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How to Sell Fonts And Get Maximum Profit – TemplateMonster Guide

  1. Why Is It Profitable to Sell Fonts?
  2. Trendy Tips to Sell Fonts Profitably
  3. How To Sell Fonts Effectively?
  4. Prices and Commissions
  5. How to Sell Fonts with TemplateMonster - Current Bestsellers
  6. What Categories Are Open For Authors to Upload Their Items?
  7. Final Words

We live in the era of informational technologies. Each day we face tons of new information and facts - we get overwhelmed with it and aim to find an easier way to perceive it. One of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve an easy text perception is a suitable font. Just look around and surf the internet - this tiny detail makes each web page unique, builds branding, makes it pleasant to look through the content and read it straightforwardly. Each company looks for the individual style, and the Internet world demands to stand out of the crowd to succeed. Today we will find out how to sell fonts effectively, improve your developments, and design real trends to deliver the best user experience to your customers.

How to Sell Fonts

TemplateMonster is a company that has been a leading digital design provider for two decades already. Currently, we have vast experience and items’ collection, where everyone can find a suitable option for the project. There are many categories where you can represent your art, and the fonts one is not an exception. We want to encourage young designers to improve their skills and motivate them to profit with their knowledge. That is why we need your talent and always ready to give you everything you need for successful career building. 

Why Is It Profitable to Sell Fonts?

Writing is an irreplaceable thing in modern realities. In the world of digital technologies, this statute does not change - we all also share information and create our resources to tell about our ideas, prices, products, values, and attract like-minded people. Therefore, the typeface should fit into the design and emphasize its corporate style and main beliefs. Let’s find out what types of fonts exist and how they differ.

Fonts Classification

1. Serif Type

This type is the oldest one, as the first mentioning of it appears far in the 15th century. Its peculiarity is that the letters have lines or strokes, making them look solemn and sublime. Even though they are closer to the ornate style, developers often use them to place the page’s main content. Besides, you will find them in printed publications, magazines, newspapers - the human eye most easily perceives them. Long story short, ideal for quick and easy reading.

2. Sans Serif Fonts

This type is opposite to the serif one. Here all the letters and symbols are smooth, without lines, curves, and other small details. That is why it is well-depicted on displays because nothing can seem lost or too large. Also, there are no issues with the screen resolution, as this typeface is simple, and there is nothing to lose. Regularly, it is the best option to apply for banners and ad creation. Book writers use Sans Serif to emphasize the particular sentence, word, or phrase, as it is catchy, especially in Italic and Bold. 

3. Scripts

Such a font differs from others in the connections between letters. In other versions, the letters are separate from each other. Thus, we can view the distance between them. In Scripts, symbols flow smoothly into one another, just like handwritten calligraphy. It fits well with logos, postcards, and corporate attributes because such a font is easily distinguished and remembered by people. Also, game developers use this option to simulate medieval elements - scrolls, books, inscriptions.

4. Decorative

The name of this type speaks for itself. It is the youngest in the typeface family and was born in the 19th century. The first appearances were on corporate and social posters that people hung on the streets for propaganda. They are eye-catching, unique, and the easiest to create from a design point of view - there are no clear rules and culture of building symbols.

Where do customers use fonts?

Fonts are used much more widely than it seems at first glance. They are everywhere - from the booklets on the street, the shops’ names, to the dial on your watch at home. Today, fonts are the main tool in the creation of:

  • Content on website blogs, social media, ads, flyers, brochures, announcements, etc.
  • Books. They’re the main authors’ tool!
  • Brand building - logos, corporate identity, company names.
  • Game development. Hero’s lines, scenario, menu options, quest explanations.
  • Software development. Programming languages, CMS, custom programs also require fancy typefaces.
  • Typography industry - decorations, calendars, watches, frames, postcards, etc.

It is the whole surrounding world, and become a part of it is an honor to any creator. How to achieve it, develop and sell fonts quickly and efficiently? Let’s investigate.

Trendy Tips to Sell Fonts Profitably

Why follow or focus on fashion trends? It's very simple - things become popular because many people choose them. If some component attracts the masses, all leading companies try to include it in their products so that the buyer will pay attention to them and invest in them. The rule of economics - demand creates supply - and it is important to use such tools to become a leading supplier and sell fonts effectively.

1. Humanizing Serifs

Serifs are widely used in stories and blogs, so this type is very popular in itself. Moreover, this typeface is one of the leading trends today because it evokes nostalgia in users’ minds. In turn, this is a very strong lever of pressure on the buying mind - people choose what gives them pleasant emotions.

2. Round Sans-Serifs 

The user associates round shapes with something complete and complete. According to geometric psychology, confident companies use such to strive for success and confidence in their competence. This option may look a little childish, but you may frame it with more strict, sharp elements to avoid this effect. By playing around with the color scheme, you will achieve a stylish and trustworthy figure.

3. Minimalistic 

Minimalism is a culture that shows the essence of things, not their form. Now it is a fashionable trend that can we can trace in all aspects of social life. Design observes these rules first; bold shapes with a bunch of details are already bad manners. Therefore, you can safely remove everything unnecessary, and in general, everything you do not like from the font - make large spaces, tear parts of the letters, and this will be a highlight, not a pest. But don't overdo it - it must be clear.

4. Retro Eighties 

This option is for those who like to experiment. Here you will not find any restrictions in color or shape - the main thing is that they are harmonious and correspond to their period. Neon colors, exquisite forms will surely find their first lovers and will make them your loyal clients for many years to come.

5. Pixel Art

This typeface may seem thoughtless and funny. However, with the right choice of colors, they will look trustworthy and memorable, making it straightforward to sell fonts and get maximum profit. Plus, 8-bit graphics are now in the spotlight again so that you won't miss the mark with this style.

support Ukraine

How To Sell Fonts Effectively?

Now, let’s dig into the details when we know what to use in your works and why it is good to sell them. Here we’ve prepared a handy step-by-step guide on the product preparation, upload, review, pricing, and commissions. At each point, you’ll find all the must-have info to consider. Then, if you still have questions, you can refer to TemplateMonster Authors Knowledgebase or submit a ticket to our Review Team department.

Also, here is a helpful video about the authorship on our marketplace’s Youtube channel. Check it out to learn more.

Product’s Preparation

To sell fonts that buyers will snap up, you need to prepare a really good product with several important aspects.

  • Quality. Make sure your item is compatible with the editing software, works well with browsers, website platforms, Photoshop, Word, etc. In two words, it must look exciting anywhere the client may use it.
  • More opportunities. Provide your customer a vast choice and multi-purpose option to apply the font. Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, unusual symbols, numbers, compatibility with right-to-left scripts.
  • Documentation. Always keep in mind that there are two types of users - professionals and newbies. You never know your client’s skill level, so leave useful instructions for both occasions. It may be installation, recommended software, tips for editing, and anything else a customer might need.
  • Preview. In 2020 we added an amazing option - a live preview of the font. Each client can test your typeface before the purchase, so ensure you submit valid files.

Item’s Checklist

After you prepared the font for uploading, you should check if everything necessary is in the pack. For your comfort, you can use this checklist:

  • Source files in OTF, WOFF, or both formats. If the font is decorative, you may also include PSD files.
  • Documentation file in PDF format.
  • Unique product name. 
  • Product ownership - we cannot accept the item if there is plagiarism.
  • Product description - at least 256 characters. Tell your potential clients what you offer, special features, peculiarities, etc.
  • Preview images - JPEG files 800x500 resolution. 

You can also read an extended description of the main criteria, the procedure of accepting authors’ products and be sure everything is ready to proceed. 

Registration and Product Submission

To create an author’s account, you need to click on the “Start Selling” button, as on the screenshot below:

Start Selling button.

After that, click on “Become an Author.” It will redirect you to the account registration page.

Account registration page.

Congratulations! Now you are halfway to joining the trendiest digital marketplace as a successful author. Let’s continue with the item’s upload by following the steps below.

1. Go to the “Products” tab in your account and choose “Upload New Product.”

Upload New Product button.

2. Find the “Fonts” category and click on the “Next” button. Next, you need to select the sale type - it may be a free item or a premium (paid) one. 

Free or premium.

Now go “Next” again.

3. After that, you will see a product submission form. Some of the fields are marked as “*.” It is because they are necessary to fill out. The other ones you may leave blank. 

4. Paste all the must-have info and double-check it again. Pay attention to the demo line, as it is the top-clickable area for customers. It should work properly!

5. Select the tags and topics to sell fonts more profitably - clients will find you faster. 

Font Topics.

6. Drag & drop the .zip file with your template’s archive. 

7. Add the images for preview.

8. Choose the extra features, like format, files, colors, etc.

9. Specify the functionality and software.

10. Choose whether the item is exclusive or non-exclusive and set the pricing from the recommended range.

11. Select the extra options for the product: whether it participates in affiliate programs and specials by TemplateMonster. 

You can also refer to the full product submission guide for more details. The process is fast and simple, after which the Review Team will double-check all the information and files you’ve uploaded. I am sure you have doubts regarding the types of sales and commissions, so let’s move on to the next step.

Prices and Commissions

We have various sales commissions for each type of product. You get up to 65% for each sale and can withdraw the profit anytime (there should be more than $100 on your account to do it).

The first factor is the type. Depending on the platform and functionality, the commission varies from 40% to 65% per item. 

The second important factor is exclusivity. There are two types:

  • Non-exclusive type. You sell the same design at the same time on other marketplaces. 
  • Exclusive type. It implies that your particular product is available for purchase on TemplateMonster Marketplace only. For this option, authors receive an additional 20% commission for each sale. Below is the table with the percentage you get for each template, including Sound Effects ones.
Template type % you earn for the non-exclusive sale % you do for the exclusive sale
Website (HTML/CMS) 40% 50%-65%
Plugins 40% 50%-65%
Audio & Video 65% 65%
Graphics & Fonts 65% 65%

Moreover, these commissions are assessed from the author-driven price. When uploading your template for review, there is a window with recommended asset value. Depending on the features, functionality, amount of material included, you can vary its amount. There is also an opportunity to participate in sales, special offers and get more profit on holidays.

How to Sell Fonts with TemplateMonster - Current Bestsellers

Check out the showcase of the best templates in our marketplace. Get inspiration and create a new unique product - we will be glad to see you among our best sellers!

Bakersville font

Bakersville - Font

Organa font

Organa - Font.

Seren Script font

Seren script font.

Smoking Typeface + Illustration font

smoking typeface

Shoelaces font

Shoelaces Font.

What Categories Are Open For Authors to Upload Their Items?

Several years ago, we officially transformed into a marketplace. It made it possible to significantly improve and develop our collection, add new products and categories. Now you can find the following platforms on our website:

  • Website: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal, ZenCart, Bigcommerce, MotoCMS, landing pages, newsletter templates.
  • Graphics: presentations, icons, fonts, corporate identity, logos, certificates, CV/resume, patterns, vectors, UI/UX elements, illustrations, and backgrounds.
  • Royalty-free stock audio, video, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut;
  • Plugins: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento extensions, JavaScript.

Final Words

We've put together a handy and detailed guide for you to sell your fonts with us. We are extremely glad to new members of our family because we strive to preserve the product’s value and convey our ideas to as many users of digital designs as possible. To build a successful career as a designer, you can use a convenient platform, special programs, advertising and earn good money from your skills with our marketplace. Also, you can get acquainted with tips to grow your sales and improve your income. Develop, learn new things, and welcome to the community!

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How to Sell Fonts FAQ

❔ How to sell fonts with MonsterONE?

Once you become an author at TemplateMonster, you can submit your template for sale with MonsterONE. To do this, contact our team, and they will tell you what steps you need to follow. With a Subscription, you get a commission for every download of your template by active users.

❔ What benefits do I get when I sell fonts with TemplateMonster?

In addition to high commission rates and a straightforward review process, we provide many other advantages for selling your items. What you get by choosing us:
- Sell your template with MonsteONE and earn by each download.
- Access to a community of 2Mln+ members. Communicate with your colleagues worldwide and improve your skills together!
- Transparent payout system. Easily withdraw your money via PayPal when the account balance reaches $100. You can do it each month between the twenty-fifth and thirtieth of every month.
- Author-driven prices. Set the price for your items independently of the market rules.
- Solid community support. We are here to help with any question or query you have!
- Become a reseller with an affiliate program and get up to 95% commission: 65% as an author and 30% as an affiliate.
- The stable flow of customers.
- Regular promotions. We’ll advertise your assets on TemplateMonster’s YouTube channel, blog articles, and social media.

❔ What licenses are available to sell fonts?

There are six licenses available. 
- Desktop License. You need to determine the number of people to use the font (employees); available for desktop usage.
- Webfont 10K pageviews/month. Webfont License gives you the right to embed this font on a website with a pageview limit that should not exceed the assigned amount.
- Webfont 100K pageviews/month.
- Webfont 1M pageviews/month.
- E-pub License. E-pub License gives a right to embed this font in a limited number of e-books or other e-publications. Reselling or sublicensing is forbidden.
- App License. Use this font for desktop software, apps, or video games.

❔ How much time does the product review take before I sell fonts?

The review process is fast and usually takes two business days for the fonts. After we test it, you receive an email with the approval or improvement recommendations.

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