Proven Lead Generation Strategies for Next Gen Marketers!

Lead generation is tough. It’s a challenge for content marketers all over the world to generate leads, and not just leads, QUALITY LEADS. According to a B2B tech marketing community, “The primary challenge B2B marketers often face is generating quality leads.”

Another thing about leads is, no business can survive without them. No matter how difficult it gets, a business should always generate quality leads to make it sustainable. It’s not something that you can ignore if you expect your business to grow.

Regardless of your business being online or offline, it won't survive without effective lead generation strategies.

Now, there might be a lot of things you have tried in order to attract quality leads and you might not have achieved the results you wanted. There is a good chance that the reason lays in your strategy and not in the execution.

But that’s nothing to worry about because we have gathered some proven lead generation strategies that will definitely help you improve your lead generation campaigns.

Let’s begin!

Take Your Content to The Next Level!

The phrase “Content is King” is often misunderstood. Just because it is the “King” that doesn’t mean you should start throwing half-baked, stale, and weak content to your visitors.

A marketing piece must be well researched, and well written in order for it to work for you. Your content must follow the most important element of the 21st content strategy, which is helpfulness.

The goal of your content should be targeting a problem and offering a solution to that problem. This type of content generates trust with your brand which will then help you generate quality leads. This type of content will compel your visitors to subscribe or sign up to your service.

While you are at it, make sure that your content is keyword focused. You want more people to find your content on Google search results because that is the most relevant source for website traffic.

While designing your content strategy, you might be unsure about going for long-form or short-form content. This is an age old debate which doesn’t really have a definitive answer. The decision to go for long-form or short-form content depends on what message you are trying to convey and how much it takes to get your message across.

In order to publish your message, you must have a blog. You may have noticed how many businesses have started publishing their own blogs to distribute content that helps their customers solve a problem.

A blog will also help you generate more traffic that you can convert into leads and hopefully customers.

Research shows that 62% of content marketers have their own blogs so that they can attract more potential leads, which stresses its importance in today’s online market. Make sure that you have a well designed blog with the sole purpose of publishing useful content to your potential leads and customers.

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Make Use of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the way forward for lead generation. For those who don’t know what inbound marketing is, it is the process of creating specific content that attracts people to your product.

Rather than using a “push” marketing strategy, inbound marketing uses a “pull” marketing strategy where potential leads shows interest in your product.

For inbound marketing to work, you need to create valuable content which is helpful, original, and unique. Such content is helpful to your potential leads and is also shareable.

Inbound marketing has worked miraculously for lead generation over the years. So much so that outbound marketing has completely lost its worth.

Despite that, most marketers spend 90% of their time outbound marketing and just 10% on inbound marketing, according to HubSpot. This shows that marketers still need more education about inbound marketing and its importance.

The effectiveness of inbound marketing can be reflected from the fact that inbound marketing results in 54% more lead generation than outbound marketing. So if you’re not working your way through inbound marketing, start now!

Share Real Life Stories

People love to hear stories. Stories build a personal connection between you and your audience and that helps convert them into leads and customers.

Stories work better if they are presented in the form of case studies. Case studies are more shareable and motivates your readers to perform an action.

Case studies with real life stories provide unique content that hasn’t been published anywhere else. In all fairness, people are tired of reading the same old “How To’s” and they want something different. Case studies provide that unique value that they crave.

Offer Irresistible Incentives

People today expect something in return for every action. If you want your visitors to sign up or subscribe, you must offer them something in return that is of some value. Your incentive must also be something that can’t be found easily elsewhere.

Right now, the most popular form of incentive is an ebook. People love to read ebooks that are related to their profession or skills. Ebooks help enhance their skills and improve their knowledge on a particular subject matter which makes them a sure way to improve your lead generation.

At WPblog, we use ‘A WordPress Guide for Beginners’ to generate leads. This ebook contains everything you need to know about how to start a website using WordPress.

Other forms of incentives could be coupon codes or discounts on your premium products. You could ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog and receive exciting offers and discounts in their inbox.

I have seen a lot of blogs give away a free course upon subscription. Courses usually cost a lot of money and if you give them away to your leads, it will increase the likelihood of them performing an action.

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Having a well rounded lead generation strategy is vital to collect quality leads for your product. The strategies mentioned in this article will help you convert your visitors into leads and then into customers as well. Being a digital marketer in the 21st century, you must have a lead generation strategy that matches the psyche of people today.

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