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When Instagram just appeared, no one paid much attention to whole gallery style or layout. In the early days of Instagram users posted filtered selfies and food. But the progress goes on, and today the better structured and pleasant to the eye account you have the more people join it. Imagine that you run a magazine: if people are impressed by your whole layout, they will follow you. Below are some short tips on how to manage your IG feed so that it will look well-organized and enjoyable.

Best ppt topics can speak a thousand words. A professional presentation design is twice more effective.

  • Make your Instagram grid simple. Until you adhere to the same filter and color scheme, the whole layout is not a worry.
  • Vertical lines is one of the easiest feed schedulers when it comes to maintenance. Usually, the middle line is one-color and in many cases, includes text related to the pictures posted along the sides. Such a layout encourages your followers to scroll down your feed.
  • Diagonal lines is a widely-used grid layout. It is an easy technique: all you need to do is to choose a familiar photo style and color, and regroup them with the help of drag and drop option, so they are posted cornerwise.
  • Puzzle is one the most complex grid layouts because it requires careful and creative planning. The quality of every single image should be kept after the split. Such layout is recommended if you have recently started your Instagram blog. Otherwise, your followers may not understand this way of creativity.
  • The unique and colorful Instagram layout is rainbow feed when colors change within page scrolling. This grid layout requires more efforts and planning than any others. Though, any efforts are worth it. If you handle it, your account will be upscale and attract thousands of followers.

Despite the layout option you choose, remember that if you enjoy jazzing up your Instagram account and approach it with enthusiasm and creativity, this will help you to achieve a ton of followers and likes.

Useful Apps For Your Instagram Blog

If you would like to blow up your Instagram account, we recommend that you come along with apps developed by a third party, since they offer more useful tools for precision posts look. Most of the applications are free. We have gathered some of the most popular apps for your convenience in the list below:

  • BLACK is an iOS application allowing taking black-and-white photos imitating film. It features shadows, contrast and tones settings which are ease of use. Be aware that these editing features will cost you $0.99.
  • Snapseed and VSCO are photo-editing apps available for iOS and Android. Going ahead with these applications, you will get a wide range of editing instruments and filters that beat Instagram built-in ones. While Snapseed is free, VSCO will charge you a symbolic payment for a set of filters.
  • Hyperlapse is an iOS app for time lapse work featuring a high-rated image stabilization and smooth video creation. As a bonus, you get a cinema-like video and your followers’ feedback being full of admiration. For Android users, Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app has been developed.

Along with applications, there is a scope of social network templates which are ready to be used as for your own marketing purposes. You can choose among them, or come along with custom photographer templates, icons and pictures, and adjust them to create your post.


Graphic Designers To Follow On Instagram For Daily Inspiration

This is not a secret that Instagram is a significant platform for business, yet designers, illustrators, animators and many other artistic individuals use Instagram as a portfolio to share their works. People of art bring a dose of daily inspiration for ‘mere mortals.’ We have done research and want to share the most remarkable artists with you.

  • Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh) is an art director and designer, a partner of Sagmeister & Walsh full-service design firm. Jessica has recently had her book ‘40 Days of Dating’ released.
  • Andreas M Hansen (@andreasmhansen) is a multipurpose designer and typographer. His account is exquisite and exact with the prevalence of black and white colors in his photos which make the account inspiring.
  • Becca Clason (@beccaclason) is a lettering artist and stop-motion animator. She creates her works with everything being in the way: from buttons to berries. It is worth to follow her account and get more excited by their creativity.

To find more inspiring Instagram accounts, see a list of the most talented graphic artists.

Best Instagram social media templates

Modern Photographer Instagram Social Media

modern photographer instagram template

For freelancers, agencies, and companies looking for a minimalistic but eye-catching Instagram layouts, this is a great choice. Full-resolution images, customizable layers, text templates and many more extras will make your profile look professional. In addition, access to standard Google fonts and full control over layout options and color schemes also provides a lot of possibilities that will help to create a design that matches your particular brand.

Additional features include modern touch, Photoshop compatibility and comprehensive instructions - in general, this is all you need to run a fully functional and practical Instagram profile.

Naggy - Instagram Stories Social Media

naggy instagram template

Without a doubt, you’ve noticed that when you go through an Instagram feed, some posts and not the others get your attention and make you stop scrolling. Although today Instagram offers users to add text to images, most of them first evaluate the image, and only if they are “hooked”, switch to the text. You can guess from here that it’s best to place your offer (ad/quote/discount information, etc.) in the picture and you need a stylish template to do that. In this case, Naggy is the right fit. This is the colorful ready-made creative Instagram layouts for publications, with which you can delight subscribers with interesting posts every day and its classy look will make the page recognizable and help to promote the business.

MONACO Social Media

monaco instagram template

Minimalistic, in a muted pastel color scheme and with the animated posts option, the template meets all the leading Instagram trends. This theme is a great way to create your own stylish Instagram layouts and surprise subscribers. The template makes it possible to customize posts with your photos or publish finished pictures. Here are the most interesting benefits of Monaco:

  • 15+ Instagram templates that can be individually animated;
  • free font pack;
  • all files are well organized and layered;
  • the text is fully editable;
  • smart objects for easy and effortless image editing;
  • detailed instructions in PDF format.

ANIMATED Instagram Stories Lina Social Media

animated instagram template lina

Having no ideas for posts, but want to make a beautiful insta story? This theme is the perfect solution for the creative Instagram layouts. These are beautiful ready-made pictures for the story format, which will motivate subscribers with inspirational quotes. The elegant illustrations perfectly complement the airy theme of the template. The package contains:

  • 10 ready-made videos in MP4 format;
  • 10 fully editable PSD files;
  • the ability to edit text, colors and elements without damaging the animation effect;
  • fonts are free for commercial use.

ANIMATED Instagram Stories Pure Social Media

animated instagram template pure

Are you fascinated by the sophisticated aesthetics and monochromatic images? Look no further, this template is the right way to go. You don’t need to think about how to visually combine all the stories into the single whole creative Instagram layouts, how to create a beautiful account and how to gain trust among your subscribers. With such an eye-pleasing design, your customers see that a designer has worked on your account. The professionally-looking pages immediately breed some confidence in you and set you apart from other bloggers. This is plus one step to gaining trust from your customers. The files in the set are available for Photoshop as well as for Illustrator so that you have the freedom to choose your tool.

Charming Instagram Puzzle Social Media

charming instagram template

The puzzle feed is the last trend in social media to hop on. Why? It grants many advantages such as:

  • standing out from the competition;
  • intriguing users - it will be interesting for them to observe the development of the plot in the design;
  • taking advantage of storytelling in design;
  • creating a landing page on Instagram - tell about the business in the framework of 9-18 posts.

All of this you can do with the Charming template that is designed for the 27 posts. The good news? You can reuse it as much as you want to, simply utilize new images and you’re left with stunning pieces of a puzzle.

Melissa Social Media

melissa instagram template

Delicate, in light brushes of color, Instagram Melissa template will simplify the process of coming up with the Instagram layouts for bloggers in the field of beauty, lifestyle or fitness. A truly girlish design allows you to make the profile thematic and does not require additional knowledge, such as the basics of code and creating an interface for devices. Besides, you’ll be able to publish posts without reference to the content plan. To keep your account as beautiful and harmonious as possible, you take this photo and place it in a template. Thus, you publish your particular content and your photo remains in the same style with the rest of your other photos thanks to the template. With it, the user receives:

  • animated stories and posts;
  • individual icons;
  • styles for design publications;
  • hand-drawn elements;
  • text editing options.

Easiness - Pack Social Media

easiness social media pack

This is an all-in-one variant, stories and posts included. The elegant templates will make everything better and provide an opportunity to save on photos. Not always and not everyone has the opportunity to order beautiful photoshoots or shoot on a professional camera with excellent lighting. Sometimes photos are not of very good quality, but they are needed. And then what to do? In this case, the Easiness pack will save you. You can choose a template where the photo will take up a little space. Or you can choose a template, and your photo will be the background. And even if the photo is not entirely successful, then the template will help minimize its shortcomings due to the design and graphic elements in the creative Instagram layouts.

SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle

sindbad social media pack

In order for an account to inspire trust, it’s always advisable to use personal photos (this is how you build trust and a personal brand) and using templates (this is the expert part, here you publish news, cases, examples, etc.). You can alternate personal photos with templates, post thematic photos, and all this will be transformed into the stylish and beautiful Instagram layouts. The Sinbad bundle helps to do both in one style. Such versatility also allows for creating rubrics. For example, if you’re a store, you may have a heading “Promotions / Discounts / Sales”, or product care, or stylist's advice, or some other headings related specifically to your activity. If you are a marketer, then you may have the heading “Customer reviews”, “Success stories of our customers”, “List of our services” and so on.

Vandalsm Puzzle Instagram Feed Social Media

vandalsm social media pack

A picture is worth a thousand words. The same applies to the stunning creative Instagram layouts and the Vandalsm uses two current trends to achieve such an impression. First, the puzzle feed allows you to play with a structure. Second, we all know that an image can be very descriptive, but whether we like it or not, we cannot create a design without text. Only with the help of words can we be sure that readers will receive an accurate message. This does not mean that you’re are stuck to plain text, at least not with this template; modern fonts like Lemon Milk and Big Noodle allow you to turn a simple inscription into works of art. They help to convey information as well as spirit, making the profile an outstanding one at all levels.

Instagram templates FAQ

? What is an Instagram template?

It is a set of pre-made designs that you can use to make the posts in your Instagram account look better organized. A similar layout and colors make the general look accurate and professional.

? Why use third-party apps if Instagram has all the tools I need?

The instrument set of Instagram is rather simple. It can’t be compared with the professional software for photo editing. If you want to publish some really astounding photos – you will need some professional tools.

? Why should I follow some other designers on Instagram?

It will give you lots of inspiration. Besides that, keeping up with the latest trends will never harm.

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