

Divi vs Elementor comparison

You won’t be able to find an ideal thing or person on this planet. Every software product has its weak points. To choose an app that will meet your requirements perfectly you define which functions are your priority and check if the software can offer you a smooth work in the chosen sphere. That’s why I’m going to list the common features and describe how Divi and Elementor handle them.

User-friendly interface

elementor pro

When you start working with Elementor you get an empty working space. Until you choose a template and start customizing it - there’s nothing on the page. All the elements are stored in the left-side many and you can pick the necessary one there and drop to any place you would like it to be. After putting an element to the page you get access to the customization menu (it also opens in the left-side menu). All the options are quite obvious, so you won’t have any problems dealing with them.

divi page builder

You can’t start using Divi page builder from the blank page – you always start from the default Divi theme. You can choose a normal (the way this page will be displayed to viewers) and Wireframe view. In the second case, the page will be shown as a combination of blocks, without any content details (you can see that look on the picture). That is great if you want to check the structure first. When you start to design the separate modules you can open a left-side customization menu. The functionality is quite clear and won’t cause troubles even to beginner developers.


elementor templates

It could be hard to create a website from the ground up. Even professional web developers often use templates – it spares loads of time and efforts. Elementor page builder has a big templates library. You can choose to get not only some pre-made blocks but also the whole pages. If a ready-made the page fits your requirements – you can take it, modify a little, and have the result in a few hours. The blocks are sorted according to the category, so it will be no problems seeking for the one you need. You can access the template library both from the Elementor working field and from the WordPress dashboard.

divi page builder

Divi page builder doesn’t offer pre-made blocks but instead, it has a big list of layouts. The ready-made pages are sorted according to their purpose and you will easily find the one you need following the type of website you would like to create. For example, you are building a food blog. You just have to open the “Food&Drink” category and choose one of the layouts.


The number of widgets Elementor page builder offers is quite enough to build a website but it could always be bigger, isn’t it? As Elementor is open-source software, there are some developers who create plugins especially for it. For example, Crocoblock team offer 15 excellent extensions that sufficiently expand Elementors capabilities.

The situation is the same for Divi page builder – it offers users lots of ready-made modules but there are developers who want more. They create add-ons especially for Divi and that software help to decrease the amount of time and efforts needed for website building. For example, Tim Strifler, the owner of Divilife website, create 7 plugins for Divi.

Global widgets/modules

Both Elementor Page Builder and Divi Builder has an option of global elements. In each of the builders, you can create a widget or module, save it and then freely use it on any part of the page you want. Besides that, applying some changes into the global widget or module you apply changes to all of them. It is very convenient if you need some parts of the website to show similar information. However, both for the Divi and Elementor this option becomes available only in the paid version. You have to get yourself Pro Elementor or purchase Divi.


elementor vs divi pricing

Elementor Page Builder has a free version available for users. Of course, there’s no point in comparing Elementor free vs Pro – it is obvious that paid version has more features than free one. Elementor Pro users get access to additional functionalities, extra widgets, and templates. There are three pricing plans for different categories of developers:

  • Personal. Could be used on 1 site. Costs $49 per year.
  • Plus. Could be used on 3 sites. Costs $99 per year.
  • Expert. Could be used on 1000 sites. Costs $179 per year.
divi vs elementor pricing

Divi Builder doesn’t have a free version, only paid ones. You can try the builder right on the Divi website, but that is only a demo – to create a website you will have to subscribe. There are only two variants of purchasing Divi that differ in the available period of usage: Yearly Access, that costs $89 per year and Lifetime Access which costs $249.


Sometimes pre-made widgets and pages are not enough. Shortcodes could help in that case and a convenient way to add them is a great plus. Elementor page builder has a widget (it is called “Shortcode” and is available among the default widgets in the menu) that helps the user to insert a shortcode to any part of the page.

Divi page builder is a little friendlier to shortcodes – any module could be placed to any location and you can even insert a module into another module. Shortcodes for any module available in Divi are stored in the library, so you can copy it and use anywhere on the website.

Data preservation

data preservation

For this feature, it is hard to compare Elementor vs Divi builder because design, created with the help of each of them will be broken after you disable the plugins. Every website builder you use will affect your website coding in some way. The only difference between Divi and Elementor here would be that after disabling Divi you will have to additionally deal with the shortcodes left by it. The content you add will be left unharmed both after deleting Elementor and Divi, so you will be able to fix the design problems easily.

Fans community

Elementor Page Builder has a vast community of fans. The official website doesn’t have a forum but there is a Facebook Elementor Community group with more than 44 thousand members. There’s also a big Elementor-making developers community on the GitHub. In the end, there are regular meetups set all over the world and hosted by different companies.

Divi also has a Facebook Divi Theme Users group that has more than 36 thousand members. Just as Elementor it also has no forum on the official website, only a special members’ area where they can ask their questions. Divi fans also do the meetups in different cities and have a special website page for arranging them.


If you have some problems with the software, it is very important to get some technical support. Elementor offers users only ticket support. This means that is you meet an issue – you can write a “ticket” and send it via email to the tech support team. Besides that, clients can join the Facebook community and ask their questions there.

Divi page builder has not only ticket support but also a text chat. It is available only for the clients but on the other hand, clients can use it 24/7. A Facebook community could also help to solve urgent problems and get quick answers.

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 compatibility

Since the launch of Gutenberg Editor with the WordPress 5.0 update, it became a default page builder for WP. If you lack some functionalities in it or just want another website builder, you have to pay attention to compatibility with Gutenberg. However, there won’t be any Divi vs Elementor battle here – both these page builders are compatible with Gutenberg.

elementor and gutenberg

Elementor Page Builder editing button will appear at the new page or post creation menu window. Every page or post you create could be edited both by Elementor and Gutenberg and it doesn’t matter which one was first. Elementor blocks could be used via Gutenberg and vice versa – there are even plugins that help with that, like Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg.

divi and gutenberg

Divi is also completely compatible with Gutenberg Editor. When starting a new page or a post, the user can choose to do it with Divi or Gutenberg. It is even possible to set the Divi page builder as the default one and use it all the time – it is up to your taste.

Divi vs Elementor: checking the rates

Another person’s opinion has a huge influence on the decisions we make. Do you check the reviews before buying something? I bet you do. If you want to purchase something and know that your friend bought that thing some time ago – it is quite natural to ask him to share his thoughts and experience. That’s why many online stores and business websites add a rating system. There are even whole websites that are created to gather reviews on different products. As Elementor and Divi are products too I checked a few websites and gathered the ratings.


elementor vs divi trustpilot

First of all, I went to the Trustpilot – a big reviews platform that is quite popular among internet users. Elementor was reviewed 45 times there and the average rating is 5/5. Only two users weren’t satisfied with it – others give Elementor Page Builder excellent marks.

divi vs elementor trustpilot

There’s no separate page for Divi Builder on the Trustpilot, but Elegant themes, the creator of it, is highly ranked there. 93% of 715 people who left a review about it ranked it 5/5. I guess if the “parenting” platform has such a high rating – it means they create great software.


elementor vs divi g2

This is one of the biggest and most reliable platforms of business websites reviews. Elementor was rated by 29 people there and get a quite high score – 23 of them give it 5 stars. Besides that, it has quite nice “Ease of use”, “Quality of support” and “Ease of setup” ratings.

divi vs elementor g2

Once again Divi Builder has no personal page on the review website but Elegant Themes is also highly scored. It was rated by 19 people and has really high average marks for every position that is important to clients.

elementor page builder wp

Elementor Page Builder is presented on the WordPress.org as a plugin. On that website users can rate software they liked or don’t liked and Elementor has a nice score. More than 3,5 thousand people gave it 5 stars.

elegant themes

Divi Builder has no plugin available to users on WordPress.org but unlike Elementor, Elegant Themes has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. It is accredited there and users gave it an average score of four stars.

Users opinion

Someone’s opinion is usually important for making a decision. I, personally, in the Divi vs Elementor battle would choose Elementor. However, that is an opinion of a single person, so I went and asked different website owners and developers what they think about both of those website builders.

Sarah Blocksidge
Sarah Blocksidge Web Producer at Sixth City Marketing
As a web producer, I have made countless edits and updates to a variety of WordPress websites. A few of our clients use Divi Builder and for those looking to create easy page templates, it seems pretty good and customizable without a ton of coding skills. One of the best features is being able to save and reuse anything you've done, so it makes a turnaround of content uploading much quicker.  

Sixth City Marketing
Gregory Hammond Website developer & owner of Gregory J Development
I currently use Elementor for client websites and use Divi as volunteer webmaster. I have used both and I prefer Elementor because of it is easier for anyone to pick up and use, and that there is a free version. Divi is great for those who need detail work and can spend time learning Divi (and all it's options and settings), but if you don't have time for that then I suggest Elementor.  

Gregory J Development
Gregory Hammond
Rahul Kumar Singh
Rahul Kumar Singh Chief Editor on HubsAdda
If I have to choose from that two page builders, I’ll choose Elementor. Divi is only paid, but it lacks features for front-end edit. Elementor has a very easy to use front-end drag-n-drop builder, and many blocks and templates available. Plus, it is compatible with almost any theme. Elementor is WAY better than Divi. It’s easier to use and understand, has a ton of addons available for more flexibility, and if you disable it you are left with CLEAN content in the Editor.

Chloe Brittain Owner of Opal Transcription Services
The Divi Builder has solved 99% of my WordPress problems. As a non-developer, I wanted to have complete control over the functionality of my website, and Divi fits the bill. Instead of wasting hours fiddling with underlying theme code or hiring a developer to make small changes, I can use the visual builder to quickly and easily add features like pricing tables, testimonials, and portfolios to my websites. I also save tons of time by importing the pre-made layouts and tweaking them as necessary. I've read some reviews that say Divi has a steeper learning curve than Elementor, but in my experience, the basics of using Divi were fairly easy to pick up. (I took a free course on Udemy to learn my way around the platform, which was a big help.) Also, Divi's lifetime license for unlimited sites is a great value for people who work on lots of websites.

 Opal Transcription Services
Chloe Brittain
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero Digital Marketing Consultant at Eminence Digital Marketing Solutions LLC
When I first started in the industry, I went with Divi as Elementor was not around at the time, and it was a good value for the price, especially for a developer starting out. We started using Elementor for our agency in November of 2017, and since then, have not used any other builder. After trying both editors, we love the flexibility and ease of use that Elementor provides. It's just much simpler to use, and we feel we can accomplish any design we would like. With Elementor, you also get to choose which underlying theme you use. We also feel it is a little less bloated than Divi. For the needs of our agency, we prefer Elementor hands down.

 Eminence Digital Marketing Solutions LLC
Jorge Sheffy Loclweb
I use Beaver Builder primarily but have also used Elementor and Divi a great deal while testing out Oxygen a bit. Elementor is good for some purposes such as for a website that will be handed off to a user with absolutely no chance of any further use by a professional. In that circumstance it's good but for a professional web designer it's much more limited than other options. Divi is out of the question as an option because of its lack of user friendliness and overall clunkiness. There are many different options with page builders so it's hard to name one as the best. That's because there are so many unique use cases for each one and many of them excel in different areas. The best way to find the right one for your project is to do some testing to find the right one.

Jorge Sheffy
Becky Beach
Becky Beach Lifestyle Blogger and Blog Designer at Mom Beach LLC
I use Elementor to make landing pages mostly. They are excellent for boosting conversions and are responsive too. I've used Divi, but get glitches and slow loading time on mobile. I think Elementor loads faster and is easier to use than Divi. The code quality is also better with Elementor I've found. I'm a developer so can see why Elementor runs so much faster than Divi due to the better code. You can create pages much faster with Elementor and it has a free version. With Divi, you have to pay quite a lot of money unless you get it on Black Friday. I got mine last Black Friday and hardly use it since getting Elementor. It is easier for my clients to update, whereas Divi has a steeper learning curve.

Mom Beach LLC
Ronald D'souza Angel Jackets
I use Elementor Page Builder, and I prefer it over Divi because of the front end interface. The elements are for the most part, available in the left-hand column, giving a plain canvas looking layout. It allows you to select the desired element and arrange them the way you want it to appear. I had a much great experience with Elementor and it's better for my needs.

Angel Jackets
Ronald D'souza
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Founder of Passport Explored
I use Elementor to build pages and blog posts for my travel blog Passport Explored. Although I haven't used Divi, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the Elementor page builder. Seeing as though the Wordpress post editor is very limited, I find Elementor to be an extremely helpful tool for creating both pages and blog posts. What I like the most about Elementor is that it's quite easy to learn and yet there are plenty of advanced features within the interface. For example, you can assign responsive options to any piece of content so that it only shows up on certain devices. You can also apply margins and padding on any side of any piece of content so that your page doesn't look too cluttered. Another feature that I like is the control Elementor gives you when uploading images to a page. You can easily change the image's size, alignment, caption, link, borders, and various other features right there within the Elementor control panel. Overall, Elementor is an extremely helpful tool that allows you greater control over your pages and posts within Wordpress.

Passport Explored
Saurabh Jindal Talk Travel startup owner
We write a lot of travel content and use Wordpress as a backend CMS. We have been using Elementor for long and seem to be very satisfied with it. We tried Divi also, but find Elelemntor more comfortable and easy and now have got very much used to it. 1) Elementor is more easy to use than Divi. I mean it is more intuitive than Divi and has very easily defined elements to be used. For e.g. I love the Image box - where you can put an Image, a Title with description and link the whole thing to any link. All of the items are customisable in almost all aspects and the image size can be adjusted to suit your requirements. 2) Elementor comes with a great set of themes. I somehow find Elementor themes more creative and cool. 3) Elementor does not screw up with the responsiveness of your website. It displays very well for all screen sizes - something which I found to be a problem with almost all the other Page Builders. 4) Elementor regularly updates the plugin and more so whenever a new version of Wordpress is launched. It gives me peace of mind that things are bing kept in sync with the latest Wordpress version and hence won't randomly break. I think Divi is also very good, it is just that the tool you get used to and get comfortable with.

Talk Travel

Divi vs Elementor comparison table


Divi Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

Pricing From $89/year From $49/year
Free version No Yes
Available modules/widgets 46 29 free + 30 with Elementor Pro
Capabilities extension plugins Divilife Crocoblock
Other plugins compatibility Yes Yes
Template library Yes Yes
Shortcodes Shortcodes library Shortcode widget
Community Facebook group Facebook group,GitHub group
Support Live text chat, ticket email system Ticket email system
Tutorials Video tutorials, courses, documentation Video tutorials, courses, documentation

10 Multifunctional Elementor Themes

To best understand all the benefits of Elementor themes, you just need to turn to examples. Temple Monster offers to go to its exclusive showcase and see the effectiveness of these themes personally. Everything you need for web projects of any direction and level of difficulty is in our top 10 best Elementor themes: welcome to the world of beauty and functionality!

Monstroid - Best WordPress Template

Monstroid - Best WordPress Template

Monstroid is a recognized champion among multifunctional Elementor themes. It is difficult to imagine a business direction that could not be covered using one of more than 55 templates and pre-made pages that are included in the kit.

Any of your customization wishes will be fulfilled thanks to the Elementor builder: just a couple of clicks and moves and a section or widget you need is already in the right place. A huge number of Jet plugins expand your capabilities and allow you to vary the layout and appearance of the menu, tabs, pop-ups, blog and other elements.

Despite the scale, Monstroid is very simple and quick to install, amazingly optimized and lightweight and looks great from any device. Awesome bonus: once you purchase a theme, you get 3 new templates every month!

BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

The theme is dedicated to medical enterprises. Despite the huge abundance of medical directions and practices, BeClinic easily covers them all thanks to thoughtful skins and pre-made pages, which contain all the necessary bases for further content filling. Fully responsive and SEO-friendly design with unique visual components, each of which can be customized to your taste, will easily bring your website to the top of search results.

As before, Elementor acts as a magical drag-and-drop assistant, allowing you to operate with all the elements of the pages without interfering with the code and having special knowledge.

Do not forget about the omnipotent Jet elements that give you the freedom to customize brands, post sliders, carousels and other useful modules that will make your portal unique. Moreover, take advantage of other features included in the set: WooCommerce package for creating an online store, an event calendar, Cherry-based section of services and reviews, etc.

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Asendio is a platform for the triumphal rise of business websites, corporate portals and companies. Regardless of the type of your business, you will receive a universal responsive solution that easily adapts to your needs and allows your customers to quickly find all the necessary information about you.

You are given a huge selection of headers and footers, variations of the contacts and services pages, integration with social networks, the ability to add maps, video and audio, and endless possibilities of simple customization with Elementor. The theme is multilingual, it also supports the possibility of creating an online store with WooCommerce.

If your business nature asks for more, Cherry plugins will help to make the website more fine-tuned. Add sidebars, a section of team members, projects and services, timelines, dynamic reviews on any page, anywhere in any form. All changes are immediately visible thanks to Livу Customizer: no need to reload the page.

Chantalle - Multipurpose Woman Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme

Chantalle - Multipurpose Woman Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme

Beauty services need a particularly aesthetic presentation. This is what this Elementor theme specializes in: here you will find many demos and skins for beauty salons and SPA, clothing, jewelry and cosmetics stores, fashion and healthy eating blogs, fitness rooms and many other areas.

Each skin has a unique section of services that you can customize at your discretion to achieve the effect of maximum involvement of a potential client. Do not forget about the feedback section, which will help the visitor make a choice in your favor, a clear and concise section with prices and contacts, and do not miss the opportunity to embed your Instagram feed into the website using the Jet widget.

Make sales with the WooCommerce package. Each of your brands can be individually represented, as well as a blog: a variety of layers makes it possible to choose the one that best suits your business.

24.Storycle - Multipurpose News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme

24.Storycle - Multipurpose News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme

News portals will not be left without a modern incarnation with this Elementor theme. The important thing is that your topic does not matter, whether it is economics, finance, politics or social life: a wide range of attractive skins and ready-made pages will meet your every need.

Make real-time changes using the Elementor drag-and-drop builder and the multi-purpose Jet plugins accompanying it. A powerful header and footer builder allows you to customize these sections to best suit your goals.

Do not limit yourself to customizing the menu and the blog, because numerous widgets, post sliders, video playlists and advanced functionality are created just for this. Display the most important news with a ticker widget, use a sticky sidebar and don’t be surprised why with such an abundance of information your website loads so quickly: auto load functionality carefully monitors this indicator to provide your readers with the latest news as quickly as possible.

Perfect Rent WordPress Theme

Perfect Rent WordPress Theme

The Perfect Rent Elementor theme created for the rental business is an elegant set of ready-made pages with an attractive and stylish design and many relevant elements: a carousel slider to represent your services, built-in real-time search, hover effect for quick demonstration of the necessary information, etc.

The standard pages such as Home page, About the company, Services, Our apartments, Blog and Contacts are ready for customization using Elementor and Jet plugins. Your website will look amazing on any device thanks to advanced optimization.

Enjoy the package of relevant thematic images that are included in the kit, and use the huge number of useful widgets that will make your website truly unique.

Cars and Bikes WordPress Theme

Cars and Bikes WordPress Theme

Are you the owner of a car and motorcycle repair shop? Redefine your views on a quality website with the new Elementor theme, where all the necessary elements are embodied to create a platform that is truly different from its analogues.

Cherry plugins go well with Elementor in terms of creating a win-win combo of useful widgets: sections with team members, reviews, services and prices, blog posts, brands and effective sliders. The advanced parallax effect will stand out from your competitors and will produce a jaw-dropping effect on your visitors.

Allow your customers to choose their meeting time using the Appointment Manager plugin. Integrate with social networks to create a solid online presence. Check your changes without reloading the page and take full advantage of the theme created by industry leaders.

Exdesimo - Landscape Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Exdesimo - Landscape Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

The best policy for creating an external design website is a large number of colorful photos. This is what the experts were guided in creating Exdesimo. Equally looking great on the desktop and smartphone, the theme has rich customization capabilities with Elementor and Jet plugins, a large number of free exclusive images and Google fonts.

The theme is full of elegant elements that emphasize an amazing sense of taste: beautiful pop-up menus, translucent blocks, bright full-screen images to separate different sections with content.

The theme supports the possibility of placing Google maps, video and audio on the website for a better immersion in the subject of your business. Pay attention to the Projects section, where you can structure your works and place them to your liking for the best presentation.

European Cuisine WordPress Theme

European Cuisine WordPress Theme

Users have steep demands on food related websites. Moreover, it is very difficult to stand out from the abyss of competing organizations, which also have something to offer. But with the European Cuisine template, you can definitely attract attention.

The large number of ready-made pages eliminates the need to create them from scratch: you just need to add the necessary content and customize them to your taste using the Elementor builder and Jet plugins. Do not worry about optimization: your website with Retina-ready design will correctly display from any device.

Take advantage of vibrant, juicy images that are included in the package for free. Create a stunning portfolio that users can’t take their eyes off. Plan events with a calendar, create a section with a menu and establish your restaurant empire!

Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Writers, authors and bloggers, unite around the incredible Elementor theme, which will become your best hallmark. Customers will certainly recognize you at first glance and will not want to leave your website for a long time.

The stylish minimalism of the theme acts completely magnetically. All the necessary pages are already included: Homepage, Blog, My books, My publications, About me, but you can create new ones and vary the content as you wish with the help of Elementor and Jet plugins.

Describe each book or publication separately or create a colorful gallery with all your works. Mark important events in a special calendar so that readers do not lose sight of your activity.

Animated widgets, flip boxes and parallax will allow you to draw the attention of your visitors to the beauty of your approach to visual design. An animated countdown will help show the number of readers and written materials in real time. And, of course, do not forget about social sharing in order to stay in touch with readers from all platforms.


Evolution and natural selection don’t necessarily mean that one of the species will be completely eliminated. Different types of one species could freely exist at the same time, filling up different niches. The same situation is for software. Divi vs Elementor competition doesn’t have to end in choosing the best WordPress page builder. Comparing Elementor vs Divi you should take into consideration the project you are working at. Every of the page builders is good for some specific tasks. So, good luck at choosing the best WordPress page builder for your specific website!

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